Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling Flinty Friday

All started last Saturday actually.... 

I hope this will spark some readership:

"State officials not only ignored complaints about the smell, taste and color of the water, but also lied about the poisoning and tried to conceal evidence."

That sure got me fired up. 

Looks like a conspiracy to cover up regarding the public and its alleged $ervants. Good thing we know such things could never happen here.

Now for the fallacy that they care about you or your children:

"Michigan attorney general to investigate Flint crisis" by Richard Perez-Pena, New York Times  |  January 16, 2016

The Michigan attorney general opened an investigation Friday into the lead contamination of Flint's drinking water, hours after the governor asked President Barack Obama to declare the problem a federal emergency, opening the way for more assistance from Washington.


In a statement, the attorney general, Bill Schuette, said Friday that the investigation would determine "what, if any, Michigan laws were violated in the process that resulted in the contamination crisis" forcing Flint's 100,000 residents to rely on bottled water for drinking, cooking and bathing. The state has said it has identified 43 people suffering from elevated levels of lead, which poisons the nervous system and stunts brain development in children.

The crisis is already under investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency and federal prosecutors.

Schuette did not specify which people or agencies might be the subjects of the investigation. But the recent report from a task force appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder blamed the state Department of Environmental Quality, saying that the officials there had taken a lax approach to enforcement and that they responded to concerns about Flint's water with "aggressive dismissal, belittlement and attempts to discredit these efforts and the individuals involved."

Findings by researchers at Virginia Tech who looked into the lead poisoning were even more damning. They reported that state officials not only ignored complaints about the smell, taste and color of the water, but also lied about the poisoning and tried to conceal evidence.

Calling the situation a "human tragedy," Schuette said in a statement that his investigation would begin immediately. "While everyone acknowledges that mistakes were made," he said, "my duty as attorney general requires that I conduct this investigation." 

Umm, actually, no. It was a planned thing, and they tried to hide it -- showing evidence of guilt.

Of course, this is the same sort of self-serving swill we see from all levels of authority in AmeriKa these days.

Schuette, a Republican, is considered a likely a candidate for governor. Snyder, also a Republican, cannot run again because of term limits.

In a cost-cutting move, Flint, a financially troubled, low-income city, switched in early 2014 from taking Lake Huron water from Detroit's system, to drawing water from the Flint River.

Some bank or bond holder must have demanded their debt-interest payment.

The river water is more corrosive, causing lead to leach from pipes. The city switched back to using Detroit water last fall, months after state health officials had documented a spike in lead poisoning among Flint's children, but it is unclear how long the leaching will continue.

That was where my print copy ended.

The decision to switch was made while the city was under the control of an emergency manager appointed by Snyder; the city was in state receivership from 2011 until last year. And there have been reports that the city failed in its own lead-testing duties. It was not clear whether Schuette's investigation would include officials involved in those actions.

The Department of Environmental Quality has acknowledged that it should have required that anti-corrosion chemicals be added to the water, but did not. After the task force's report was released in late December, Snyder apologized for the state's handling of the matter, and Dan Wyatt, director of that department, resigned. 

I want to know when some people are going to be thrown in jail. 

Does Michigan have capital punishment?

But critics have continued to charge that the governor has been too slow to take the problem seriously, to take state action and to request federal help. He declared a state of emergency on Jan. 5, months after the lead poisoning was documented, and it was not until this week that he activated the National Guard to help distribute bottled water, water filters and testing kits in Flint, and asked for help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

Makes the state look good.

You know, the same state that decided to poison your kids to save a few bucks!

Late Thursday, he made the request for a federal emergency declaration, which would make residents and local government eligible for grants and loans for financial losses and repairs to the water system. 

Yeah, the federal government $olves all problems.


For some reason the Globe spit that story out and Times changed glasses

Maybe the EPA can help:

"EPA regional chief resigns in connection with Flint crisis" by John Flesher Associated Press  January 22, 2016

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — A regional director of the US Environmental Protection Agency resigned Thursday in connection with the drinking water crisis in Flint, Mich., and EPA chief Gina McCarthy issued an emergency order directing state and city officials to take actions to protect public health.

Tell that to the people downriver from the Colorado mine. 

They send out some sacrificial lamb and they think that will sate us?

EPA said in a statement that Susan Hedman, head of the agency’s regional office in Chicago whose jurisdiction includes Michigan, was stepping down Feb. 1 so it could focus ‘‘solely on the restoration of Flint’s drinking water.’’

High levels of lead have been detected in the impoverished city’s water since officials switched from the Detroit municipal system and began drawing from the Flint River as a cost-saving measure in April 2014. Some children’s blood has tested positive for lead, a potent neurotoxin linked to learning disabilities, lower IQ, and behavioral problems.

I'm sure the government and pre$$ can explain all that away like so many other mysteries. Could be anything and everything except a vaccine. Maybe they can make one for this.

While much of the blame has been directed at Governor Rick Snyder and state officials, particularly the Department of Environmental Quality, some have faulted the EPA for not acting more forcefully.

In the statement, the EPA said McCarthy had sent a memo to all staff members establishing a policy assessing and responding to ‘‘critical public health issues.’’

The agency also released a letter from McCarthy to Snyder outlining terms of her order.

Also Thursday, President Obama promised more money for Michigan’s water systems.

RelatedObama declares state of emergency in Flint, Mich., water crisis

“Our children should not have to be worried about the water that they’re drinking in American cities,” said Obama, who met this week with Flint’s mayor, Karen Weaver. He said his administration would immediately give the state of Michigan access to $80 million in federal water infrastructure funding approved for the state last month as part of a 2016 spending bill.

It's a miracle (almo$t).

Must have dropped off the check after the auto show.

The money is intended to allow states to make loans to municipalities for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure construction projects.


So what did you learn, kids? 

My fire has gone out now.