Saturday, November 28, 2015

DeShiro’s Shame

"Jimmy Fund cannister stolen from Norwood store" by Eric Moskowitz Globe Staff  November 27, 2015

DEDHAM — Like many people in the Boston area, David F. DeShiro Jr.’s family couldn’t believe someone would stoop so low as to steal a Jimmy Fund donation can from a Norwood convenience store — on Thanksgiving, no less.

Then his relatives took a closer look at the security-camera footage splashed across TV news and social media, showing a burly man with sunglasses propped atop his shaved head. “Oh my god! That’s my son,” DeShiro’s mother said, according to his sister. The family gave him an ultimatum: Turn yourself in, or we’re calling the police.

And so DeShiro, a 44-year-old registered nurse, walked into Norwood Police headquarters Friday morning and admitted he was the one who stole a can stuffed with $84 meant for the cancer charity, according to a police report.

He just made the naughty list, and he's not alone

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At an arraignment that afternoon in Dedham District Court, Judge James McGuinness ordered DeShiro held on $500 bail, acknowledging what Assistant District Attorney Allison Hynes called the theft’s “despicable nature.” DeShiro, who posted bail, was also ordered to stay away from AJay’s Market.

DeShiro kept his head down during the arraignment as a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Afterward, his sister and brother-in-law stood in the driveway of their Dedham home — where DeShiro has stayed for two years while going through what they called a “bad divorce” — and said they were mortified.

“Who does that?” his brother-in-law said, identifying himself as a Jimmy Fund donor while asking that the family members’ names not be used. “We’ll make it right. We’ll put the money back.”

DeShiro’s sister declined to elaborate on his troubles but said DeShiro has difficulty keeping jobs; she added that he has children old enough to be horrified by this news....