Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Siren

Has nothing to do with the Boston Globe, save for a few links, and started when I saw the New York Times stooping low and decided to go in another direction and work my way up this morning. 

"I wonder sometimes what I am doing, calling attention to all of those things that few want to hear about. I should be traveling with the circus I think, or operating as an usher in a revival tent. I'd like to preach the message of Jesus Christ but I see what it got him and I see what happens when you are not after the money. Seriously, I don't know what happened to Jesus Christ. I've heard a lot of theories and I don't trust the historical record. If all they have done is lie, regardless of whether it is William Shirer or Bertrand Russell... I'm trying to recall someone who did tell the truth. I'm guessing Martin Luther would qualify and Solzhenitsyn. You really have to use a trained discrimination to come to any objective awareness anymore. The truth is a troublesome conveyance....


I know that guy offends a lot of people, but he has always cheered up my soul no matter how down I have been regarding the world situation -- and he did it again!

Then I'm brought down again when I consider the psychopaths that I want nowhere near me and cringe in disgust at the thought.

Then there is this scenario, should it come to pass, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility. The electoral map looks right to me, and we are now seeing rumblings of such things

Then there is the truth about ISIS™. He's tracked 'em down everywhere, and all roads lead to Russia. I saw the Globe report and said later, but there may not be a later. The failed coup in Turkey has altered everything in the region, and this looks like a desperate gambit that could backfire to the ruination of us all. WTF is wrong with western leaders?

At this point, it occurs to me to give a tip-o-cap wherever you are as I begin working my way down the New Silk Road.

Beyoncé Cancels Israel Performances

Gee, Dershowitz isn't going to like that -- but Georgie Soros will!