Thursday, May 19, 2016

Advancing You This Post

I got my fix but have not yet read a word

Thought I would get ahead of myself and start with what I saw when I logged in as well as post first today:

EgyptAir plane carrying 66 crashes

Haven't read it, but going in we know the official story will be some sort of cover-up with a dash of agenda-pushing going forward. Maybe only a little, maybe a lot. Have seen it time and again this last decade.

Thunderstorms with some hail could arrive 

It doesn't look to good outside this morning, and I'm wondering what kind of event they have engineered for us. 

COHEN The lessons of 1968

One seminal year saw the birth of a conservative, antigovernment backlash that still dominates American politics.

Trump rally oozes fear, anxiety, and paranoia

Those are the same reasons I haven't read a word yet, and in amalgamating those items and conditions I anxiously fear the lesson is a bullet in the back of the head (RFK-style, with Muslim and everything), but that's just being paranoid.

"Google to ban payday lending ads" by Ken Sweet Associated Press   May 11, 2016

NEW YORK — Internet giant Google said Wednesday it will ban all ads from payday lenders, calling the industry ‘‘deceptive’’ and ‘‘harmful.’’

Google’s decision could have as much or even more impact on curtailing the industry than any move by politicians, as many payday loans start with a desperate person searching online for ways to make ends meet or cover an emergency.

Payday lenders have long been a target of criticism by politicians and consumer advocates, who argue the industry charges extremely high interest rates to customers, who are often poor.

It's called usury.

What do you mean you have never heard of the term before?

Payday loans are frequently used to cover an unexpected expense or to make ends meet before the next paycheck. But for many borrowers, short-term loans wind up being difficult to pay off, leading to a cycle of debt that can drag on for months.

Why are they only picking on payday?

In response to critics, the payday lending industry has long argued it provides a necessary financial service to people in need of emergency funds.

‘‘These policies are discriminatory and a form of censorship,’’ said Amy Cantu, a spokeswoman with the Community Financial Centers Association of America, the trade group representing payday lenders.

State legislatures have long looked for ways to target payday lenders, but the payday lending industry has often found ways around new regulations. When several states capped the interest rates on payday loans, the industry pivoted into loans tied to auto titles or moved their operations onto Indian reservations.

That explains the drumming up of Western Sky!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering new regulations to further restrict the payday lending industry. The rules are expected to be released later this year.

In a way, Google’s announcement will likely have more of an impact than any new regulation. The majority of Internet searches happen on Google and the company also controls the Internet’s largest advertising platforms. Google generates most of its ads through keyword searches, showing ads that are related to the subjects that its users are searching for.

Payday lending advertising is a small, but lucrative, part of Google’s ad revenues. Pew calculated in 2014 that ads related to payday loans can bring in $4.91 to $12.77 per click — a significant premium on those types of ads.

But the effect it will have on the overall payday lending industry remains to be seen. In the much larger world of radio and TV advertising, payday lenders spent $277 million on radio and TV ads between June 2012 and May 2013, which would remain unaffected....

Did that help you rise in a rapid kind of way?


I so far behind in my blogging, and its burdens could be seen as a debt as well as the two bits I $hell out each day.

UPDATE: State Street Corp. eyes 7,000 layoffs by 2020

Noticed it as I moved forward, and you may need that advance.

Then again, maybe not. I'm increasingly getting the feeling that we are all going to be gone soon. The elite and the media are talking over us all now. They aren't even paying lip service anymore, as if we don't even exist. I think it's because we soon will not. 

Thanks for spending what little valuable time we have left, readers, on these comments. I probably haven't said that enough over the years.

Also see: 

"Charlie Hallinan, who pioneered the tactics payday lenders have used for years to stymie state regulators, was indicted Thursday on federal conspiracy and fraud charges. Hallinan, 75, allegedly participated in a conspiracy that violated usury laws of Pennsylvania and other states and generated more than $688 million in revenue from 2008 to 2013, Philadelphia US Attorney Zane Memeger said. Hallinan is at least the fifth payday lender to face charges since 2014 as prosecutors target those who’ve used loopholes to operate in states that outlawed the costly loans. He was among the first to start offering payday loans over the phone in the 1990s. The industry has since migrated to the Internet. Payday lenders offer cash-strapped workers advances of a few hundred dollars, to be repaid on the next payday, charging interest rates that often top 700 percent annualized."

Federal regulators look to severely curb payday lending

What could be wor$e?