Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bo$ton's Batman

"Big landlord wants to sell 33 buildings in Boston area" by Tim Logan Globe Staff  January 03, 2017

After leaving Boston, James Batmasian, a South Florida real estate mogul who launched his empire in 1970 by purchasing a Cambridge three-decker, became one of the most colorful characters on South Florida’s real estate scene. Using the same buy-and-hold strategies he honed here, he accumulated a property empire worth more than $1 billion. He also earned a felony conviction in 2008 for tax evasion and served a brief stint in federal prison. He weathered the most recent real estate crash, as well as of sexual harassment lawsuits by former employees. All the while, Batmasian has been collecting rent checks from a few dozen small buildings around Greater Boston.

Now, though, Batmasian is fully focused fully on Florida....


You can turn off the bat signal now.