Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: The Joke is On Me

Well, I see they fixed the problem (someone forget to press a key before they left at noon Friday?), and I'll pick up where I lighted:

In wake of Paris attacks, should we refocus inventive energies?


Stocks march higher, ending their best week of 2015

How are you going to build belief with all the mixed messages, huh?

Starting at the top then:

“Every single state is a potential victim of corporate extortion of jobs. In a perfect world that someday may exist, taxpayers won’t get leveraged like that.”  

The joke there is that it is the trade deals promoted by the federal government that has created the conditions for corporate extortion, and that is the model (so that is what Ben Bernanke is doing these days) the wars are meant to bring to the rest of the world -- cloaked as bestowing "freedom and democracy" upon the recipients, of course. 

The punch line there is Boeing -- a big defen$e contractor -- is getting $8.7 billion in tax loot to keep jobs in state -- and then shipping them out by the thousands anyway.

The Romney write-in campaign is no joke, and I think what we will see happen there is Mitt will be drafted. The fractious convention will yield no uniter, and Romney will have avoided the nettlesome primary process. Any criticism raised by Clinton during the general will be seen as old news of a candidate already vetted, a clean candidate, if you will. 

The punch line in the poll is that it is Bush left out if Romney is included, thus exposing the Romney campaign as a front for the Bush crime family -- as the public now finds the war on terror and not the looting economic $y$tem generating increasing inequality (is that ever a $lip of the tongue admi$$ion as to for whom the paper is written) the main issue regarding the campaign. 

Of course, Fiorina, Christie, and Huckabee weren't in on the joke and the candidates will still get grilled and be Vitted (Vitter began the election cycle nearly two years ago as the clear favorite and dwarfed the competition in fund-raising. But he was hit with repeated attacks for a 2007 prostitution scandal in which he apologized for a ‘‘serious sin’’ after he was linked through phone records to Washington’s ‘‘D.C. Madam.’’ He had trouble uniting Republicans after a blistering primary competition in which Vitter trashed two GOP rivals and received heavy criticism for his scorched-earth political style. And his campaign was accused of ethical improprieties after allegations it secretly recorded political opponents) before they are allowed to take office.

"Jeb Bush slammed Donald Trump for increasingly harsh American political rhetoric after the terror attacks in Paris. “You talk about internment. That’s just wrong,” Bush said Friday morning on CNBC. “It’s manipulating people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength, that’s weakness. In fact, I find it abhorrent,” and would undoubtedly violate basic tenets of the US Constitution. 

What was it that his brother said (or didn't say?) about the Constitution, and what do you think Gitmo is, Jeb, a hotel?

The comments by some of today’s Republican Oval Office aspirants is a departure from the tone set by President George W. Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Bush repeatedly made clear that America was at war with terrorists and despots, not with Islam, a religion he called peaceful."

Yeah, George W. Bush never used angst and fear for political purposes, no sir. Just murdered millions over the lies he told to start wars.

Of course, thanks to Facebook, Google, and the rest, so there is ‘‘no need for Donald Trump or anyone else to start registering Muslims, it is it’s absolutely unnecessary for the U.S. government to build these lists, and the government likely already has a list of Muslims in the US,’’ so there is no reason for Jeb to call for more surveillance as he has, either.  

As for Trump:

"His standing in national polls has only solidified since recent militant attacks in Europe, particularly the Nov. 13 strikes on Paris that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds of others. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for those attacks. 

An unintended consequence of the false flag productions?

The upsurge in violence has put pressure on the candidates from outside government, primarily Trump and Ben Carson, who have little foreign policy or national security experience. Trump has pledged to be the toughest candidate toward people posing threats to the United States. On Sunday said he would back ways to track Muslims in the country and also bring back waterboarding on terrorism suspects." 

OMG, what an odious creature and want-to-be war criminal!

Now that I've brightened your mood with a few brief one-liners.... 

Powerful pill is called toxic fuel for fighters in Syrian war


What a laughable piece of pure propaganda (WaPo)! The ISIS terrorists are all on super speed and they never sleep! Yes, all these carefully coordinated attacks are being down by guys who are wired up on drugs -- and we all know what rationale, patient, brilliant decisions people like that make. Just look around at all the heroin addicts that commit silly crimes and get caught right away. 

Syria is being drawn into the drug war now because of ISIS, and most of the abuse of Captagon is in ally Saudi Arabia. When one combines that with the knowledge that ISIS was created and is funded and directed by western intelligence agencies and supplied with money and manpower by Saudi Arabia and Sunni oil sheikdoms, with Turkey being the conduit for weapons and supplies as well as the movement of mercenaries, this all becomes a laugh riot.

The punch line is the "hundreds of tanker trucks transporting oil from eastern Syria, some 30,000 barrels a day, along with one field in Iraq and it smuggles most abroad, mainly to Turkey" --meaning the U.S. and its allies were PROTECTING the ISIS OIL INDUSTRY until Russia got in there and started smashing it up!

Now about Europe:

Brussels on highest alert amid fears of terror attack

Meanwhile, "in France, normal life has gradually returned to the streets of Paris, even as the government of Belgium said sweeping security measures will be kept in place" and “the race is on between ISIS and Al Qaeda to see who can attack the West the best.”

OMG, it was a false flag crisis drill gone live! Life is returning to normal!

Related1,000 Police Search for Paris Terror Suspect »

Look normal to you?

Didn't they catch the terrorist?

"Heavily armed Islamic extremists seized dozens of hostages Friday at a Radisson hotel, but Malian troops, backed by U.S. and French special forces, swarmed in to retake the building and free many of the terrified captives in the former French colony, and many in France saw it as a new assault on their country’s interests a week after the Paris attacks."


"Al Qaeda in Africa link confirmed in Mali hotel attack. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, an Algerian operative for Al Qaeda, has been reported killed at least twice in the past year, but US officials concede he is probably still at large

So when do they pull Jihadi John out of the grave?

The audio recording was released to the Al-Jazeera network and simultaneously to Al Akhbar, a jihadi website (Al-CIA-Duh also has a Twitter account) and since the SITE Intelligence Group confirmed the authenticity of the statement" it means this is all an old joke (Al-CIA-Duh is more merciful)-- brought to you by the New York Times, who also brought you this:

"The Radisson Blu Hotel served as a lifeline to the world, a gathering place for diplomats, contractors, and others doing business in Mali, one of the poorest countries on earth." 

Even with the hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid and a lot of gold and other precious minerals, and yet the place is being extolled for its democracy (that is what it is doing, all right; making a narrow slice rich at the expense of us all), and "there are close to 10,000 peacekeepers still in Mali, along with drones that hover over the region" as a peace conference scheduled by well-meaning globalists was being planned (thus the presence of the US and French special forces). 

A terrorist attack in the heart of a closely-guarded peace conference, wow. How could the terrorists know?

At least the "second gunman came into the kitchen and calmly took some meat from the fridge, grilled it, and ate it during a break in the killing." 

I'm smelling crisis security drill in preparation for peace conference being reported as real coming from that kitchen (of course, they would tell us if they cooked up some active-shooter drills, right? Brilliant propaganda move there; discredit those 'crazy' conspiracy theorists).

The citing of Kenya and Westgate (remember the fake blood from the guy who had alleged been shot in the chest separating from the back of his shirt as he was running away? A mall owned by Lowy, a guy who was involved in 9/11 and the WTC before, well, you know) pretty much confirms this aspect in my mind. They only cite generation-searing psyops, God help us all. 

Francis eschews his own safety to back the ‘three saints of Bangui’

It's a risky mission, going to the C.A.R. looking for more recruits, what with the sex scandal and all. 

(Among other things, the CAR is the world’s 12th largest diamond exporter, and its open-pit mines are renowned for the quality of their gems. Control of the mines is a major objective of all sides.)

And why there is endless chaos and war in the bush.

5 indicted in theft, leak of Vatican documents

I've closed that book.

Then there was this nonsense:

"Military reviews how it responded to Islamic State’s growth" by Matt Apuzzo, Mark Mazzetti and Michael S. Schmidt New York Times  November 21, 2015

OMG, the Pentagon lied about the wars! Is that really new? That has been happening since Gulf of Tonkin, in fact, the whole history of wars is lying to the people to serve power and profit. The NYT itself was one of the lead shovelers into Iraq, and here there is a "new" story on how, oh goodness, the military is lying about the wars. No kidding? 

The punch line is that there is an "insurrection inside Central Command is an important chapter in the story of how the United States responded to the growing threat from the Islamic State. Lawmakers originally said the Central Command investigation would be completed in weeks, but Pentagon investigators have found the work painstaking and it could span months."

Translation: they are going to bury another e-mail scandal amidst the struggle in the U.S. national security apparatus between the dual-national Zionist traitors that have infested the staffing ranks and those true soldiers and commanders who have taken the oath they swore seriously. Just scratching the surface there.

At least Obama is looking into it: 

“I don’t know what we’ll discover with respect to what was going on in CENTCOM,” Obama said. “What I do know is my expectation — which is the highest fidelity to facts, data, the truth.” Obama expressed confidence about the ultimate outcome of the military campaign, saying that destroying the Islamic State is a realistic goal. “It’s gonna get done, we will destroy this terrorist organization,’’ Obama vowed, urging Americans not to let the risk of terror cause them to compromise their values or change the way they live.’’

OMG, he sounds like George W. Bush after 9/11 (as if this talk out of both sides of his mouth liar has any relationship to the truth)! Just go shopping, folks!

Thirsting for more, aren't you?

"In Los Angeles, the city’s superrich have been able to keep multiple pools filled. Neighborhoods like Bel Air are verdant, as if the drought were happening somewhere else.  

It is!

None of the city’s top water hogs have been fined. Instead, they have been insulated from financial penalties: Because less-affluent residents of Los Angeles have conserved, the city is easily meeting its 16 percent mandated reduction and has had no need to force its wealthiest residents to pare back."

OMG! The HAARP-induced drought under globalist governor Jerry Brown has become a TAX SUBSIDY for the WEALTHY in an article that proves their is no longer a middle class in AmeriKa, not with the “part-time food service worker whose husband is disabled and not working and who supports them and their two children on an income of about $22,000 a year while washing clothes once a week and flushing every third time.”

The punch line is the agenda-push would lead to more state centralization and control, and that has been shown to fail.

"People fired up snow blowers and dug out their shovels Saturday after the first significant snowstorm of the season dumped between a few inches and 20 inches of snow across the Upper Midwest, blanketing a swath from South Dakota to Michigan."

What season? It's not even Thanksgiving yet, winter is still a month a way, and the Midwest is in a deep freeze. Sorry for the avalanche of inconvenient truths and rising level of bullish** regarding the i$$ue.

Transgender advocacy groups report increase in homicides

No dirty jokes here.

Missing Hamilton toddler found naked, bruised in Rowley

Like all horror stories, that one starts of sweetly:

"Abigail Hanna, 21, of Topsfield, is accused of breaking into the home of toddler Lyndon Albers, abducting the child, and beating her, police said. Hanna’s Facebook page shows a sunny young woman with a love of travel, crafting and poetry, and who announced her engagement on Nov. 5. Hanna did some babysitting in Connecticut, said the classmate, and there were never any problems. Hanna’s Pinterest account shows a board dedicated to babysitting, with arts and crafts projects for toddlers, suggestions on “positive things to say to kids,” and recipes for edible Play-Doh. The classmate said that Hanna grappled with depression and “body image” issues, but nothing that would foreshadow the events of Friday. Hanna’s Facebook page, which was authenticated by two people who know her, describes her as a counselor at Gordon College, a Christian school, and says she is studying English literature there. A spokesman for the school, however, said she spent less than a semester there in the fall of 2014. The high school classmate said Hanna loved to write, and her Facebook includes links to poems she composed for a teen-oriented website and magazine. Hanna’s fiance did not return requests for comment; his Facebook page was deleted on Saturday afternoon."

At least it has a happy ending so stop complaining.

Back to the laughs:

"It’s only a matter of time before they get casinos in their home state. “We won’t have any money by then,” joked Tom McNutt, 76, from Dunbarton, N.H., a retired optician. “There’s only so much free money floating around,” said McNutt. 

And we know which level it is at.

“He [Allen Hartford, 85, who had come to play high-roller slots with his son-in-law] promised me free lunch if he wins,” said McNutt, who came only to watch Hartford feed hundreds into the machines. At one point, Hartford was so far ahead McNutt was thinking lobster, but his luck turned. Pizza.)

I just reached a Tiverton Point and I fold. This guy he is with is throwing away all his money in the face of his family?

Castleton University’s mascot has been missing for a month

Not missing anything else there, and the fun continues the next day with problems in the model police force for the entire nation (just ignore the dead citizen, nothing to see there):

"Recent revelations about a botched police response to a 2014 domestic dispute that preceded a Hyde Park woman’s slaying has turned the spotlight on police officers who have amassed a substantial number of citizen complaints against them. The officer involved in that case, who failed to arrest the man later accused of murder, had nearly two dozen complaints filed against him over the course of a 28-year career. The disciplinary process in the Hyde Park case has taken more than six months. But a Globe review of Boston police records reveals that the officer’s record and the time it has taken to mete out punishment are not an anomaly. One dozen officers have faced 20 or more complaints over the past 20 years; internal affairs investigations can languish for years. “Everybody has a right to due process, and we have to cross our Ts and do it all right,” Police Commissioner William B. Evans said. “It’s not as easy a process as people think it is.” 

Excuses, excuses!

Overall, complaints against Boston police officers were down last year. Use-of-force complaints are at a more-than-two-decade low. Now, most complaints allege disrespectful treatment. The decline in use-of-force complaints means the department is moving in the right direction, policing experts say, but the disrespectful treatment allegations should be cause for concern."

Just wondering why it is the above-the-fold lead then?

In comparison, I suppose they are better than Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Chicago. 

Looks like the Argentinians had a fast one pulled on them in the form of a rigged runoff that will "subject this nation of 41 million people to the market-driven policies of the 1990s, a period of deregulation that many Argentines believe set the stage for the financial meltdown of 2001-2002" along with much more including lifting "unpopular controls on the buying of U.S. dollars." 

At least they are not alone

"It had the potential to be a breakthrough, but the Gardner heist video brings in tips, but no solid leads" and you guys look like you are getting tone deaf to the FBI gambits put out by the mouthpiece media.  I

It's almost as if they are mocking you: 

"‘‘Mockingjay — Part 2,’’ the final ‘‘Hunger Games’’ film, soared to a $101 million opening in its first weekend in theaters, according to Rentrak estimates Sunday. For most films this would be a coup, but the series had its own records to beat, and this sets a new low for the four-film franchise. The series starring Jennifer Lawrence kicked off with a bang in March 2012 with a massive $152.5 million weekend — one of the highest openings of all time. ‘‘Catching Fire,’’ next in the franchise, one-upped that with a $158.1 million debut in November 2013. ‘‘Mockingjay — Part 1’’ opened on this weekend last year to $121.9 million, considered at the time an expected dip, while fans awaited the final installment, which, if it mimicked ‘‘Twilight’’ or ‘‘Harry Potter,’’ would have snared the second highest (if not highest) opening in the series. Lionsgate, however, is not disappointed. ‘‘It’s a great accomplishment. The overall franchise has grossed over $2 billion worldwide and counting,’’ said David Spitz, co-president of theatrical distribution for Lionsgate. ‘‘It’s a pretty phenomenal result.’’

Given the rising costs and promotions of things, the drop in box office heralds an even bigger drop in attendance. 

And speaking of disappointments:

The locally made film “Spotlight,” which follows The Boston Globe’s investigation of the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, earned $3.6 million in its first weekend in wide release. It came in eighth at the box office, just behind “The Martian.” 

OMG! They finished behind "The Martian," and that has been out for weeks and made a measly $3.6 million after the weeks worth of advertisements all over television?!

Must be the lies

I wonder how much tax loot the citizens of Massachusetts had to fork over for that flop!

Who wants to see a movie about that anyway??

With this weekend down 11 percent from last year, it remains to be seen whether 2015 will indeed be a record-breaking $11 billion year as many predicted at the outset. 

They are as delusional as government and economists believing their own $cripts!

While the box office is up 4.2 percent, the year to beat is 2013 and this year is tracking less than 1 percent ahead of that. 

What is with the MIXED MESSAGES!

‘We’re in the home stretch,’’ said Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst for Rentrak. ‘‘But remember, we have a little secret weapon in ‘Star Wars.’ ’’ 

Yeah, Star Wars will save the whole year (though not with any help from me. I'm not going to see it, and I'm a big fan)

Estimated ticket sales are for Friday through Sunday at US and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak."

RelatedEnd Credits  

It's been a bad year at the box office?

Speaking of movies....

"In 1963, the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was shot to death during a motorcade in Dallas; Texas Governor John B. Connally, in the same open car as Kennedy, was seriously wounded; suspected gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested."

That is the longest joke running, that Oswald shot the president. Forget the scenery and everything else, just know this: the scope on the rifle was defective, meaning the bullet wasn't going where he was looking. The odds are astronomical that he could blow up Kennedy's head, worse than shooting in the dark.

What is funny is they didn't even didn't cancel football that weekend.

Anyway, here is wishing you a Good and Healthy Life this holiday season:

Is it safe to eat apples picked off city trees?; Urban canners and college researchers are testing city-grown fruit to see if it is safe

Why wouldn't they be?

New superbug in China threatens to defeat last-resort antibiotics

Has something to with pigs, and one can only wonder what will be the next horror to be unleashed upon us.

Junk food may not be fueling obesity

I saved the BEST JOKE FOR LAST (first cholesterol and now this; and you wonder why I no longer believe a word coming from the corporate pre$$?), and while it might be your favorite, I would avoid Chipotle for a while. If you have made it this far I guess the joke is also on you.

Well, have a Super Thanksgiving, readers!! You've been a wonderful audience these last ten years. Thank you!