Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sweating Out the End of Jade Helm

Hasn't even "officially" started yet, but they are wrapping things up in New York:

"N.Y. prison fugitive, now solo, more likely to falter, police say" by Michael Balsamo and John Kekis Associated Press  June 27, 2015

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MALONE, N.Y. — With his escape partner killed, the surviving convicted murderer who pulled off an elaborate breakout from a maximum-security prison three weeks ago could have a tougher time eluding the army of searchers scouring miles of thick woods in far northern New York, police said Saturday.

Richard Matt — who once vowed never to be taken alive — was fatally shot. David Sweat remained on the lam Saturday as about 1,200 searchers focused intensely on 22 square miles encompassing thick forests and heavy brush around where Matt was killed.

Police hoped the solo escapee would finally succumb to the stress of little sleep, scant food, and biting bugs.

‘‘Anyone in the woods and on the run from the law, so to speak, is not getting a full eight hours sleep, they’re not eating well, and they have to keep moving,’’ Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill said.

Sweat also could have an even tougher time now without someone to take turns resting and keeping watch, said Clinton County Sheriff David Favro.

‘‘Now it’s a one-man show and it makes it more difficult for him,’’ Favro said. ‘‘And I’m sure fatigue is setting in for him as well, knowing the guy he was with has already been shot.’’

The frustrating search suddenly broke open Friday afternoon when a person towing a camper heard a loud noise and thought a tire had blown. Finding there was no flat, the driver drove another 8 miles before looking again and finding a bullet hole in the trailer.

A tactical team responding to the scene of the shot smelled gunpowder inside a cabin, and saw evidence that someone had fled out the back door.

A noise — perhaps a cough — ultimately did Matt in, according to the authorities.

(Cough) Excuse me?

He was discovered by a border patrol team, and fatally shot after failing to heed a command to raise his hands, officials said.

Matt had a 20-gauge shotgun that was believed to have been taken from another cabin. The pair had apparently been relying on the remote region’s many hunting camps and seasonal dwellings for supplies.

Yeah, you shouldn't have a gun in the house and this smells like such crap.


Residents were relieved that one killer was no longer roaming the woods, but the constant commotion of speeding police cruisers and helicopters pointed to the continued danger.

Boil that frog, baby!

‘‘Half the threat is taken care of, but obviously David Sweat is on the loose,’’ said Matt Maguire, who was waiting for a police escort to pick up some clothes from his house inside the search area. Maguire and his fiancee decided a week ago to stay with nearby relatives, where it was safer.

Across the state in Buffalo, the man who prosecuted Matt’s murder case seven years ago also was relieved — but not surprised — by Matt’s violent end. Louis Haremski, the special prosecutor for Matt’s 2008 murder conviction, said snitches had told deputies back then that Matt had a plan to break out of the jail he was in at that time. Matt had sworn then that if he escaped, he wouldn’t be captured alive.

‘‘I guess maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy,’’ Haremski said. ‘‘I wasn’t looking for him to be killed, but it was not an unpredictable event.’’

Matt’s body was taken to Albany Medical Center for an autopsy.

Sweat, 35, was serving a sentence of life without parole in the killing of a sheriff’s deputy in Broome County in 2002. Mulverhill said investigators believe he may be armed.

State troopers continued stopping every car approaching the closed area in the neighboring towns of Malone and Duane while teams within the perimeter performed grid searches.

While there have been no confirmed sightings of Sweat, police said investigators saw a second set of tracks near where Matt was shot. They hoped for one last break before heavy rains forecast for Sunday arrive.

‘‘He’s fatigued, tired, and he’s going to make a mistake,’’ Mulverhill said of Sweat.

They are going to SEARCH the WHOLE COUNTRY PIECE-BY-PIECE, folks!


That catches you up as the search ends, and the then things get fuzzy:

N.Y. prison manhunt comes to end with escapee’s shooting; Manhunt ends three weeks after N.Y. prison break" by Rick Rojas and J. David Goodman New York Times  June 28, 2015 

Not my print byline and the link is broke? Looks like the move to North Carolina was scrubbed, although I would see be on alert for sharks down there.

"N.Y. convicts had practiced escape beforehand" New York Times  July 01, 2015

.... The escape from the prison, in Dannemora, and the ensuing investigation have exposed lax security and raised questions about the operation of the state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

In a separate development Tuesday, the prison agency released a statement announcing that three top officials at the Clinton Correctional Facility and nine other security employees were placed on administrative leave. Among them, one of the people said, were the two men who regularly worked the night shift on the inmates’ cellblock and who were on duty the night of the escape. 

That is where my print copy ended (the excised paragraphs that began it was simple cover story filler).

The state’s inspector general, Catherine Leahy Scott, is conducting an inquiry into the policies and procedures at the prison and the circumstances that led to the escape. As part of her investigation, which was ordered by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo nine days after the men broke out, members of her staff have been at the prison in recent days reviewing documents and interviewing prison officials, guards, civilian employees, and inmates. They have been working alongside the state police and FBI agents also investigating the escape.

The statement from the prison agency did not name the officials placed on administrative leave, but a person briefed on the matter said they were the prison’s superintendent, Steven Racette; the first deputy superintendent, Donald L. Quinn; and the deputy superintendent for security, Stephen Brown. The top three officials and nine other uniformed officers have all been placed on paid administrative leave.

Despite required hourly bed checks of the block’s 180 cells during nighttime hours, the two correction officers who worked the night shift on the honor block and who were on duty the night of the escape either failed to detect or ignored that the two inmates were crawling through the holes they had cut in the backs of their cells.

Before the actions Tuesday against the two men, who were not named, prison officials had allowed them to continue to work the same night shift on the same cellblock from which the two convicted killers had escaped, the person said. 

When did Sweat and Matt sleep?

In describing his test escape, Sweat said he slipped through an opening he had cut in the back of his cell and shinnied down five flights of piping to the tunnels beneath the prison, where he crawled through the hole he and Matt had cut through a brick wall. From there, he has told investigators, he snaked his way through a steam pipe they also had cut holes in, walked down a tunnel, and emerged from a manhole cover two blocks from the prison before returning to his cell, the person said.

The two men escaped the following night. Prison guards discovered them missing the morning of June 6.

The actions against the prison officials came a day after the disclosure that the FBI has opened a corruption inquiry focused on employees and inmates at the prison. The FBI is investigating drug trafficking and other possible criminal conduct. 

Yeah, it's always nice to have a fictional production justify the FBI coming in and doing a rectal search.

The statement by the prison agency said that its assistant commissioner for facilities, James O’Gorman, will oversee the Clinton Correctional Facility until a new superintendent and other top officials are put in place.

I say we put the war-criminal Clintons in the place.



[Ed.: I mean, really… seriously… I’m not leaping to the defense of — or to attack — anyone or anything here, but for Matt Pepe to pen this piece of nonsense is just remarkable. Matt and a lot of people noted in the story are blissfully ignorant of what’s really going down, or has previously gone down, in this nation.]

The graphic picture of Matt’s corpse in the woods

(Blog editor here took a look and -- sorry to say -- my first question was where is all the blood? Not only that, but there should be more damage to the head).

Before continuing, an appropriate hat tip has to be raised for the commentary there, and if the warden commits suicide just before arrest.... 

But back to sweating out. It appears the governor -- surely an inadvertent slip of the tongue since he had obviously been informed of the ruse -- let the cat out of the bag early on:

N.Y. escapees had hoped to find way to Mexico

Yeah, I was told that rather early even as it kinda came out of nowhere, and "Sweat had a bag containing maps, tools, bug repellent and Pop Tarts when he was shot," and he's spilled the beans regarding it all (ha!).

Then I stopped laughing:

"We are in the death throes of the greatest experiment in history: a government of, by and for the people!
… it now appears Kissinger was right: When asked how he was going to get Americans into those FEMA camps, Kissinger responded with a single word: “Food!” 
The drought in California appears to have been artificially created by weather modification technology, where between the massive NSA surveillance and the deployment of American military forces within the United States itself, taxpayers find themselves the victims of their own belief in a government that has betrayed them: not only have the wars abroad (on behalf of Israel) cost the lives of our sons and our daughters but it has depleted the national treasury by trillions of dollars. And now our own military is being deployed against the people themselves under the guise of conducting “an ordinary training op”! 
It now appears that those 300 FEMA camps are not going to be sufficient for the number of Americans they need to “detain”, where new shopping malls appear to be under construction that will be used as a supplement for those camps, where new construction of strip malls creates excitement in residents who are unaware of their dual-purpose nature. Notice, in particular, that while construction proceeds apace, no announcements are being made of the stores that will be occupying them. The explanation for that (seemingly egregious) oversight appears to be that they are not going to be occupied by J.C. Penny’s or Old Navy but by citizens who have been outspoken about their government, which was once regarded as the God-given right of every red-blooded American, namely: the right to criticize their government! 
It appears to me that the American people may soon be confronted with a stark choice: fight for freedom or live as slaves! We have done it before–and we can do it again. Bear in mind: When they come for our guns, the time has come to use them! 
[three hours of videos]"

It's another hat tip, and I spent the first hour this morning looking at many linked items and reading a few of the stories there when I was supposed to be finishing up what I failed to get to yesterday (don't worry, folks, it was all worthless garbage I was working on and I'll probably run it up above anyway). 

Furthermore, it made me reflect on my vacillating position on the FEMA camp scenario. Over time I had begun to dismiss such things, simply saw them as an attempt to discredit those searching for true truth (if that makes sense to you), but now I'm not so sure and am in fact very frightened and feel an urgency to stop blogging and prepare now. I was of the mind that it surely wouldn't happen, that we were needed for the Ponzi scheme of private central banking or the pyramid would collapse. The empty seats at the sports games have convinced me otherwise. They don't need us. They have money and the country has been completely looted. This is the end game.

Therefore, something like this shall be taken for what it is, diversionary cover for what mischief will be coming to your town soon! All for the good, of course, whatever cover it's under.

In closing this particular post, I would just like to notify you, dear reader, that I haven't prepared a living will for this blog. Thus, if I am absent for any length of time, you will know that the government has killed me in my own home or I have become the victim of some unfortunate "accident." It looks like the summer I planned to vacation will be nothing of the sort. I now strangely feel compelled to be here every day, every day, every day, to report to you on this critical summer that may well decide the future fate of the planet and will certainly change America forever. I must, in fact, redouble my efforts.

My final reflection as I sit here this morning not knowing where to go or what to do, is to enjoy the cardinal's song outside the window. In thinking of the few months of life that may be left, I'm thinking of my love for family and friends. That's why I'm not going to a camp. They will miss me as much as I will miss them. Any frustration or exasperation with them for petty peculiarities and personalities means nothing in the face of what will go down in history -- assuming there are people to survive and record it -- as the most evil tyranny in history when it has ended.

We will see you on the other side, dear readers. Thank you for giving of your time to read this post.


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