Thursday, May 18, 2017

Trump Pissed Off Israel

Thus they are pissing on him....

"Intel spat adds to Israeli concerns about Trump visit" by Josef Federman Associated Press  May 17, 2017

JERUSALEM — When Donald Trump was elected president, Israeli nationalists rejoiced that a reputed strong ally would be moving into the White House. But as Trump prepares to visit the region this weekend, apprehension reigns instead.

Yeah, he was going to Make Israel Great Again.

A diplomatic blowup over the status of Jerusalem, followed by revelations that Trump had shared highly classified Israeli intelligence with Russia, has reinforced the president’s image as dangerously unpredictable.

Some are saying he may be non compos mentis (maybe they are drugging him?).


"The “deep-state is going to say that Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s,” and trigger a never-used provision of the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to stage a coup. Gallup reported his approval among Republicans this week at 84 percent, though among all Americans, it is 38 percent...."

They are ganging up on him so they can take him down, and that poll must have been heavily-skewed with anti-Trump people.

With Trump backing away from his earlier support for certain Israeli positions and talking about a peace deal with the Palestinians, Israeli officials say they have no idea what ideas he may bring or concessions he may demand.

Michael Oren, a deputy government minister involved in visit preparations and a former Israeli ambassador to Washington, addressing the question of jitters on the Palestinian issue, said, ‘‘I hope we can move without any pressure.’’

Israel was in an uproar Wednesday after US officials confirmed Trump shared highly classified intelligence about the group that calls itself the Islamic State with senior Russian officials visiting the White House.

Why the uproar? Aren't we all fighting ISIS?

A US official said the information, about a threat related to the use of laptops on aircraft, came from Israel and there were concerns that a valuable Israeli asset could be in danger.

Then Trump did the right thing by warning Russia! What if it were a plot against a Russian plane? Wouldn't you want the Russians to relay that information to him were the situations reversed?

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Trump appears to have spoken without Israel’s consent, which would mark a violation of their intelligence-sharing agreement. In addition, Russia maintains close ties with Iran and Syria, Israel’s enemies.

He didn't need Israel's consent! 

The self-internalized statement from the reporter tells you who controls our presidents, though.

Israeli officials did not confirm that they were the source of the information, and leaders played down the issue.

It's all smoke, sound, and fury, huh? I'm sure it is. Congre$$ will continue to cut and Trump will continue to sign the checks (probably kill him if he didn't).

‘‘The security relationship between Israel and our great ally the United States is deep, meaningful, and unprecedented in its scope and contribution to our strength,’’ Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman tweeted. ‘‘That is how it will continue to be.’’

But security experts and retired officials were far more critical, saying that Trump had caused immense damage, and that Israeli intelligence should be careful about sharing information with the United States.


Shabtai Shavit, former chief of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency, said, ‘‘My gut feeling is that anyone who belongs to the professional club is very angry.’’

Trump was never part of the "club," and now they are angry at him.

He said that while cooperation would continue, intelligence professionals would think twice before sharing information.

And do what, let another 9/11 happen out of spite?

Danny Yatom, another former Mossad chief, said that if the reports were true, Trump had probably caused heavy damage to both Israeli and American security. Speaking to 103 FM, a local radio station, he suggested Israel punish the United States by withholding certain information.


Is that how friends treat friends?

Israeli intelligence keeps close tabs on its Middle Eastern neighbors and Islamic militant groups across the region. This information can be useful to Western allies, who have experienced attacks by Islamic extremists as well.

The intel uproar followed a spat this week over Jerusalem. Israeli media reported that US and Israeli officials got into a shouting match after the Americans rebuffed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to join Trump at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.

They crossed a red line and all of a sudden the week's worth of news coverage makes sense -- and does it ever stink.

Channel 2 TV said one American official told the Israelis the site is ‘‘not your territory’’ but part of the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu’s office said it was astonished by the comment.

Bet you guys are wishing you had Obama back, huh?


I've often said I have two qualifications for president, one is will he/she stand up to Israel and the second is.... okay, I have one qualification for president. He must be listening to Bannon again, the rogue propagandist with a penchant for paranoia and conspiracy theories

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Trump says he ‘can live’ with one-state solution between Israel, Palestine

Trump team sends mixed signals on Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

I think they were heard loud and clear.

In Boston, protesters decry policies of Trump and Israel The rally was among 16 that took place around the country on Tuesday as part of a national day of action coordinated by a coalition of religious and secular groups, according to Liza Behrendt, an organizer for Jewish Voice for Peace-Boston, a coalition member. Raheem Albokhari, 27, a Saudi Arabian national studying at Emmanuel College, said he’s concerned about the Israeli government expanding settlements in disputed territory [and] he is angry that Western governments have remained largely passive amid humanitarian crises in Gaza, Syria, and Yemen.

And now Trump is sending mixed messages on Iran?

Taking it from the top:

Justice Department appoints special counsel in Russia probe

(breathe sigh of relief)

Robert Mueller, special counsel in Russia probe, has Boston ties Mueller took office as FBI director in 2001, a week before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, and went on to spend the next 12 years leading the agency.

Despite fouling up the Marathon Bombing security checks, the Globe wholeheartedly endorses him.

House majority leader in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump 

It was a ‘‘a failed attempt at humor.’’ 

Flynn told Trump team he was under investigation

So he was a swindler by day and security consultant in his spare time?

The corruption of H.R. McMaster

President Trump calls Russia probe a ‘witch hunt’

That's what the Haitians told him anyway.

"According to an annual report on state-sponsored homophobia, compiled by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, homosexuality is effectively a crime in 72 countries. In three — Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen — it is codified as a crime punishable by death, though executions are rare. In five other countries — Afghanistan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates — a death penalty for homosexuality is codified under Shariah law, but it has not been put into practice...."

If you guys would just cover up....

Gotta blind date with a redhead tonight?

"Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny led Ireland through a difficult recovery from the 2008 global financial crisis, which hit the debt-fueled ‘‘Celtic Tiger’’ economy particularly hard. Voters weary after several years of austerity turned to independents and protest parties in last year’s election...."

Fox News founder Roger Ailes dies

Fox is foreign to me, and was Ailes ailing or simply needing to be dispatched? Or was it a message to Trump?

"Will President Trump resign? Given what we know about Trump’s personality, it’s exceedingly difficult to imagine him stepping down, backing down from a fight. The president said as much on Wednesday during a graduation address at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut that might have doubled as a pep talk to himself. “You can’t let them get you down,” the president said to the cadets. “You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. I guess that’s why I — thank you. I guess that’s why we won,” Trump added, pivoting to a comment about his own election. Trump continued: “Don’t give in. Don’t back down. And never stop doing what you know is right. Nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever came easy. And the more righteous your right, the more opposition that you will face.”

He said that as the siege of scandal envelops Washington before summer begins. 

Going to be a long, hot one, and not because of global warming (remnants of winter are still lurking in the shadows as the region finally pushed past the damp and cold weather that lingered into May), and the Globe has him impeached by the end of it.

Trump has lost a supporter in New Hampshire:

"In a written statement to WMUR, Robert Fisher said he was resigning out of concern for the safety of himself, his girlfriend, and his family. On Wednesday morning before the vote, members of UltraViolet, a national women’s advocacy organization, joined local activists for a rally outside the State House, urging lawmakers to expel Fisher. “Robert Fisher is a rape promoter who has no place serving in government,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, in a statement. When the committee voted 8-6 to take no action, there were cries of “shame” from the audience. Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper said he was pleased with Fisher’s decision to step down. “I welcome his resignation for the good of the institution, and I hope that we can now move forward with our important legislative agenda,” he said in a statement. State Democrats also welcomed the news. Party chairman Ray Buckley said, “Hopefully his resignation will make it clear to those defending his actions that misogyny and degradation of women is not acceptable in New Hampshire.”

The thuggish left in action, and that's how they ushered out Chaffetz.

Another Trump skirmish:

"The skirmish came after President Trump had welcomed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to the White House on Tuesday and praised him as a stalwart ally in the battle against Islamist extremism. “Yesterday we witnessed what appeared to be a brutal attack on peaceful protests,” Metropolitan Police chief Peter Newsham said at a news conference Wednesday. “First and foremost I will say that that is not something that we will tolerate here in Washington, D.C. This is a city where people should be able to come and peacefully protest.” On Wednesday, Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican, joined those condemning the violence on Twitter: “This is the United States of America. We do not do this here.”

Where can you turn to get the truth?

Boston Teachers Union poised to elect 1st person of color as president Jessica Tang, who is a member of the LGBT community, said she hopes to serve as a role model for students.

They killed three birds with one stone: race, gender, and sexual preference.

"Search for missing Franklin man focuses on area near brook" by Andy Rosen Globe Staff  May 17, 2017

FRANKLIN — 20-year-old Michael Doherty apparently decided to walk through the woods in the rain. After day four of the search for Doherty, and police had found no signs of him other than a shirt and two shoes.

The town hosted a candlelight vigil for the family Tuesday night, and Doherty’s mother said the rising junior at Duke was set to spend the summer at home working at Roche Bros. Supermarkets in Millis. The family was planning a summer vacation — they were going to let the boys decide where they would travel.

Nancy Doherty said her son had wanted to go to Duke since he was young, and had been admitted by early decision there. He was planning to lead the club hockey team and was a member of a fraternity.

On Wednesday, cars lined the street in front of the family’s home and packed the driveway as loved ones came to offer support. His father, Dan Doherty, said he had not given up. “We’re praying for a miracle,” he said.

Searchers found the shirt and one of his shoes on one side of the body of water and another on the other side, which is closer to Bellingham and the Maplegate Country Club, where search dogs have been working.

He tried to swim across drunk and drowned?

How tragic.

Mill said rescuers, who began working at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday and planned to continue until dark, had moved their command post closer to the country club to improve communication throughout the search area.

The parents are “heartbroken and heartsick,” and hanging on to hope as a multi-agency search that has included the use of drones, body-sniffing dogs, State Police helicopters, and specially trained regional police units continues....


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Came from Bill Cosby?

Lawrence O’Donnell emcees Welcome Home gala

Former Long Island drug treatment program gets a new home

Disabled homeless girl’s family reaches deal with state on shelter 

They are going to put them in a barn?

Let me Doub back a tear for a moment.

Meanwhile, "the growing political drama in Washington rattled Wall Street Wednesday, knocking the Dow Jones industrial average down more than 370 points...."

The $olution is more immigration.

US household debt makes a comeback It speaks to growing optimism among banks and other lenders about economic growth, yet the borrowing peak also signals potential new risks to the economy. “This is not a marker we should be superexcited to get back to,” said Heather Boushey, executive director and chief economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, a liberal think tank...."

It's mostly “student debt” assets.

No Apple for the teacher?

Tech publisher IDG lays off more than 90 after sale International Data Group has laid off more than 90 people in its flagship tech-industry publishing division, less than two months after completing its sale to a Chinese conglomerate and investment firm, people with knowledge of the job cuts said.

Ford, facing investor pressure, will cut 1,400 salaried jobs

VW chief is suspected of market manipulation

Looks like the death of them, doesn't it?

Group says Chinese factories that make Ivanka Trump apparel pay workers about $1 an hour


Ivanka Trump’s apparel brand is facing criticism from a labor-rights group for relying on Chinese factories that it says force some employees to work long shifts at the equivalent of about a dollar an hour.
Ivanka Trump’s apparel brand is facing criticism from a labor-rights group for relying on Chinese factories that it says force some employees to work long shifts at the equivalent of about a dollar an hour (OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images).

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Is that why they are going down the toilet?


Now I'm pissed.

Trump says naming of special counsel ‘hurts our country’

Nothing about Zionist gatekeeper Joe Lieberman being brought in to watch the FBI, and what it means is all this pre$$ huffing and puffing parti$an$hip is a big con, a big dodge, look over here at all the sound, smoke, and fury while the Chabadniks run the WH. Maybe he is demented after all.

One killed after car plows into Times Square crowd in NYC

They are saying it was a drunk guy, but Trump is receiving updates (possible terrorist attack?) and Governor Cuomo was at the scene (assassination attempt?).

"Nordstrom Inc. is winding down its relationship with the controversial Ivanka Trump brand, according to a person with knowledge of the situation, a move that follows boycott threats and concerns about the first daughter’s conflicts of interest. The department-store chain is reducing the amount of Ivanka Trump merchandise it stocks, though some inventory may remain for now, according to the person, who asked not to be identified because the decision isn’t yet public. Ivanka Trump is no longer listed among brands on Nordstrom’s website, but the company still lists some items on its Rack site, the department store’s value-focused chain. Representatives for Nordstrom and Ivanka Trump’s collection both declined to comment. Nordstrom has come under fire from the Grab Your Wallet campaign, a critic of the administration that is asking shoppers to boycott retailers that carry Ivanka Trump or Donald Trump goods."

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Maybe you want to read before you go to bed.

UPDATE: Vertex battles the Irish government over the cost of a cystic fibrosis drug