Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Globe Sanctuary

If you have come here in search of it you shall find none. Just sick of it is all.

Clinton has a man problem, but that's literally none of my business.

In picking up where left off, the propaganda becomes even more laughable and hard to decipher.

The drone strike appeared only in print, and this "they were all terrorists" thing doesn't wash anymore.

(I seem to remember something about peace talks recently, but I never take those seriously when they come from a war pre$$. That much I've learned. The mention of such things is designed to take the public relations heat off and it's just not funny anymore, I don't care what clown they trot forward as their ace-in-the-hole.)

Beneath the drone strike is a barrel of Saudi oil.

(Saudi has been placed under a sort of sword of Damocles because its production policy to keep market share and undermine EUSraeli enemies is beginning to hurt U.S. frackers and thus jeopardizing loan payments to banks. That's also why stories about Saudis and their women suddenly pop up in the pre$$ -- imho)

Then it's the devil you say?

In all his forms I suppose; evil has been never been more popular and it has been turned into a work of art in my pre$$ (no matter which road you take, and such sacrilege on a Sunday).

Zika starting to look like another $windle to fatten up pharmaceuticals, and by the time I get to the second section I no longer want to read anymore. Maybe the robot can do it for you (or a veteran).

I suppose the only thing left to do is to say goodbye, with all due condolences. I'm basically out of ideas and no longer hungry for a Globe. You can eat spoiled cake for all they care.

I don't know where to send you next, readers.