Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Globe Delivered

Nothing special about that.... or maybe there is.

"He is the picture of the perfect delivery man, the stalwart that thousands of subscribers were suddenly crying out for when their Globes stopped arriving last week. He knows the routes, he knows the streets, and he puts the paper right where it should be, with an efficiency that seems downright mechanical."

And the Globe fired him for it to save a few bucks. 

It was at that point I decided my notes regarding today's Globe articles were no longer needed. I'm not going to read this pos today.

And not that it matters, but the problems also extended beyond last week. Globe can't even get that right.


For Auld Lang Syne
I'm Needed More Than Ever
Tuesday Globe Delivered on Time
No Wednesday Delivery
No Delivery Problem This Thursday

Looks like the Globe cares more about cheap labor than the driver they rode along with, despite the front page coverage.

Then again, what do I know?

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Same drill as last week.

Disqualified after concussions, college football players recruited back onto the field

Just be thankful it's not a foot.

I need to remember to watch the football games today to see how my players do, as taxing as that is.

No winners for record Powerball drawing

I think they are all rigged (how can you forget something you never saw?), and it's the same old you know of an agenda-pushing narrative and distraction from the ma$$ media. 

I didn't even buy a ticket yet. Maybe next time. I'll get them rather than a Globe this week.

Walsh reverses course, to back lobbying rules

The printed front page tells us it will open a "new window on the influence trade."

Shifting city skyline means more congestion on the horizon

Did you (hint: rhymes with) see who (hint: rhymes with) was complaining they couldn't see. 

It's odd how things flow since I can't see myself reading any of those today. 

I gue$$ they have no influence.


I really don't care what Cullen has to say today, and something really stinks when it comes to Germany. Must be the Cologne. Muslim men who have migrated are running around in mobs attacking women, huh (aside from the concerns of terrorists in their midst, and how odd after Germany has more or less avoided the false flag fictions or whatever Gladio psyops are being shoveled at us)? That what my Jewi$h War Pre$$ is telling us?

What's interesting (and what may well be a Freudian slip) is the most dangerous book in the world still needs debunking after more than 75 years of tremendous propaganda and control of the historical narrative.

briefly scanned the items regarding Italy, Israel, and Egypt before extraditing (they asked him to leave) the "peace talk" -- in a war paper! -- found on page A3 (flip).

In addition to all the other migrants, here come the Cubans! At least the Afghan special forces are in good shape despite all the battlefield losses and U.S. delays in withdrawing. 

You know what is sad? 

The horrible slop passing as journalism from AmeriKa's finest new$papers was better even five years ago. As their industry imploded they threw themselves in with -- forgive the historical analogy, but it's true -- with the likes of Hitler and imperial Japan.

I couldn't care less what the Pontiff has to say anymore as the Globe takes us on a stroll through Mozambique's national wildlife refuge where the animals are making a startling comeback. It's another Chernobyl!

As I ended the World section on such a happy note I couldn't help but notice there was nothing about North Korea there. Odd given the events of the last week; I suppose the Globe doesn't want to trouble elite minds (although I did notice a strange notice coming from Russia of all places).

Then it is on to Iowa and the Republican debate (did you see who the winners will be?) before skipping over to Flint for a glass of water. 

Nice to know government will let your kids be poisoned to save a few bucks, 'eh? At least Snyder is fixing the schools and Detroit is back, baby!

Then it is back to Bo$ton and the shooting of police (I'm gun-shy now, sorry). The judge overthrew Hernandez. Tuft break (see who is most generous?).

Then it is more threats against Trump -- here in Massachusetts! 

The graffiti, scrawled in red and orange paint across the wall and windows of the campaign headquarters on King Street.

What's up with that anyway? 

An inverted 9/11? Interesting.

"Trump is a wild card. With his recent comments about "who funds ISIS" and his knowledge of and public statements that vaccines cause autism, he is an unpredictable wild card and it is impossible to know what is going on in his head and what the outcome of his becoming President would be.

KEY: I think Trump is honest. Wanna know why? Because he at least had the guts to half finger Israel for funding ISIS. HEADS UP: Trump is honest AND PARTIALLY AWARE "partially aware" is not a good thing for the global elite scammers, because "partially aware" has a really steep slippery slope to TOTAL AWARENESS. And what would happen if Trump was president, was honest, and became TOTALLY aware? Here is what I think:

Practically all the drug company executives and bio science experts would be arrested and slammed into prison for life for the tainted vaccines (and they should be). America would suddenly flip and blow ISIS off the map, rather than fund it. Common core education would be vaporized instantly. And I think Trump is already up to that level of knowledge, you don't have to be totally aware to know these things would be the right things to do and I think even if Trump did not take it to the "prison level" it would all at least definitely be stopped. And "they" are watching him, twitching and nervous . . . . .

I have a wish, a prayer: For Trump to be HONEST, at least partially aware, and then somehow, miraculously, overcome the "Diebold" vote rigging apparatus. Kicking behinds would follow, provided he did not get shot. If Trump was fully honest, fully aware, and had ethics, he could blow the entire NWO scam to smithereens with ONE state of the union address, resistance in Congress be damned. He could wipe out the vaccine scam without even producing legislation to punish the drug companies simply by stating what they are doing to the children via a national broadcast. He could easily trip a much needed rebellion with only a few words, and there is no hope of this happening elsewhere, Trump is the FIRST major figure to finger Israel for anything, let alone funding ISIS. In more than one way he is a step beyond Ron Paul, Let's all hope . . . . . and if he does get elected that it is not just an illusion." -- source

Yeah, this post is just about history. The train is about to leave the station and I have to be on it (I suppose I could call a cab -- or whatever).

I know it's none of my business, but it looks like lawyers might be sicker than we thought.

Just my opinion, dear readers, but Clinton has already been crowned and one thing (oddly missing until now) leads to another

Just an idea, and that is the place where I will leave it.

Good thing my friend likes the nation's best $ports section or I would have pa$$ed by and not delivered this Globe at all.

Steps Retraced:

Gun jam may have saved Boston officer’s life

East Boston killing is Boston’s first homicide of 2016

Shooting suspect says police wanted to ‘assassinate’ him

Germany to ease deportation rules after Cologne attacks

Germany holds first suspect in Cologne sex assaults