Monday, August 15, 2016

Mobsters and Lobsters

"He left his life as a Mafia don decades ago, disappeared into the federal witness protection program, and was living quietly in Atlanta as Richard Parker, an unassuming octogenarian who loved to read and exercise, but a new charge for an old crime...."

Okay. I'm not defending mobsters or anything, but think this thing through a tad. The feds knew where he was. They made a deal for his testimony, and now they have double-crossed him. That's how this government operates, and they are as ruthless as the criminals from whom they profess to protect us. 

Furthermore, for them it's a public relations stunt and validation of their jobs, right? I mean, they knew where this guy was, the same way they were keeping tabs on Whitey. The FBI office was a half-mile away from where he was living. C'non. You would have to be blind not to see it, not to mention the pre$$ angle in obfuscation and cover-up for authority. The Globe even lets themselves be used in the Gardner art theft thing.. Not like we are going to get the full truth from them, whatever it is.

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I $uppo$e that could blind you.

Local lobsterman hauls in a rare blue lobster

I think I'll pass on that plate.

Jailhouse Secrets of the CIA 

At least they ate good:

"Developers seeking to upend conventional wisdom are pitching upscale restaurants at your doorstep as amenities for tenants. With promises of insider service, their goal is to transform a generic luxury building into an 18-hour high-rise neighborhood, one where you can channel your inner Norm Peterson of “Cheers” fame at the bar, or wander downstairs in a sweat shirt during a snowstorm. The restaurant-in-residence concept has been taking off at luxury projects throughout Boston as developers seek to raise the ante and lure tenants...."

You never need leave the house again. 

So what's for lunch?

NDU: Just how clean are Boston’s restaurants?

Not very according to my nibble.

UPDATE: OMG, I forgot to leave a tip.