Monday, May 9, 2016

Clam Shop Shootout

"Man accused of threatening to shoot up Quincy clam shop" by Andy Rosen Globe Staff  May 03, 2016

First, the customer complained that his fish and chips were overcooked. Then, he declared that his replacement order was too small. Finally, police say, Robert Bullock decided the staff of Tony’s Clam Shop wasn’t taking him seriously, and he threatened to shoot up the Quincy establishment.

“I will shoot all of you before anyone gets here. And the women will get it too,” Bullock, 28, of Dorchester, told the frightened young staff of counter workers Saturday at the seasonal South Shore mainstay on Quincy Shore Drive, according to Quincy police.

Though investigators did not find a gun when they arrested Bullock shortly after the incident, police said, employees and fellow diners did not know at the time whether he was armed.

One person who works at the restaurant said one patron engaged in a scuffle with Bullock, while others “panicked and started running” after the threat.

“To hear threats of a gun, it doesn’t matter who you are, you think of it and [you run],” said the person who answered the phone at the establishment. The employee asked not to be named because of safety concerns. “It’s something you don’t expect to see at a clam shop.”

Bullock now faces allegations of being a disorderly person, making threats to commit a crime, and creating a public inconvenience, according to Quincy police.

State Police arrested him near Neponset Avenue in Dorchester shortly after the 9:42 p.m. incident, and he appeared in court Monday for arraignment. A judge imposed $1,000 bail — Norfolk prosecutors said they had asked for $50,000 — and Bullock posted it soon after the court appearance.

Bullock has been ordered not to carry guns and to stay away from witnesses and the restaurant before his next court appearance June 9.

On Tuesday, the restaurant was back to normal, if shaken by the unusual outburst....

I clammed up after that.