Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Homeless Shelter Slaying in Pennsylvania

"A man who had been evicted from a Philadelphia homeless shelter for being intoxicated fatally shot one employee and wounded another after returning for his belongings Sunday morning, authorities said."

Also seePolice seek homeless suspect in slaying of shelter manager

Still hunting for him, and I suppose that is an advantage homeless. No address to go to or stake out. 


"It was the second fatal attack at a Seattle homeless camp within the past six months. In August, a homeless woman was beaten to death under a bridge. Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Director Dow Constantine declared a state of emergency regarding homelessness in November, pledging more than $7 million to address the crisis. Murray said the encampment ‘‘has been unmanageable and out of control for almost two decades.’’

At least Boeing has been taken care of.

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3 teens arrested in deadly shooting at Seattle homeless camp

The Jan. 26 killings stemmed from a low-level drug-dealing dispute, and....

"The oldest two of three homeless teen brothers suspected in a deadly, drug-related mass shooting at a Seattle homeless camp last week have been charged as adults. The teens had been living in tents nearby and told one police informant that they went into the encampment on Jan. 26 to collect a $500 drug debt owed to their mother. ‘‘They were wards of the state, but they had run from every placement DSHS had arranged for them,’’King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said Thursday, adding the teens ‘‘moved with ease’’ in the marginalized environment of the homeless camp. Satterberg said the shooting should prompt a hard discussion about homelessness in Seattle — and the closure of the camp, which has been around for decades. Last year, the City Council authorized three city-sanctioned homeless encampments, known as ‘‘tent cities,’’ to provide a safer place for people without shelter. Some residents have complained of increased human waste, trash and criminal activity at the encampments and worry about crime and other problems."