Friday, May 26, 2017

Copping Out For Today

I don't know if I'm going to be able to return or get any more done so....

Alabama death row inmate files flurry of last minute appeals

Sextuplets born in Virginia to couple who spent 17 years trying to conceive a child

In continuing with my Southern Swing:

"Mass. men allegedly killed by roommate in violent outburst in Fla." by Travis Andersen Globe Staff   May 26, 2017

Andrew Oneschuk left Wakefield a couple weeks ago for Tampa, where he planned to stay with acquaintances, work temporarily, and enjoy some fishing before enlisting in the US Navy.

But the 18-year-old quickly became troubled by his hosts and called his father to inform him that he planned to come home Monday.

He never made it.

Instead, Florida authorities say, another teenager named Devon Arthurs, a self-described former neo-Nazi and recent convert to Islam, fatally shot Oneschuk

Hadn't even reached the turn in yet and I'm already thinking another mind-manipulating psyop, true or not.

(turn in)

and his friend, Jeremy Himmelman, 22, of Walpole, in the Tampa condominium all three were sharing with a fourth man, Brandon Russell.

Police reports indicate that Arthurs, 18, told investigators all four roommates had been neo-Nazis and that he shot the Massachusetts men with a rifle after they “disrespected” his conversion.

Oneschuk’s father, Walter, refuted that account.

“You’re quoting a lunatic who shot my son in the head,” Walter Oneschuk said in a phone interview Thursday night. “All I know is that Andrew had planned on coming home Monday, and he was very disturbed by the environment. He had altercations with folks, disagreements with their values, and I’m not sure how they met.”

The grieving father continued, “All I know is, [Oneschuk and Himmelman] had gone down to spend some time in Florida, and it ended tragically.” He said seeing his son be linked to extremism has been “very hurtful to the family, very hurtful to the community, and worse off, giving some of these organizations fuel for their vile, bigoted forums.”

Himmelman’s sister, Alyssa, told the Associated Press that her brother knew Russell and Arthurs and had fallen out with them before.

Himmelman was planning to return to Massachusetts and was “too kindhearted to think people like Devon and Brandon could do something like this,” Alyssa told the AP.

He attended Walpole High and “loved animals, especially reptiles and truly enjoyed making others laugh with his crazy antics and outlandish acts,” said an online tribute posted to the James H. Delaney & Son Funeral Home website.

Court filings in the case portray Arthurs as an unhinged gun-toter, who killed Oneschuk and Himmelman, and then fled to a nearby smoke shop, where he ordered terrified customers to the ground at gunpoint, telling one of them, “Why shouldn’t I kill you?”


He freed his hostages at the urging of police and later told investigators that he previously shared neo-Nazi beliefs with his roommates and that this conversion drove a wedge between them, according to an arrest report and a separate FBI affidavit.

When one Tampa officer asked if medics could render aid to his wounded victims, Arthurs answered without hesitation.

“Oh no,” he said, according to the report. “They are definitely dead.”

He also shouted “Allah Mohammed!” and told officers, “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country,” the report said.

Yeah, thanks for discrediting the antiwar movement, you provocateur pos.

Police placed him in a cruiser and drove back to the condo unit, where they found the fourth roommate, Russell, clad in full Army fatigues and crying outside the apartment, according to the report. Arthurs calmly explained.

“That’s my roommate,” he told police, according to the report. “He doesn’t know what’s going on and just found them like you guys did.”

Arthurs said Russell joined online neo-Nazi chats and threatened to kill people and set off explosives, according to an FBI affidavit.

Oh, I get it. This is to shut down that pesky Internet and the legitimate criticism that comes from it.

Investigators found explosives in a garage area, including more than a pound of ammonium nitrate addressed to Russell and an explosive known as HMTD, along with empty ammunition cases with fuses that could be “used to detonate destructive devices,” an FBI affidavit said.

In addition, Russell had guns and a framed photograph of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in his room and admitted to harboring neo-Nazi beliefs. He identified himself as a member of a group called “Atom Waffen,” or “atomic weapon” in German, the affidavit said. 

Took him for a ride, did they?

He claimed that he used the HMTD for projects for a college engineering club, according to the affidavit.

Russell is currently being held on federal gun and explosive-related charges. He has not entered a plea in US District Court in Tampa.

“Mr. Russell absolutely did not intend to assemble any kind of bomb or destructive device,” his lawyer, Ian J. Goldstein, said in an e-mail.

Arthurs is facing two murder counts and other charges in state court, with a bond hearing scheduled for June 12. He has not entered a plea, and his public defender could not be reached.


Of a more northerly persuasion:

"Emboldened bears in N.H. town must die, state says" by Nestor Ramos Globe Staff  May 26, 2017

The Department of Fish and Game’s plan to capture and euthanize the bears isn’t sitting well with residents.

That seems to be governments answer to any problem: kill it.

Nicole Cantlin, who lives in nearby Enfield and started an online petition — it was nearing 5,000 signatures by Thursday afternoon — asking for the bears’ lives to be spared, said, “I really think there’s better options for these bears.”

But there may not be.

The bears are so accustomed to humans that they don’t frighten easily. They scour the town for delicious garbage instead of foraging in the forest, and they feast on bird seed in backyards. And whatever they think of the people cowering inside, they certainly don’t regard them as much of a threat.

Relocating the bears won’t work, Andrew Timmins, the New Hampshire wildlife biologist who leads the bear project, said, because the bears just make their way back or set about terrorizing some other town. And besides, other bears have already staked out territory all over the region, and releasing these bears elsewhere could result in some pretty ugly bear violence.

So let's use violence to slay the "terrorists."

Talk about self-internalizing their ma$ters values. Comes out in the terminology even if they didn't mean it.

Turning them over to some sort of facility appears implausible as well. Timmins said he’s not aware of any sort of bear sanctuary on the East Coast; zoos and refuges are already overbooked with bears. This part of the world is simply not lacking for bears.

And anyway, Timmins said, “If I was a bear that grew up in the wild, I wouldn’t be particularly interested in going to live behind a high fence.”

I'm tired off the condescension from authority.

None of this has dissuaded the bears’ supporters, who have deluged the state and the town with phone calls, e-mails, and social media posts.

And here is another one!

“It’s been an active week on the bear front,” said Hanover Town Manager Julia Griffin.

Oh, it's now a WAR?!!!

Bears are common in Hanover, Griffin said, but “this is the first time we’ve had a sow and cubs this bold and this present.” She couldn’t recall another Hanover bear being euthanized or relocated in the past.

Timmins appears to be bearing the brunt of the backlash.

“Some people are very mad, writing and saying some pretty nasty things,” he said Thursday. But others are just upset, and though they don’t quite come around on the question of killing the bears, “they understand the complexity of the situation.”

Ben Kilham, an independent wildlife biologist in nearby Lyme, largely agrees that none of the alternative solutions is workable. Rather, he said, the bears could be allowed to stay in Hanover; it’s the people who need a little extra training.

I'm tired of genocidal globalist misanthropes, too.

“If the town started to have some regulations about when bird feeders could be out, garbage, dumpsters,” Kilham said, “there’s probably no reason this bear couldn’t stay there.”

Yeah, that's the answer to everything -- especially when it comes to nature.

He said the yearlings are likely to decamp soon anyway, when the sow prepares for a new litter and sends her charges out into the world on their own. And once that happens, the sow won’t need nearly as much food (somewhat remarkably, the bears do not appear to have acquired names). 

Better kill them before that happens. Can't just wait them out.

But training the people of Hanover may prove to be just as difficult as reprogramming the bears has been.

Passing an ordinance isn’t possible until the annual Town Meeting a year from now, Griffin said, and that would trigger hearings that last still longer — all for a measure that may not successfully persuade people to take better care of their trash.

Hanover’s large population of college students who live off campus are not known for responsible care and maintenance of their trash cans. And “nobody in this community is going to pay attention to a $10 fine,” Griffin said of one idea that’s been bandied about.

Yeah, BLAME the KIDS! Maybe one of the bears will eat one.

“I just feel there has to be some solution short of killing them,” said Mary Holland, a nature writer and photographer in Hartland, Vt., just south of Hanover. She said maybe the state could leverage the threat of killing the bears to persuade people to secure their garbage and put away their bird feeders. She’s examined the bears’ scat in the woods, and while the winter leavings included plenty of bird seed, this month she’s seeing evidence of appropriate foraging.



I mean, according to the article, they aren't doing any harm, they are just a nuisance. 

That's deserving of a death sentence?

Fatal bear attacks, she said, are rare — statistics are hard to come by, but news reports show only two wild bear-related deaths in the contiguous United States since 2010. And the Hanover bears, though they’ve startled some residents, haven’t hurt anyone or done any serious property damage. The resident who found the bears leaving the home told the Valley News they caused no damage.

Make sure you run downhill if being chased.

“It is all human behavior that has produced this problem,” Holland said.

That's a theme that will reappear below, and it's authority that has made it worse.

On that, everyone agrees....


Can't they just Tuft it out?

Maybe it is just me, but the lack of respect for life -- no matter what form -- that comes from my elite war pre$$ is unconscionable.

"State Police kill wandering bear in Sturbridge" by Brian MacQuarrie Globe Staff  November 04, 2016

Fearing that the bear might cause an accident, one of the troopers killed the bear with a single round from his service-issued shotgun, State Police said.

The bear was not sedated because state troopers do not carry tranquilizer darts, and the officers did not feel they had enough time to summon state Environmental Police or someone else with that equipment, said David Procopio, spokesman for the State Police.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell said that killing the bear was “regrettable,” but that judging police tactics is difficult without witnessing the event.

“Everyone is going to Monday-morning-quarterback,” said Rob Halpin, spokesman for MSPCA-Angell.

However, he added, “if the bear had been tranquilized successfully, it could have been pulled clear of the road, and no longer would have been a hazard to motorists and would have recovered and been none the worse for wear.”

Procopio said the use of force will be reviewed as a routine matter of department policy. As for the bear, the animal’s body was provided to a needy family for food.

At least they didn't waste it.

The black bear population in Massachusetts has jumped exponentially in the past 40 years, with thousands of the animals now living in the state....


RelatedJuvenile moose captured in Ludlow, taken to safer location

They had to kill the flamingo.

"Dani Mathers, former Playboy model, gets community service for Snapchat of woman in gym" by Christine Hauser New York Times  May 26, 2017

A former Playboy model, Danielle Mathers, has been sentenced to community service for secretly photographing a naked older woman in a Los Angeles gym and then posting the picture on social media, court documents and officials said.

According to the criminal complaint, Mathers, 30, was charged in Los Angeles Superior Court in November 2016 for using a “concealed” camera to take a photograph of the woman, who was 70 at the time, in July and then posting it online.

Mathers “uploaded the photograph to her Snapchat account, with comments about the woman’s appearance and a picture of Mathers covering her mouth,” Michael N. Feuer, the Los Angeles city attorney, said in a written statement Wednesday.

Won't that hurt the stock price?

Police investigated, acting on a tip from LA Fitness officials.

Feuer said that Mathers entered a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor invasion of privacy charge on Wednesday and will perform 30 days of community labor. She was also placed on probation for three years, according to the city attorney’s office.

Tom Mesereau, co-counsel on her case, said in a telephone interview Thursday she will also pay $60 restitution to the victim.

Dana Cole, another of Mathers’s lawyers, said in a telephone interview Thursday, “I think the upshot is she wanted to go to schools to talk about the evils of social media and how simple mistakes can be catastrophic, and the judge did not want her in schools.”

Instead, the community service involves graffiti removal, he said.

Mathers, who was the Playmate of the Year in 2015, is not working, he said, but she hopes to go to nursing school.


While Mathers’s Snapchat posts were later deleted, the image of the woman in the shower area was published with the words: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either,” in newspapers and online media organizations. It soon set off a backlash about “body shaming” and bullying online....

Another reason to censor the Internet, right?


Yeah, rough night:

From left: Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer, and Kate McKinnon in ”Rough Night.”
From left: Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Gazer, and Kate McKinnon in ”Rough Night.” (Macall B. Polay/CTMG Inc.)"


May resists pressure to call early British election to bolster Brexit

Not for long.

May Days in the U.K.
Today's Final $e$$ion
Today's Only $e$$ion

Going to pick up from there:

"While the terror attack in Manchester, England, on Monday has shifted attention away from Brexit, the focus will return when the United Kingdom’s political parties resume campaigning. That will happen gradually, starting Thursday. The question is whether common ground will really be found, or the tit-for-tat of past weeks will endure, sinking chances of an amicable divorce — let alone a future free-trade pact. In that event, the United Kingdom would be likely to lose the most. A look behind the headlines nevertheless indicates some areas of potential compromise....."

So the articles I read this week regarding the hard-line negotiating positions were what, some distorted piece of crap to elicit some sort of position? WTF?

Police investigate ‘network’ of Manchester bomber
UK bomber said to have told mother 'Forgive me' before blast
Trump Calls for U.S. Inquiry Into Leaks on Manchester

Manchester bomber linked to terrorist group which UK allegedly backed 

Manchester: Blowback as CIA Obfuscation

They lie, they distort, they misinform … you and I are expendable

And, While World Attention Has Been (Purposely) Focused In On The Manchester Fraud Bombing: The US And Israel Have Injected Their Fraud ISIS Operation Into The Philippines! 

SeeSoldiers launch attacks in besieged Philippine city

That's why Duterte had to cut short a trip to Russia and declare martial law.

Also see:

Court deals another blow to Trump’s travel ban

Trump’s cruel budget

He ain't no JFK, that's for sure.

Congress now begins a weeklong recess

That should make us all breathe a bit easier (looks very presidential, doesn't he?).

"House Speaker Paul Ryan is assuring investors that Congress will meet a new deadline to increase the government’s borrowing authority and avert an economy-quaking default on US obligations. Ryan said Thursday that ‘‘the debt ceiling issue will get resolved.’’ He spoke a day after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warned lawmakers that Congress needs to vote to increase the almost $20 trillion borrowing cap before taking its annual August vacation. ‘‘The timing is what I think is the newsworthy thing here,’’ Ryan said. ‘‘Receipts aren’t quite what people thought they were.’’ Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs executive, is following in the footsteps of previous Treasury heads by requesting that the debt measure move as quickly as possible, with its path kept free of controversial add-ons, but Mnuchin’s request for a ‘‘clean’’ debt bill has been rejected by, among other GOP factions, the hard-right Freedom Caucus...." 

Translation: You -- and I -- are being LIED TO when it comes to how great is the economy.

Projected money ain't coming' in, huh?

California officials are considering moving up the state’s presidential primary

I have nothing to say about that.

Joe Biden makes a surprise visit to the Seaport Hotel

So he could grab a piece of something?

Forecasters predict above-normal Atlantic hurricane season

And I predict that Patriots don't win the Super Bowl this year.

"The only way to save coral reefs? A war on global warming" by Kristen Gelineau Associated Press  March 15, 2017


Everything in my goddamn paper is FRAMED within a WAR CONTEXT, no matter what it is!

What it tells you is NO ONE IS LISTENING to them anymore so they have to frame the issues in the most extreme way. Problem with that is, eventually your fear factor can't be maintained, especially when everything they throw at you is a crisis. You start TUNING THEM OUT and NOT BELIEVING THEM!

SYDNEY —  In the end, researchers say, the only way to save the world’s coral from heat-induced bleaching is with a war on global warming.

Fine. You go. I'm sitting this one out, thanks.

Across the world, scores of brilliantly colored coral reefs once teeming with life have in recent years become desolate, white graveyards. Their deaths due to coral bleaching have grown more frequent as ocean temperatures rise, mainly due to increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The hot water stresses corals, forcing them to expel the colorful algae living inside them, which leaves the corals vulnerable to disease and death. Given enough time, bleached coral can recover if the water cools, but if the temperature stays too high for too long, the coral will die.

I wrote in the margin of my print that I'm sure the oil spills and 300 tons of radioactive water being dumped into the Pacific by Japan for the last 6 years hasn't had an effect.

No, they need a carbon tax so bankers can securitize thin air, and you aren't biting so they are now throwing coral at you.

Preserving coral reefs is crucial, given we depend on them for everything from food to medical research to protection from damaging coastal storms. Scientists and policymakers have thus been scrambling to find ways to prevent bleaching....

‘‘It’s a wake-up call and our worst nightmare’’ all rolled into one, and I don't see the alarms being raised as the bees go extinct from GMOs and pesticides.


Sorry for being so crusty when it comes to AGW these days.

Lynn firefighters extinguish fire at apartment building

Had a drill planned, 'eh?

"Police in Providence say they have made 30 arrests as part of a 10-month investigation into opioid drug dealing in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Police say six of those arrested as part of "Operation Stop the Flow" are high-level dealers. They include 26-year-old Johan Jimenez of Providence, who was identified as the lead supplier of heroin and fentanyl in the city. He and the others face multiple felony charges. Jimenez was being held Thursday. Authorities say city dealers were selling 50 doses of fentanyl for about $120 to lower-level Massachusetts dealers, who would re-sell the drugs at marked-up prices...."


"A former doctor who at one point prescribed more oxycodone than most Massachusetts hospitals pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to fraud charges and is facing more than a decade in prison. Patients allegedly waited in line for hours to see Fathalla Mashali, 62, who saw patients for only minutes at a time in an office at his pain clinics, rather than in an exam room. Mashali caught the attention of authorities in 2013 because of the “strikingly high” rate of powerful painkillers such as oxycodone that he began prescribing to patients, according to court records....."

They knocked him out.

"Authorities say a man who was sleeping underneath a tractor-trailer was run over by the truck in Maine. Police say that 42-year-old Christopher Powell was sleeping under the parked trailer late Wednesday in Lewiston when he was run over. Police say the driver stopped the truck when he heard screams. Powell was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. His condition wasn't immediately known. Police believe Powell, who is from Arizona, may be homeless. Authorities say the driver will not be charged."

What did they do with the body?

From horse track to a hub of housing for Suffolk Downs

Looks like my stop. Watch your step

What does a guy have to do to get a jaywalking ticket in this town?

SeeNo self-respecting cop would bother taking the time

Good thing they didn't search him.

Need a bike to get home?

UPDATE: One resident recalls his encounters with the N.H. bears

If they kill it, what will they tell the children?