Monday, May 22, 2017

Marching Backward Briefly

"A woman is alleging in a lawsuit that University of Massachusetts basketball staff members intimidated her in an effort to keep her quiet about potentially damaging information about the team and staff. Ayanna Hickman says Assistant Coach Lou Roe and two other staffers imprisoned her by preventing her from leaving a room where they spoke to her in 2013. She previously dated Roe. The suit says Roe had told Hickman about the use of banned substances by team members, domestic violence by staff members and quashing of potential criminal complaints against unidentified team members. The university confirmed to The Republican it’s aware of the allegations but declined to comment further. Hickman’s attorney, Harry Miles, declined to comment Sunday. Recently fired Coach Derek Kellogg also is named as a defendant."

Definitely not worth the $1m plus they were paying him. Team was undisciplined and it proved frustrating of the course of the season. I'd protest, but I'm not that interested anymore. It's almost summer and I'm facing a myriad of struggles:

Boston students walk out to protest school cuts

"The roughly 1,000 students who skipped class to attend Jackson’s hearing at City Hall became props in a one-sided political rally instead of a civics lesson. Adults, and especially Jackson, let students down. It should go without saying that adults shouldn’t be encouraging students to leave class. Still, there are ways to save in the school system, but none of them are easy. Making those choices is supposed to be tough work of government. It’s one reason we elect city councilors."

Maybe you should stop looking to the ever-increasing failures then.

"“The whole world is watching.” It wasn’t. Much of the world cares little about those Boston public school students who chanted loudly outside City Council chambers on Tuesday afternoon. Those who do saw young people deserving of a great education participate in a protest they believe will get them closer to that goal. That day, however, they were mostly helping City Councilor Tito Jackson advance his agenda. By encouraging the protests, Jackson is also playing loose with budget truths. Over the past five years, school spending has increased by 25 percent — more than police and fire combined, said Samuel R. Tyler, head of the nonpartisan Boston Municipal Research Bureau. Despite the growth in charter school attendance, Walsh has protected the Boston Public Schools budget, which still accounts for 35 percent of the city’s total general fund. The school district’s proposed budget for next year is more than $1 billion, and includes a $13.5 million increase. However, an increase in personnel costs could mean some cuts. The mayor is operating from some weakness right now, and not just from headlines about an ongoing federal investigation into City Hall/union dealings. After a large student protest in March, Walsh reversed a decision on planned spending cuts. With protest success comes more protest."

Yeah, the teachers will love seeing that.

Putting early education front and center in Mass.

With Bob DeLeo leading the push, pfft!

Long-delayed preschool report advises further study

Oh, the irony.

Walsh will increase public education spending by nearly $5m

Was facing a lawsuit if he didn't kick in more money. It's $eed money, and if you water and feed it, something good might grow:

Amid controversy, Boston Latin headmaster resigns
Second Boston Latin administrator quits, criticizes Chang, Walsh
Boston Latin teachers, parents call for return of headmaster, top aide

The uproar reflected the intensifying crisis at the nation’s oldest school, and it's only fueling the fire.

What’s next for Boston Latin?

BLS parents protest resignations on last day of classes
Superintendent to name interim Boston Latin headmaster
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh needs to oversee culture change at Boston Latin
Chang taps former BLS headmaster as school’s interim leader
Civil rights leaders, clergy renew focus on racial climate
System mulls changes to exam school admission rules
At BLS, how furor unfolded behind the scenes
Boston teacher praised for personal classroom approach
Groups urge Boston Latin School to bolster minority ranks
A classmate’s parting gift for Boston Latin class
Bias report faults Boston Latin teachers, administrators
Racism in Boston’s schools focus of Dorchester gathering
Walsh commends Boston Latin graduates for race dialogue

They found a solution to one thing if not another.

At least you kids have a job this summer if you apply yourself.

Boston’s only Catholic high school for girls to close

Probably a good thing.

Public dollars shouldn’t fund religious schools

Unless it's Scouts and Islam (training future collaborators?) going on a hike together.

2 Madison Park administrators lack state licenses

Is that a problem, and if so who is going to be displaced?

Boston school, Mass. Maritime team up to widen students’ horizons

It will give you a chance to live out your ‘Dreams’ on the Field of battle.

Need a pencil? Check lost and found.

A decade later, the state still hasn’t enforced laws curbing mercury

That must be what made it fade from print.

"Twin sisters who were 97 years old were found dead early Saturday at a Barrington, R.I. home after authorities believe they both accidentally tripped and fell during an extremely cold night. The bodies of Jean Haley and Martha Williams were discovered at 21 Opechee Drive at about 8:11 a.m., local police said. Authorities believe Williams may have tripped and fallen in the driveway as she walked out to her car. Investigators believe Haley was walking through the garage to go inside and call for help when she tripped on a rug and fell. Though cold temperatures are believed to have played a role, the cause of death has not been determined, police said....

How extraordinarily tragic.

Massachusetts woman killed in Maine snowmobile accident

Too bad; there was a plate of meatloaf waiting for her back at the ski lodge.

Maine’s largest city considers giving jobs to panhandlers

That's something new.

"Tyngsborough police arrested a Dracut man who was allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer while carrying an unlicensed handgun and a police-style baton Saturday, authorities said...."

What happens if one asks to see a badge or doesn't comply when it's a real cop?

Man posing as Uber driver charged with sexual assaults

Woman, 5 kids hospitalized for carbon monoxide at laundromat

Springfield teen disappears in pond Saturday

A moment of silence please, no matter what your faith (nothing about the CIA issuing their Afghani asset a visa to get into the country, 'eh?). We will leave a light on for them.


"Police in Worcester have arrested four people in connection with a raid at a city antiques store authorities say has been used in the past as a front for drug deals. Police say they pulled over a car that was leaving Unique Finds last week and found crack cocaine, heroin and prescription drugs. Investigators searched the store on Friday. They say they found more drugs, including heroin, medications used to combat opioid addiction, synthetic painkillers, anti-anxiety medications and drugs used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Four men face charges, including drug possession with intent to distribute. The men, who are from Worcester, Auburn, Charlton and Grafton, are scheduled to be arraigned Monday. The target of the raid wasn’t arrested and faces a drug trafficking charge.