Friday, January 29, 2016

Feeling Zika Friday

I stopped reading the Globe after 3 pages so there must be something wrong with me.

See: Feeling Zika

And now they are taking away fantasy sports games in Hawaii. 

Can things get any worse?

Globe gave me an aspirin and then left me to sleep.

"The world needs a Zika vaccine. Getting one will take years" by Helen Branswell, January 29, 2016

When public health officials briefed President Barack Obama about the alarming and rapidly evolving Zika virus situation this week, the message that emerged from Washington was clear: The world needs a vaccine.

Somehow, didn't we all know this?

The same message has emerged from the World Health Organization, but public health experts warn that a vaccine for Zika — which is believed to have caused a surge in cases of babies born with abnormally small brains in Brazil — will be challenging. 

Is this an unintended consequence of infected mosquitoes? Intentional mutation? Designed plan? 

Whatever it is, it must be horrifying for parents.

As Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, said: “We’re going to be living for quite a few years in a Zika, vaccine-free world.”

The challenge is reminiscent of the fight against Ebola....

Which, depending on which school of thought you believe, means one of three things:

1. Ebola is as reported (unlikely in any event; one only needs to see the photographs in many instances)

2. U.S. biological labs in the region released a pathogen (I view that as a limited hangout; however, it may well be true. I'm not omniscient and infallible; I'm a guy at the bottom of a hill telling you how I see the world)

3. Another staged and scripted fake in furtherance of the war agenda and other interests (gave U.S. military reason to get itself further involved in the region to counter China while allowing for the implementation of martial law under the cover of quarantine. Who is going to argue with a hazmat suit?)

Either way, the end re$ult is the creation of conditions so that billions will now be poured into pharmaceuticals -- reminiscent, if you will, of the $wine flu $care, remember?


Cui bono?


"Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday unveiled a series of family-friendly proposals for the military that would increase parental leave, child care and health care coverage to bolster efforts to recruit and retain high-quality service members. Carter told a Pentagon news conference he also intends to expand health care coverage to include more benefits for women trying to get pregnant. The changes, which will cost an estimated cost of $385 million over the next five years, are part of Carter’s ongoing effort to modernize the military and make it more attractive to job seekers

Yeah, why don't you make it a CAREER!

The Forever Wars are never going to end anyway (the United States is rebuilding almost all of its bases in Iraq?) because we can never leave, and there are new ones to rewage, too!! 

Pregnancy is a key issue for military women. The maternity leave issue is complicated and the health care coverage proposal is complex, but the expansion of family leave benefits is the second phase in a broader campaign by Carter to modernize the military and help troops better balance their family commitments with their desire to serve their country. 

How about not sending them into these wars based on lies in the first place, Ash??

Many of the changes are an effort to align the Pentagon with the corporate world, strengthen ties with high-tech companies and bring the best from that field into the Defense Department." 

Still an a-hole, just like in Davos

Yeah, once again, the changes are not for you even though they are being presented that way by the mouthpiece media.

Also see:

"Massachusetts is home to thousands of immigrants from some of the 24 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean where Zika is circulating, and they frequently travel back and forth. Dr. Anita Barry, director of the Boston Public Health Commission’s Infectious Disease Bureau, said “I definitely think we will see more cases.”


Illness that diverted London-L.A. flight still a mystery 

I don't know which is worse, the viruses or terror.

Well, it looks like it is time for me to pull into port and dock for the day. 

Not because I don't feel well. I have personal things to take care of today, and the only health issues are in my lower arms (mouse elbow combined with carpel-tunnel tendonitis and early arthritis is all). That is why I only blog for a few hours a day, four hours maximum. Any longer and I'm in serious pain for the rest of the day and evening. 


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The last one is not even worth reading since the whole story is an elaborate cover for some patch or shot they gave these women, and I'm sick of sh** pre$$.

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