Sunday, January 17, 2016

No Sunday Globe Delivery Today

I would just like you to know why:

"Imagining America with no immigrants" by Marcela García   January 17, 2016

Let’s, for a moment, take Donald Trump at his word and say that it is possible to peacefully and swiftly remove some 11 million people from America’s cities and towns. Let’s concede it would be possible to stand up and fund a deportation force to achieve this end, and that it is also possible to keep families together by removing them entirely. And once on the other side of a huge wall, the deported would watch from a distance as America became great again.

What then? What would be the immediate and long-term consequences for US society? For the American economy? For everyone left behind?

Below are a few likely scenarios in a day-to-day life free of “illegals.” 

In quotes yet. 

So what euphemism would the agenda-pu$hing pre$$ like us to use?

■ Restaurants would be shuttered. In fact, approximately one in five eateries would not be able to get food out of their kitchens. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, one-fifth of the nation’s chefs, head cooks, and cooks are undocumented. And nearly a third of the dishwashers are also undocumented. “They’d be up the creek,” chef and author Anthony Bourdain said of restaurant owners in a recent interview. “It is really, really getting hard to find people to do the jobs.”

Well, that's nice to know. Entry level jobs for kids are taken away by the "undocumented." 

So how many of those "undocumented" workers go on to second and third jobs anyway? 

So how many were working at Chipotle

I mean we have been told there is a crisis in youth employment and the same people who have brought such things about are diligently fixing the problem.

■ Fruit and vegetable shortages. Imagine panic in the aisles of Whole Foods without the men and women who harvest California’s fields and vineyards. Growers simply can’t find enough documented citizens willing and able to do the work.

I thought Cesar Chavez fixed all that.

■ A construction slowdown, particularly in home building. Immigrants are playing a growing — and very specialized — role in the US building business. Undocumented workers hold 34 percent of all jobs in drywall installation, 27 percent in roofing, and 24 percent in painting. Tens of thousands of homes would be stranded mid-construction. “Affordable housing” would acquire a completely new meaning.

Have you taken a look around Bo$ton lately (now I see why they need all the immigrants. Bottom 20 percent of incomes actually fell)? There is an affordable housing crisis alongside the booming luxury market. So-called "middle class" is being driven out. I read about it all the time in the Bo$ton Globe's bu$ine$$ pages (along with the handfuls of public relation releases regarding the elite ruling cla$$ of this state and what a great job they are all doing).

Oh, yeah, CONSTRUCTION must be another one of those jobs Americans don't want. 

After a while, that excuse wears so thin it covers nothing.

■ Lawns gone to seed. In Boston, lawn crews are often composed of Central American immigrants. Take them away, and homeowners in the suburbs would face a bidding war for landscaping work. (And let’s not forget Donald Trump’s coveted fairways.)

Yes, "illegal immigrants, who mow the lawns, trim the hedges, clean the swimming pools, park the cars, serve the hors d'oeuvres, tidy up the mansions, and do many of the other things that make life so enjoyable for the rich." 

Are you beginning to see for whom this paper is being written?  

I suppose it makes sense; that's the only audience they have left.

Of course, Americans would never want to work in landscaping(!!).

■ The end of newspaper delivery. As we at the Globe learned the hard way, individuals making not much more than minimum wage work as contractors delivering daily papers. This arrangement isn’t limited to the Globe, and many deliverers are undocumented.

Yeah, poor Globe again, but at least they admit they are breaking the law (or that they know their contractor is breaking the law). 

It's up to someone else to investigate, but....

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My question has just been answered.

Must explain why you got the paper on Friday but why there was a problem on Saturday.

So you guys get called in again last night? 

Has the "fun" worn off yet? 

It makes all their alleged corporate liberalism regarding unions and minimum wage seem rather hollow, doesn't it? 

They don't practice what they preach!

Bigger picture, removing undocumented workers could suck some $250 billion out of the economy annually, according to a 2012 Cato Institute study. Ten percent of Nevada’s workforce population would evaporate. Nearly 3 million people in California’s workforce alone would migrate away, leaving a stunning economic void.

Like the decades-low total of U.S. adults in the work force? 

And what does this really say about "free enterpri$e" and the allegedly greatest economic $y$tem ever invented -- other than it's entire construct is to benefit already wealthy owners?

How much was sucked out when all the factory jobs went overseas?

UCLA professor Raúl Hinojosa Ojeda, an economist and political scientist, estimated the US gross domestic product would lose $2.6 trillion over 10 years. “The incredible irony of this situation is that the typical Trump voter — older, less educated, white male — is the one who benefits the most from undocumented immigrants. Remember, they don’t compete for the same jobs,” says Hinojosa. “These irregular status workers provide direct goods and services that are making the lives of older, white males more affordable. . . . Not to mention that undocumented workers are paying into the Social Security system that will sustain this old, white, aging population.”

Look at the Globe peddling stereotypes as well as outright lies

It's not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last

Btw, all that Social Security money has been stolen and replaced with worthless IOUs from this bankrupt government. 

At least the illegals will help keep that Ponzi scheme going for a few more years. 

And how much is the U.S. economy losing with all the remittances home?

And there would be a political void as well. When the economy fell apart, who would be left to blame? 

The economy already is falling apart, haven't you seen

And I'm not blaming illegals, either. 

They are simply pawns (like the $cum politicians) of larger forces at work, and that trail ends on Wall Street with private central bankers and other corporate offices.


Imagine a world with no Globe.

Unlike last Sunday, I won't be giving you a run-down of the still unread articles. I'd rather be playing basketball than blogging on Sunday mornings, so that's that. Sorry. 

It's a shame, too. Globe actually looked worth digging into today. 

Maybe I'll be back later.