Saturday, August 20, 2016

Slow Saturday Special: Iron Veil of Germany

Tearing it down will take care of all your problems....

"Germany questions place of Islamic veils in its society" by Alison Smale New York Times  August 19, 2016

BERLIN — Europe’s battle over public attire for Muslim women moved on Friday from the outcry over banning “burkinis” in France to a strong call from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing conservative bloc for a ban in Germany on face veils in schools and universities and while driving.

The German proposal, announced by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, was driven by an intensifying political season and a surge in support for the far right since Germany accepted more than 1 million refugees last year. There has been mounting public anxiety over integrating the refugees, who are mostly from Muslim countries, particularly after a series of terrorist assaults last month.

The German plan arrives on the heels of a heated debate in France over the burkini — a full-body swimsuit with a head covering — since a handful of cities joined the mayor of the French Riviera town of Cannes in banning the garment from city beaches. Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France supported the move, calling the swimsuit a sign of the enslavement of women.

As opposed to their exploitation by the other side? 

And they called it freedom!

Merkel had sent a signal about the partial ban on face veils Thursday when she told a group of provincial newspapers that “from my standpoint, a fully veiled woman scarcely has a chance at full integration in Germany.”

De Maizière said the same day that “the burqa doesn’t fit with our country and does not correspond to our understanding of the role of women.”

So to what camp will they be deported?

De Maizière and Merkel stopped short of calling for an outright ban on the burqa, but the proposal put forward Friday tiptoes along a path the French traveled down with a 2010 law that barred any covering that hides the face.

You don't stop short with Islamic women; that's an insult onto death.

The German plan would ban full face veils in schools and colleges, and while driving, appearing before courts or at public registry offices, or when going through passport control.

They are the source of all your problems, and although I'm sure Germans have heard that before they are being fooled like the French.


How long until Europe is once again under Nazi boot

Same drill as last week when it comes to world news, so....

"Are France’s burkini bans sexist, or liberating?" by Angela Charlton Associated Press  August 18, 2016

PARIS — Male officials are dictating what women can wear on French beaches, and people across a wide swath of French society say that’s a good thing.

Decrees issued by several mayors this month ban the body-encompassing burkini swimsuit, which France’s secular political class says subjugates women and is incompatible with a country whose motto celebrates equality and freedom.


Making someone strip down is equated with equality and freedom? 

I suppose if there is no body cavity search, 'eh?

To many Muslim women, that is pure hypocrisy. They see the burkini bans themselves as sexist, not to mention racist and a reactionary backlash to terrorism fears.

And an attempt by authority divert attention from the myriad of problems, from massive forced migrations to militarism to the shredding of the social compact to serve international banking interests.

Even though it is worn by only a tiny minority, the burkini — a wetsuitlike garment that covers the torso, limbs, and head — has prompted a national discussion about Islam and women’s bodies. 

We used to call it making a mountain out of a molehill, but the breast augmentation offends Islamic sensibilities.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls says the swimsuit reflects a worldview based on ‘‘the enslavement of women.’’ In an interviewin the La Provence newspaper, he said the belief that women are ‘‘impure and that they should therefore be totally covered’’ is part of an ‘‘archaic vision.’’

Instead they will push impossible to reach body types on them so they can sell them beauty products in perpetuity. 


‘‘That is not compatible with the values of France,’’ Valls said.

What are the values of France anyway?

Much of the French political class, from the left to the far right, agrees, including the government’s proudly feminist women’s affairs minister.

‘‘The burkini is . . . a particular vision of the place of the woman,” Laurence Rossignol said on Europe-1 radio. “It cannot be considered only as a question of fashion or individual liberty.”

What if they want to wear it, for modesty's sake?

But Rim-Sarah Alouane, a religious freedom expert at the University of Toulouse, says the antiburkini brigade is relying on outdated ideas about Islam to stigmatize the religion.

I expect that in these times.

‘‘Women’s rights imply the right for a woman to cover up,’’ said Alouane, a Muslim who was born and raised in France. The burkini ‘‘was created by Western Muslim women who wanted to conciliate their faith and desire to dress modestly with recreational activities.

Local mayors cite multiple reasons for the bans, including the difficulty of rescuing bathers in copious clothing. But their main reason is security concerns after a season marred by deadly terrorist attacks. 

Ah, now we see the agenda in all its nakedness in a season where the authorities have been on emergency alert and yet the "attacks" have still gotten through.

Even if you take this at face value, were the terrorists to start bombing beaches it would be a sign of surrender. Even Hitler was corralled into a room.

Critics warn the bans could enflame religious tensions in a country already on edge.

Isn't that what it is meant to do, for the usual reasons?

‘‘It will accentuate tension within French society,’’ Leyla Dakhli, a French-Tunisian professor of Arab history, said. ‘‘We are teaching the French public to associate a woman in a burkini with the terrorist who assassinates.’’

Never mind the widows and orphans who survive the drone strikes.


That garment is stoking a national debate?

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Meanwhile, across the channel:

The Royal’s CEO says bank would move its headquarters out of an independent Scotland

Brexit may be delayed until late 2019

Is that what voters voted for?

RelatedKnifeman on Austrian train wounds 2; police arrest suspect

They were slaughtered like sheep and we are all Israelis now, 'eh?!

(Austria included because it's a former British colony and a key western ally down under that has its own migrant problem)


Did you see who is lifting the curtain on Germany?

"The London Underground, the world’s oldest subway system, opened a new chapter in its storied history on Friday night and Saturday morning: For the first time, trains on two lines kept operating all night on the late-night, weekend-only service, called the Night Tube...."

That's a lot longer of a ride than my print stop.