Friday, May 19, 2017

February's Heav’nly Flight

It wasn't a death worthy of him:

"Bald eagle that enjoyed viral fame thanks to Methuen doughnut shop euthanized" by Steve Annear Globe Staff  February 09, 2017

A bald eagle that enjoyed a few moments of Internet fame this week after a photo went viral showing it blocking a doughnut shop’s drive-through had to be euthanized by veterinarians because of an injury that couldn’t be fixed.

On Monday, Heav’nly Donuts, in Methuen, shared an image of the bird perched on the curb near where customers order food and coffee.

In the photograph, which was taken by John R. McCarthy, of JRM Photography, the eagle is seen staring quizzically at the smorgasbord of food items and specialty coffee drinks. Heav’nly Donuts posted a tongue-in-cheek message accompanying the picture.

“Sorry for the long line at drive thru this afternoon!” the company wrote. “This bald eagle couldn’t decide which donut he wanted!”

The post to the doughnut chain’s social media page was shared more than 7,000 times and garnered more than 600 comments. It also received more than 6,000 Facebook reactions ranging from surprised to amused.

But the tale of the bird that briefly captured the hearts of Methuen, and residents around the state, ended badly. Veterinarians decided to euthanize the bird.

Upon hearing the news of the eagle’s death, people who had been bemused by its presence at a doughnut store’s drive-through window mourned the loss of a majestic bird.

“At least he passed with loving caretakers surrounding him,” one person wrote....

I suppose that is what we can all hope for in the end.


Look who else fell fast:

"John Hailer steps down as CEO of Natixis" by Beth Healy Globe Staff  February 09, 2017

John Hailer stepped down Thursday as chief executive of Natixis Global Asset Management in Boston, the company said, after 19 years with the investment group.

Hailer, 56, is succeeded by David Giunta, another Natixis veteran, who heads sales and distribution in the United States and Canada. The US operation oversees $427 billion in assets, managed at subsidiary firms including Loomis, Sayles & Co. in Boston. Natixis’s parent company is a global banking and financial giant based in Paris.

Hailer built a high profile in Boston for himself and the Natixis brand, with civic and charitable roles, including serving on the boards of Boston Medical Center and the Boston Public Library. He also is chairman of the New England Council, a public policy group for business.

But his tenure at Natixis also has been marked by controversy. The company in 2011 settled sexual harassment allegations against Hailer for at least $1.5 million, a matter that did not come to light until the Globe reported on it in 2014.

Hailer has denied the allegations, which were detailed in court records....

Love notes, readers..


Picking like a bird in the parking lot:

"Normally, bacon demand heats up in summer, when Americans eat more BLTs. This year, consumers devoured the meat year-round as retailers pushed the product with deals and restaurants added it to everything from burgers to salads. At the same, McDonald’s Corp. made it a mainstay with its rollout of all-day breakfast. The increased demand more than doubled prices since August. It’s finally gotten so expensive that the high costs are stemming the tide of bacon indulgence, according to David Maloni, a principal at the American Restaurant Association....."

I don't know.... Wendy's has a pretty good burger out now.

"Forget the fine china. Domino’s Pizza has launched a wedding registry site that allows couples to order the pie of their dreams. Domino’s spokeswoman Jenny Fouracre says the company launched the site just in time for Valentine’s Day so couples ‘‘passionate about pizza’’ can ‘‘register for something they both truly love as much as their partner.’’ Visitors to the site have the option of signing up for Domino’s to be served at a bachelorette party or as a late-night snack at the end of the wedding reception. Couples who receive gifts from the site get a gift card in order to pay for the pizza."

Just don't ask Palestinians to call it in or pick it up.

"Revlon, making its first major marketing push since it bought Elizabeth Arden last year, is tapping and Lady Gaga to reinvigorate sales and better reach millennials. As part of a campaign called the Love Project, the cosmetics maker will stamp its name on 10 million Amazon shipping boxes — a bid to get out in front of more e-commerce shoppers. Revlon also is relying more on social media and other digital technology after years of losing ground to upstart brands."

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Also losing to upstarts.