Friday, November 20, 2015

Black Day on Penny Lane

I couldn't be Scherer:

"Beverly woman in critical condition after attack, husband held" by Peter Schworm and John R. Ellement Globe Staff  November 17, 2015

BEVERLY — They were married nine years and had two children together before separating a year ago in October. This past September, Axel Scherer and Edith Black-Scherer decided to delay their divorce and give it another chance.

But on Monday, Axel Scherer savagely attacked his wife in her home on Penny Lane, strangling her with the strings of her sweatshirt and leaving her for dead, authorities say. Scherer, 45, then walked into the police station in this North Shore city and confessed his crime.

Prosecutors did not disclose a potential motive for the attack. But in the couple’s divorce records, Black-Scherer said she believed that Scherer was mentally ill.

In one document filed in March, Scherer said he suffered from an “undiagnosed health condition” that had been treated with medication. He had since returned to work and been cleared for all activities.

In the divorce filing, Scherer said his wife took advantage of his hospital stay to withdraw more than $200,000 from their joint brokerage account, which she said was necessary because he was “not competent to manage his affairs.”

Scherer earned an income as a “highly successful day trader,” documents stated.

According to postings on her social media profile, Edith Black-Scherer uses the pen name Edie Black, [and] Black spent 15 years working in Boston as an educator and in university administration before deciding to follow “an old passion: writing.’’ She is working on a second book titled “The Cort Ship.’’

And now a book can be written about her.


UPDATEBeverly woman dies after alleged attack by husband