Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Times They Are A Changin'

You could lose an hour if you live in Massachusetts:

"Should Mass. switch to Atlantic Standard Time?" by Jon Chesto Globe Staff  August 11, 2016

Tucked in the back of an economic development bill, behind all the earmarks and infrastructure funding, there’s a section establishing a commission to analyze putting the state on Atlantic Standard Time throughout the year, rather than springing forward every March and falling back every November.

The goal: to harness the benefits of more sunlight at the end of the day during the gloomy winter months.

The commission will be overseen by the House and Senate chairs of the Legislature’s economic development committee. The new panel needs to convene for the first time by Nov. 1 and report back to the Legislature by July 31, and it must focus on the impact of a potential time-zone shift on the regional economy, education, public health, transportation, and energy consumption.

The measure’s inclusion in the broader economic development bill came as a surprise to many who followed the bill’s progress — including the original author, Quincy public health advocate Tom Emswiler.

He came up with the concept after moving to this region from Virginia in 2011 and watched his end-of-day sunlight evaporate. He knew he was moving north, but he didn’t think about the ramifications of moving east, as well.

“I wasn’t prepared for it,” Emswiler said. “I just think it’s miserable when the sun sets at 4 o’clock. . . . On a cloudy day, it starts getting dark at 3:50-something.”

He eventually penned a column for The Boston Globe in 2014.... 

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