Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pennsylvania’s Sugar Kane

They cut her down at the stalk:

"Pennsylvania attorney general’s trial follows feuds, leak" Associated Press  August 08, 2016

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Jury selection began Monday for the perjury trial of outgoing state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, whose four-year term has been rocked by petty feuds, political intrigue, and a pornographic e-mail scandal.

Kane, 49, a Democrat, is charged with leaking secret grand jury information to a Philadelphia reporter to embarrass enemies and then lying about it under oath.

Kane, the first woman elected to the post, denies wrongdoing and says she is a victim of a ‘‘good old boys’’ network in state politics.

Once a rising star in the state Democratic party, Kane has instead seen her first term marred by scandal and a dizzying rate of turnover among her top aides.

Kane nonetheless appeared confident seated at the defense table Monday beside a five-person legal team.

The list of witnesses and trial topics read to the jury pool includes a state Supreme Court justice who stepped down over the pornographic e-mail scandal; the NAACP official at the center of the long-dormant inquiry leaked to the press; and the special prosecutor whose investigation of the leak led to Kane.

In addition to the felony perjury charges, she is charged with several misdemeanors, including obstruction, official oppression and conspiracy.

More than 100 potential jurors were being questioned Monday at the Montgomery County Courthouse in suburban Philadelphia.

Kane remains on the job even though she lost her law license after her arrest. Kane did not run for reelection.


See: A Good Kaneing 

After that you can see what is going on. 

She stumbled upon the massive pedophile sex ring that serves the entire ruling and elite class of Pennsylvania. It leads through the upper echelons of power and university. Being the decent human being and committed public servant that she was, she thought she would do the right thing and expose it. That may have been naive.

What it looks like from back here is she was then framed in some sort of way and the tables turned on her. Common and standard tactic of power when they have something to hide. It's always the sensationalist, one-off case of abuse the paper plays up while playing down the systemic peccadilloes of the elite and ruling class.  

After all, if you knew they were perverts as well as looting and lying war criminal scum it would really ruin the show.  

Trial took about a week, and it was an open and shut case as far as the Globe was concerned:

"Pa. attorney general guilty of perjury" Associated Press  August 15, 2016

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — The state’s attorney general was convicted Monday of all nine counts against her in a perjury and obstruction case related to a grand jury leak.

Ever hear of a kangaroo court?

Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a Democrat and the first woman elected to the office, showed little emotion as jurors announced their verdict late Monday. The jurors agreed Kane leaked information about a 2009 grand jury probe to embarrass a rival prosecutor.

Kane did not testify or call any defense witnesses after three days of prosecution evidence. The jury began deliberations Monday afternoon.

After the conviction, the judge overseeing the trial said she would jail Kane if she saw any sign of witness retaliation and ordered Kane to surrender her passport. She criticized Kane for leaving her office in chaos to go to Haiti for a week with her sister and other office employees, saying Kane left no one ‘‘watching the store.’’

What was she doing down there, investigating where some of the kids are procured? 

That's the great secret that was outed years ago. All these adoption agencies and elite good will are often cover for more nefarious purposes. U.N. peacekeepers running sex rings in Africa, etc, etc. Bill Clinton hops down there on Epstein's jet to stay at the hotel Haitian aid money built. 

And now this judge is coming down with a heavy hand as Kane stays quiet.

Kane, 50, remained on personal recognizance bail pending a sentence expected within 90 days. She is expected to appeal.

A lawyer for Kane, in closing arguments, had blamed her former top aides for the leak of grand jury material, which found its way to a newspaper. Kane wanted the public to know her predecessor had failed to prosecute a case involving an NAACP official, but she never authorized the leak, said her lawyer, Seth Farber.

Instead, he said, Kane’s chief deputy, Adrian King, abused his power when he sent the files to a reporter through Kane’s political consultant. King and the consultant, Josh Morrow, testified against Kane last week.


Do you think a blessing by the Pope would make things better?

I'll always have a sweet spot in my heart for her.


Judging by the hits, you found her bitter....

"Pennsylvania attorney general quits after perjury conviction" by Jess Bidgood New York Times  August 17, 2016

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Kathleen G. Kane, the Pennsylvania attorney general whose aggressive investigation of her predecessor unleashed a scandal that ended with her conviction this week on felony and conspiracy charges, said Tuesday that she is resigning.

“I have been honored to serve the people of Pennsylvania, and I wish them health and safety in all their days,” Kane said in a prepared statement. A spokesman said her resignation would be effective by the end of the day on Wednesday.

We need more of that kind of public servant.

On Monday, a jury found Kane, 50, guilty of nine criminal charges, including perjury and criminal conspiracy, convicting her of leaking grand jury information, and then lying about it in a bid to discredit a political rival.

News of her resignation was greeted with relief by the state’s top elected officials, many of whom had called for her to step down earlier in her protracted legal saga. 

Yeah, I'll bet it was!

“What has transpired with Attorney General Kane is unfortunate,” Governor Tom Wolf, a fellow Democrat, said in a statement released immediately after the resignation announcement. “Her decision to resign is the right one, and will allow the people of Pennsylvania to finally move on from this situation.”

He said with relief!

Kane was once a rising Democratic star, campaigning in 2012 with a promise to shake up the so-called old boys network in Harrisburg. She won more votes in Pennsylvania that year than President Obama.

But her career took a turn when she found herself entangled in a web of scandal, payback, and political rivalry that led to criminal charges last year. In February, she announced that she would not run for reelection this fall.

“She comes into office with these expectations and it all fell apart,” said G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. “It just goes on and on, the flood of problems. And many of them she brought on herself.” 

I'm sure some others would like to comment, and I suppose there is some truth to that. You don't investigate certain things that might put the political and ruling cla$$ in a bad light and destroy their ability to govern

Yeah, somehow she brought it all on herself.

Over a weeklong trial in a stately courtroom here, Kane was accused of concocting a scheme to get back at another prosecutor, Frank Fina, who she believed was behind an unfavorable news article about her office dropping an investigation into Democratic lawmakers in Philadelphia. Soon afterward, prosecutors said, Kane orchestrated the leak of secret grand jury information about a 2009 investigation into the finances of an NAACP leader that Fina chose not to pursue.

“This is war,” Kane wrote in an e-mail that was repeatedly referred to by prosecutors in court.

The first deputy attorney general, Bruce Castor, will fill the attorney general’s job for now — something he has essentially been doing already; Kane lost her license to practice law last fall.

Wolf can nominate a replacement, who would need to be confirmed by the state Senate, although he has not decided if he will do so.

In the November election, two Montgomery County residents — Josh Shapiro, a Democratic county commissioner, and state Sen. John Rafferty, a Republican — will face each other.

Each can keep war secrets, right?


Maybe there was a report on television?

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