Friday, May 6, 2016

No Longer Scher About This Blog

"Would-be lawyer accused of multiple scams" by Nestor Ramos Globe Staff  May 06, 2016

He wasn’t a lawyer, but David E. Scher knew his way around a courtroom.

He sued the City of Boston and the City of Newton. He sued the people who rented his condominium and the bank that held the mortgage. He sued a Brighton condo board over election improprieties when he failed to win a seat. And when his parents backed out on a promise to sell him the family boat, he sued them, too, citing e-mails in which they’d called him a “hyena” and a “sleaze ball.”

The sheer breadth of his lawsuits cost the people who came into Scher’s circle countless days and dollars. But only after word of his most recent alleged scheme spread did those left in his wake begin to realize that the man who made their lives miserable had done the same thing to so many others....


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I've gone below bottom and am fed up with the lies of power that are being constantly peddled in my pre$$

UPDATE: Brighton man facing perjury charges refused to come into courtroom

Also see: "A Suffolk Superior Court judge sentenced a disgraced Boston real estate broker Tuesday to serve a year in jail for a brazen act of forgery in 2014, when he doctored a verdict slip from his prior conviction for stealing a laptop, officials said...."