Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boston Globe SMeara

No need to Prout about it:

"Children’s doctor says name misused in Globe ad on Prouty Garden" by Travis Andersen Globe Staff  January 06, 2016

A prominent plastic surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital said Tuesday that advocates for preserving a garden at the hospital misused his name in a full-page advertisement for their cause that ran in the Globe.

Dr. John G. Meara, the hospital’s chief plastic surgeon, said that he did not sign a petition to save the Prouty Garden or consent to have his name used in the advertisement that appeared in the paper Tuesday.

“I would have liked to have seen [advocates] vet those names a little more carefully,” Meara said in an interview Tuesday night. “I felt like it was unfair for my name to be used.”

The ad was submitted by the Friends of the Prouty Garden, which launched a website,, to voice their support for the garden, which is slated to be demolished to accommodate the hospital’s planned expansion of treatment facilities for patients....


UPDATERenowned pediatrician lends voice to Prouty Garden fight