Monday, August 1, 2016

And on the Eighth Day....

God created the Bo$ton Globe (the Bo$ton Globe)!

And thus a new day was Bourne (was the last of my notes and first thing I read; Ghost-bust-hers gone. I wonder how much tax loot that cost the citizens of the state).

That gets us over to the statehouse on the flip back to the front. The feature is Tim Kaine's biography, and it should be noted that he believes “it is especially important at this time to reaffirm our strong commitment to Israel’s inalienable right to exist.”

Without wanting to stir up too much trouble about it, it's lines on a map. Nothing inalienable about them. Not like the rights that are consistently violated by government at all levels, even if you can't see it in front of you.

Under the fold comes a high price for a room (let me see if I can find you something else) along with the empty trains at the T and an Olympic supplement.

The set-up of Trump continues, and what I noted in the piece was you had a guy -- no disrespect intended at all, and I'll get to vets in a second (pun intended for later) -- who was a foil at the DNC given a spot on "Meet the Pre$$." This is an organized smear campaign against Trump, and I'll explain why next. 

As far as the rest goes, the wife says she is a Gold Star mother -- and I wrote so is Cindy Sheehan in the paragraph underneath. Once again, war pre$$ very selective when waving women at you. 

The third thing I noticed amongst the criticism from Clinton was that the SAME PEOPLE who are criticizing him for his ill-manners, social clumsiness, and language, are the same ones responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions by now, of Muslims all across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, over lies, lies, and more lies peddled by the same people and pre$$ -- and here we are focused on how Trump interacted with one Muslim vet and his family that is a Democratic prop.

That's not and endorsement or support of anything Trump said or says, by the way. It's simply a step back and an acknowledgment of what is going on behind the ma$$ media $how.

Now, about those veterans (right next door, too):

"Care for America’s veterans is a top issue in the presidential campaign, with the nearly 21 million veterans in the United States making up a critical voting bloc that Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are vying for. The president leaves office in January, and he plans to use this appearance to recap how he has tried to help former military members, moving beyond headline-grabbing scandals over lengthy wait-times for veterans seeking medical care."

Just because he says it doesn't make it true, and this whole kerfuffle that is leading my national news is about rigging voting blocks to plausibly allow Hillary the presidency. 

Yeah, well, veterans don't forget. Were I a commander in chief, I'd call 'em all home and my first priority is their health. Until we solve that, no more wars, no more nothing!!

Working my way up the national briefs I find the Texas hot-air balloon crash, and not a word about what happened in Austin. Looks like someone leaked a drill for the obvious reasons. Globe jumped the gun a little, which is better than falling out of the balloon. Good thing there was water below.

On the World stage, there is solidarity in Europe as Iraqis attempt to take back Mosul, although suddenly the situation in Armenia has again flared up (that was before the coup but you could see the signs coming in hindsight). Must be the end times given what's happening in Japan, and it's all connected to Turkey and Syria (once again the world in one page). 

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is all but forgotten in print but that's not really saying anything anyway (and that is one of their pillars).

"How might her foreign policy differ from Obama’s? I’d say more at the margins than in the main. She’d seek to smooth relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia, whose leaders clashed with Obama over Jewish settlements and the Iran deal. She’d probably favor more proactive military deterrence of Russian and Chinese regional aggressions. She might pursue a much-discussed no-fly zone in Syria."

Thus she has all the Bush war hawks endorsing her. I'd say how ironic, but H.W. adopted Bill Clinton as the son he never had, remember?

It's going to be one hot rest of the summer in the city. Thankfully there is no school so you don't have to wake up early (except in New Hampshire). Some aren't waking up at all so prepare the eulogy.  I'm sure there will be a fine turn out for the funeral.

Then it's back to business. They are calling for blood when it comes to the rents. Even Airbnb is getting expensive, and no, you can't stay here (find someone to take you home).  

You know, if we can't talk things out it means war.

See: On the 8th Day....

of the eighth month, at the eighth hour, in the second of eight years.

What did God do on the 8th day

Then so will I.