Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Globe Missing

I think the driver quit:

"Newspaper reporters’ll literally deliver the paper themselves if need be."

Moving on from the greatest job ever after 16 years? 

The fun wear off did it?

"The tragedy of modern parenting: It’s a lot harder now to impose culture by force. Parents today are wimps."

It must have been the masss-murdering wars of destruction that had me fooled.

Who remembers things when they were four? 

I mean, I'm willing to call a truce, but that just doesn't add up.

"It’s easy to jump off from here into a sob song of betrayal, to see the entire political apparatus as the work of dirty scoundrels. But sometimes, small falsehoods are used in service to a greater good. The movie “Lincoln” shows the not-entirely-honest-in-the-moment machinations of a man trying to end slavery and reunite a nation, and makes the point that sometimes lies and obfuscations are necessary for getting useful things done." 

Now it does.

RelatedWhich hospitals pay the highest starting wages?

Staffed with.... you gue$$ed it.... "undocumented" workers.

At least it's better work than other things you could get.

UPDATE: From domestic servitude to doctoral candidate

I $tand corrected.