Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Forrest Gump Forgot

So did the Globe:

"A Rhode Island police department is reviewing its policy on using Facebook after a complaint about a quote from the movie Forrest Gump that was included in announcing an arrest. Warwick police arrested an 18-year-old and a juvenile Sunday on the department’s parking lot on misdemeanor charges that the two were taking hubcaps off a marked police car and trying to steal equipment. WJAR-TV reports that police posted a mugshot of the older teen on the department’s Facebook page with the quote, ‘‘Stupid is as stupid does.’’ 

There is more to the story, but the print got cut off.

"Natick police cook up plan to scare off turkey" by Steve Annear Globe Staff  January 08, 2016

Police in Natick have come up with an innovative idea to scare off a pesky wild turkey that’s been hanging out around the department’s parking lot. They’re threatening to equip their cruisers with “gravy air fresheners.”

In a video posted to the department’s Facebook page Thursday, a turkey is seen chasing after and pecking at a police vehicle as it tries to leave the station. 

Maybe the turkey is aware of the record-number of killings by police. 

Police said the turkey first appeared at the station right after Thanksgiving, but has been documented by residents in other locations around Natick.

Then it's a fugitive, isn't it?

In the video, as the officer behind the wheel slowly creeps out of a parking space, turning the vehicle carefully to avoid hitting the bird, the turkey keeps pace, running up alongside the vehicle’s back tire and gobbling.

“Poultry in Pursuit,” police wrote on Facebook. “Our Downtown Dinde has taken a fascination with looking at himself in our hubcaps. Each cruiser is being equipped with a gravy air freshener to help keep him away.”

Dinde is a French term for turkey.

Though gravy air fresheners do not actually exist, police could potentially look for advice from the Cape Cod mailman who “every day” encounters a flock of feathered enemies on his route, and purchase a stick to swat the bird away.

When you come to think about it, protesters are viewed as turkeys in the eyes of authority.

Beating or killing always seems to be their answer for damn near anything.


What a howl, huh? 

Did Gump mention that papers pretty much pimp for the poelice?