Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday's Indifference

And a late start because of it:

House passes repeal of health care overhaul

That comes after I was led to believe it wasn't going to happen. So much for the new Democratic power exercised on the spending bill. No doubt it will narrowly get through the Senate (it's needed for the tax cuts!). The Globe is already sounding the alarm regarding the state budget and I'm sure my care is at risk (I've done my part to keep costs down; I haven't accessed the system in years). Everybody knows what the problem is, but they can't $ay it by name or choose to ignore their part in it

Gee, I sure am glad they rushed through the pay raise before sitting on their hands in this time of cri$i$.

New details on Aaron Hernandez’s death released in police report 

He is back above the fold again, but as we have seen at Fenway you cannot question what is in the Globe or what comes from authority in Massachusetts. That seems to be the attitude the paper has take. They have anointed themselves the arbiters of ultimate truth. If their reporting is to be believed, it's looking more and more like Hernandez was murdered then. What was it, a gang thing and the state wouldn't look good if they admitted a "lapse" in security. I mean, the story is big, big news to the Globe. See my title for my feeling regarding their unusual focus and damn near obsession with it. Didn't the families ask the leaks to stop?

You want to go bowling (the guy cheats, but you can sue)? 

I see that the web water fountain is broken this morning.

Too much contamination flows from tap water, study finds

We are all little Flints, aren't we? Explains a lot regarding the behavior and health of the population, that's for sure.

House overwhelmingly backs new sanctions against North Korea

War is a biparti$an i$$ue.

Globe has finally caught up to the blogs regarding the rumor surrounding the USSC. He will be part of history then -- but at what price?

It's a limited World view today. You won't be able to see the troops returning to occupy Iraq (then Trump has totally turned or is totally indifferent. Criticism of the war and the wall on the border were his two base arguments) as the showdown over Mosul gears up (it's been going on 8 months already, but I'm not letting that spoil the war propaganda narrative).

Abbas says talks with Trump positive, if short on specifics

Well, we can all see for ourselves (or not??) who is calling the shots. There isn't going to be any peace deal.

So who doesn't want peace in Colombia?

Looks like the Saudis made a gesture before Trump's visit. At least there won't be any protests, and maybe he can bring the two sides together. He did it for these kids.

As for the French election, why has no one brought up his wife? I don't know what the age of consent is in France, but.... 

Russia, Iran, and Turkey agree to create 4 safe zones in Syria

The carving up of Syria to create a Kurdistan has begun!

After decades as fugitive, Afghan warlord returns with appeal for peace

Did you see who helped him all these years?

This is getting old, readers. So other than the fentanyl and elephant tranquilizers, what else is in that poison and how is it getting here?

So is the constant hypocrisy coming from some quarters, especially when some small fry was tapped for the SBA. Not waving that around, are they?

Then there is the car crash at the auto show. They are telling us it was a case of an elderly driver. It's going to lead to even greater "security measures" and that is the price you pay. Good thing the terrorists were planning a strike at a school instead.

It's raining today so the sirens should stay quiet. Beyond that, my interest in anything being offered is going down fast. It's nowhere near 2020 and yet they are already floating a few names (some are dead on arrival).

As for the bu$ine$$ section, the bank is clearly no longer for you and me. It's more wealth services, less check-cashing. Can't make enough profit on you needing your money, I gue$$. Getting phat at your expense. Do they have a pill for that

I have to hang up now or I'll be late for my flight (what did I step in?).

Have a good weekend, readers.