Saturday, August 15, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Bangladesh Bullsh**

"Another Bangladeshi blogger slain" Associated Press  August 08, 2015

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Assailants believed to be Islamist militants entered an apartment building posing as potential tenants and killed a secular blogger in Bangladesh’s capital on Friday, in the fourth such deadly attack this year, police said.

Police official Mustafizur Rahman identified the victim as Niloy Chowdhury, 40, and said he was hacked to death in his apartment.

The victim’s family and friends said his real name was Niloy Chottopadhay and that he used the name Niloy Neel on social media. Asha Moni, the victim’s wife, said at least four young people attacked her husband.

Hours after the assault, Ansar-al-Islam, which intelligence officials believe is affiliated with Al Qaeda on the Indian subcontinent, sent an e-mail to media organizations claiming responsibility for the killing and calling the blogger an enemy of Allah. The authenticity of the e-mail could not be confirmed.

An Al-CIA-Duh e-mail to the media, huh? 

They didn't route it through Chappaqua, did they?

The victim’s friends said he had received several threats recently, prompting him to remove all his photos from his blog. They said he was a secular blogger and had a Facebook account in which he criticized radical Islamists at home and abroad.

The killing is the fourth of a secular blogger since February, when a Bangladeshi-American man who was also critical of Islam, Avijit Roy, was hacked to death on the Dhaka University campus while walking with his wife. Two others were attacked and killed in March and May.

Islam is Bangladesh’s state religion, but the country is governed by secular laws.

Over the last decade or so, extreme interpretations of Islam have steadily gained ground.


I can hear the war drums beating in the Indian Ocean.


"Bangladesh police arrest 3 suspects in bloggers’ murders" Associated Press  August 18, 2015

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Authorities in Bangladesh said Tuesday that they have arrested three men, including a British citizen, for their alleged involvement in the murders of two secular bloggers.

The three are suspected members of the Ansarullah Bangla Team, a banned Islamic militant outfit, said Major Maksudul Alam, a spokesman for the country’s Rapid Action Battalion. Bangladesh banned the group in May after police accused its members of threatening and killing bloggers and writers.

Alam said one of the arrested men, Touhidur Rahman — a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin — was the mastermind and financier of the attacks on bloggers Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy Das, who were killed earlier this year.

The suspects were arrested Monday night in raids in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, and appeared with authorities at a news briefing Tuesday.

Authorities said that while Rahman was the main planner of the killings, another suspect who was arrested, Sadek Ali, acted as a bridge to communicate with Mufti Jasim Rahmani, the alleged head of the militant group.

Rahmani is in jail awaiting trial in the murder of another blogger, Ahmed Rajib Haider, in Dhaka in 2013.

Police say the third suspect, Aminul Mollick, was a broker at a passport office and helped members of the militant group make fake passports so they could go abroad if necessary.

That's usually Mossad's shtick or the stuff is issued from Langley.