Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Too Late to Call Tuesday

I didn't have the courage (he stood up but was ignored. Was before Trump knew about the bugging, and that did take courage. To surpass Nixon in political criminality, wow) to call yesterday so I guess the relationship is ruined. Who knows what I was thinking?

It certainly wasn't jealousy over what happened in France:

"Macron demonstrated a quality that French voters, unlike many Anglo-Saxon ones, have long found essential in their successful candidates: cool mastery of the critical issues confronting the country...."

That's what they call "news analysis" these days, and as we can see in Germany, free elections are a thing of the past. After Brexit, Trump, and the Colombian peace vote, the Ma$ters of the Univer$e are no longer leaving elections to chance.

Has nothing to do with racism, either. I simply can't keep track of everyone, and what do you do when friends are fighting?

I'm throwing the rest to the wolves. Maybe you have a fire for the BG, but mine has gone out. You can assess the stories for yourself. I'm not worried about where the cash came from, but some people are. What they are not worried about is government agencies maintaining constant surveillance on every dime we spend. They are happily okay with that.

What I'm not fine with is the environment of deception when it comes to the drug czar, although it looks like you will have no problem avoiding the border.

As for health care, I guess he didn't see his own paper. Good news on the opioid front, although it is not without casualties. Doesn't mean the fight is over, and I did look into these:

"A former Boston police sergeant turned private investigator who generated 40 complaints over two decades with the police department was stripped of his investigator’s license for failing to disclose that his license to carry a firearm had been revoked twice when he was an officer. Martin B. Kraft, a 32-year veteran, resigned from the Boston Police Department in 2015. A year later, the Massachusetts State Police, which licenses private investigators, approved Kraft’s application to become a private investigator, but after the Globe inquired about Kraft’s license earlier this year, the State Police held a hearing to review his application...."

The Globe cost him his business, as they have so many others.

"A Stonehill College student studying abroad in Denmark died Saturday after a personal watercraft crashed into a boat carrying her and six classmates in Copenhagen Harbor, according to school officials...."

I see only one blot on the record, and while around Connecticut.... it's a zoo out there.

"Billionaire investor Warren E. Buffett rebuked Wells Fargo’s handling of widespread illegal sales practices that spanned at least 15 years and included targeting undocumented immigrants to open new bank accounts. Wells Fargo ‘‘incentivized the wrong type of behavior,’’ Buffett said Saturday during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Omaha. Berkshire is Wells Fargo’s largest shareholder. Buffett’s comments come shortly after former Wells Fargo employees revealed that they were forced to resort to unethical and illegal sales tactics to meet daily sales quotes. Some involved creating fake bank accounts with fictitious names, calling current and potential clients well after business hours, and opening multiple accounts for customers, including undocumented immigrants, without their authorization, according to court records. Mark Folk, a spokesman, said in a statement that Wells Fargo agrees with Buffett’s statements and that the company has taken ‘‘decisive actions’’ to ‘‘make things right for customers.’’

Turns out the $cam stretches as far back as 2002, and I'm no longer stumpfed as to why the pre$$ is so pro-illegal.

Then there is the Devil and David Ortiz (secret illumination there?) with their entourage. Still looks fit despite no longer facing pitches.

OMG, I spent so much time talking to you that I'm late for lunch.


The murder mystery is being unraveled and Trump was warned. Those are my above the fold leads today.

Beneath the fold is like being in the back of the bus, while musical beds can leave one dead.

I don't know what Trump said about Muslims, but I'm sure he's a target.

Man arrested in 9 ‘serial street shooter’ killings in Phoenix
Woman faces trial in death of girl who was locked in a box
Sinkholes becoming more common nationwide
Lawsuit filed to preserve Confederate statue in New Orleans
Teen killed by officers left suicide note

Macron to take over as president of France on Sunday
UN climate talks begin amid uncertainty over US position
Floods drive nearly 1,900 from homes in Quebec
South Sudan’s civil war leaves 1 million children refugees
New Hamas chief tours native Gaza, highlights power shift
Tillerson to meet Russian counterpart
With ex-president in jail, South Koreans to select new leader

You can do the compare and contrast yourself.

Trump advisers seek to widen military’s role in Afghanistan

Notice how war against Al-CIA-Duh and ISIS has morphed into one against the Taliban, too?

Syria rejects UN monitoring role in safe zones

US diplomats help Chinese family stage dramatic escape

I'm wondering if the Chinese let them go as part of a deal on Korea; however, I'm not going to read the official CIA account and I hope you understand.

Trump begins effort to pack courts with conservatives
Mexico and police chief slam Texas’ new ‘sanctuary city’ ban
Interior secretary tours hotly contested Utah monument
GOP circus distracts from Russian perfidy 

When are the hearings regarding the sitting administration spying on the opposing party's presidential campaign?

A reunified Korea — can Trump toss that Hail Mary pass?

Classic Obama — staying above the fray on Obamacare

How courageous of him.

Restore crucial funds to drug-control agency

Why not just legalize it all at this point?

Is social democracy shattered?

Trump would still win even today.

When a victim becomes a perpetrator

Makes you think.

Cancellations on Fairmount Line not civil rights violations, US says

From a Maine tribe, a message for the Cleveland Indians: Enough is enough

They have a point. I'm amazed how the Washington football team, Chicago hockey team, and others get away with blatantly racist caricatures without much fuss here in AmeriKa. That's not to say I'm arguing against them, either. I'm just noting the contrasts in reaction to other things. Pardon my old-fashionedness but the red man has a point. Then again, it's just a mascot. If you want to pin me down, hell, change it. Not worth the fight. Then again, nor should we shy from an honest self-reflection and appraisal of history, either. You need to take the good with the bad, not just make it all good. But it's just a mascot.

Newbury Street may be closed to traffic on three summer Sundays

That will put some people out.

Mattapan father shielded infant from gunfire during fatal shooting Friday, resident says

Violent night in Boston, 'eh?

Getting male drivers to buckle up 

I generally do unless I'm slow about town.

Navy SEAL killed in Somalia praised as hometown hero

Sigh. Not saying he isn't, and it looks like no end to the body bags coming home. As a person that began this blog hoping to end the wars, the endless wars have also taken their toll on my soul. 

Related: "War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

Certainly don't find that treatment in the Globe.

‘Ghost bike’ ceremony planned for cyclist killed in Back Bay hit-and-run

Another casualty of war.

Biogen faces a threat from Genentech’s powerful new MS drug

What do Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, and J. Lo have in common? The FTC put them on notice.

On BC High going coed, board needs to talk it out

Sinclair to buy Tribune Media, expanding its local TV reach

Facebook aims to tackle fake news ahead of UK election

They are taking accounts down, and I've often wonder when Blogger will do that to me. I'm not going to go off on a rant against Blogger or anything though. Yeah, it's got its glitches and stuff but they have allowed me to post my stuff for more than ten years in the hopes that the direction of this country and indeed world would change. It hasn't, and I'm a lot more mellow in terms of language and colorful metaphors these days than I used to be, mostly out of a sense of defeat and resignation. We are living in the Zionist age. It's a Richer's world, and we'll be lucky if they allow us a place in it. 

Comcast and Charter Communications forge wireless alliance

PTC prices its Duchenne drug at $35,000 a year, prompting skepticism

Senator Ed Markey says Senate GOP will reject House health care bill

Sick of talking about it.

The opioid maker’s sales executive who was addicted to the drug he promoted

What delicious irony! One might say he Subsysted to temptation.

Another Dell-EMC marriage: This time, of corporate investment arms

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

Buffett faults United, but sticks with airlines investments

Bird$ gotta fly....

Investors again nudge up stock indexes to record highs

Target tests a restocking program for household essentials

Time for me to take stock of this relationship.