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False Flag Attacks in France

What we don't know yet is whether this is a staged and scripted fiction or if it is some false flag psyop. That's all it could be given the complete propaganda that the ma$$ media has become.

I mean, we have seen this all before -- or have you forgotten?

Ending Today With the French False Flag  

All this comes as world leaders are scheduled to arrive to fart up a storm? When the French are upping security, and in fact must have been preparing for months for the arrival of such important people? It will enable them to clamp down on any dissent or protesters, though!

It's all over the ma$$ media with the most outrageous script. Brian Williams (of all people!) is on Xfinity so somber, so sober, as the terrorists attacked a heavy metal concert?? 

The stuff is so fantastic and so widespread it could only be state actors, folks, deep state Gladio-type stuff. Islamic terrorists are executing hostages, Williams just mentioned Mumbai, so we now know this is all Jewish war propaganda. 

It also takes attention off the unreported (in the AmeriKan press) Israel attack on Syria, and the fact that it was an USrael war game missile that felled the Russian aircraft.

I'm going to go over to WRH to get an initial reading on what is going on, and plan to continue investigating via the blogs into the night. Looks like it's going to be a late one.


Paris Attacks- Cui Bono? Think NATO's Secret Armies AKA Gladio!  

Great video there.

Terror Attacks Hit Paris: 60 Dead, 100 Taken Hostage, Hollande Closes All Borders 

I do have to say, from the pictures I've seen, it looks like a crisis drill being reported as live.

Where is the blood?

The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag? 

I didn't ask it, I knew it. 

Pretty long list, isn't it?

Evil and stupid

Read more reports here. I will be back in a few hours -- if I can get any sleep, that is.


I opened the morning with these just logging on:

Officials continue to gather information after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris left at least 120 dead and 200 injured.

The look at blogs is coming up and I haven't even looked at the Globe yet, but this thing is reeking of a false flag.

The Globe website starts me with NIGHT OF TERROR and with

More coverage
The print version is not much different judging by the face of it (at least the fantasy football has been dropped below the fold), and I see the the political narratives are beginning to trump reality. 

Victims laid on the pavement in a Paris restaurant.
Thibault Camus/AP

That is the second New York Times byline I've seen, thus indicating it is not worth reading.

More on the Paris attacks:
The amount of print they are churning out indicates this is an event meant to push an agenda. It's pure propaganda, and judging from what little I've seen it's a complete fiction. That's the problem with the "news" these days. Most of what you see is not real. It's staged and scripted psyops to condition your mind a la Gladio. 

Look at all the fictions and false flags. Have fun searching my blog for stories exposing the frauds.

editorial We stand with Paris 


Is having all the hallmarks of an agenda-pushing false flag.

So it's going to be an excuse for every government to crack down in the name of security.

Now will be known as France's 9/11.

Chaos and Horror Described After Paris Attack - At least 140 people have been reported killed. French security services had warned an attack might... 

Paris terror attacks: eight attackers dead after killing at least 120 people - Another Charlie Hebdo? In other words another false flag staged with the complicity of elements in the 'security services'? 

That question has already been answered in my mind.

"9 Reasons to Question the Paris Terror Attacks

By Brandon Turbeville


As France finds itself in the grips of martial law and its first mandatory curfew since it was occupied by the Nazis in 1944, there exists a number of questionable details surrounding the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Only hours after the first shots were fired, stories and reports are beginning to change and contradict one another. Considering the history of the French government, French Intelligence agencies and the Anglo-American/NATO Intelligence apparatus, particularly the recent events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo attacks that were exposed as false flags, one would be justified in wondering whether or not these recent attacks in Paris were of the same variety.

Below are a number of reasons to question the official story of the Paris terror attacks.

1.) How many gunmen? Already, the number of individuals involved in the Paris attacks is in question. While some reports suggested four shooters were involved, others suggested three. The majority of mainstream reports seem to be only acknowledging two shooters. So how many shooters were there? Two, three or four? One witness, Pierre Marie Bertin, a 36-year-old who was at the theater when the shooting began, stated that there were as many as four gunmen. Bertin described some male hostages who “went onto the balcony and tried to negotiate for the life of their wives with one of the guys [terrorists]. It was sickening.” Bertin recounted somewhat more detail than some other witnesses and was clear that there were as many as four gunmen. Australian news media is reporting that three gunmen have been killed.

This might seem inconsequential to many readers, but, in informed researching circles, it is well-known that the information that comes out shortly after the event is usually the most reliable. This is not to discount the existence of confusion related to panicked reports coming from eyewitnesses and the like. However, the information coming out early on has not yet been subjected to the top-down media revision that will inevitably take place as the story becomes molded to fit the narrative pushed by the individuals who either directed the attack at the higher levels or at least have connections with those who are able to control the manner in which various media outlets report the event. For instance, in times of false flag attacks, the initial reports may point to 5 gunmen. Very shortly after, reports may only mention two. Only a few hours after the attack, however, all references to more than one gunmen are removed entirely, with only the “lone gunman” story remaining. Any other mention of additional gunmen after this point is ridiculed as “conspiracy theory.”

2.) The types of weapons used – While some reports suggest that the attackers were using AK-47s, other reports are suggesting that shotguns were used. While the contradiction in reports can certainly be attributed to victims and witnesses simply not being aware of the type of weapons being used in the attacks and panic in the heat of the moment, there is none the less contradiction in the reports being issued. As of the time of the writing of this article there has been no clarification as to what type of weapons were used. Since the assailants were supposedly killed by police it should be clear what weapons they used.

3.) Were the gunmen killed or arrested? While the number of gunmen itself is in doubt, news reports coming from Fox and Sky are suggesting that a suspected gunmen was actually arrested. In fact, the suspect allegedly stated to police, “I am from ISIS” giving us all the information we need as for who is responsible for this attack.

4.) Gunmen connected to ISIS, gunmen connected to Syria – Along with the very convenient and immediate statement by an allegedly arrested suspect that he was from ISIS, we also have screams of a shooter that “This is for Syria!” This gives us all the information that we need regarding the motivation of the alleged attackers. They are from ISIS. They hate the French because the French are “attacking” ISIS and because somewhere in France in a very darkened corner, under the sofa, there are freedoms. ISIS hates freedoms. This is quite coincidental considering the fact that a Russian airliner was recently bombed, allegedly by ISIS – at least according to the West.

5.) The timing of the event – Aside from the obvious connotations derived from the attacks occurring on Friday the 13th, the Paris massacre has taken place shortly before a major climate summit that was set to take place in France. The French government was expecting massive protests they alleged could potentially become violent, by activists opposed to globalization and energy austerity. Interestingly enough, France had already planned to impose border controls starting on November 30th in anticipation of the U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris “because of the terrorist threat or risk of public disorder.” Needless to say, there will be no massive protest now considering the fact that 2015 France resembles the 1943 version of itself more than anything else.

6.) Security – Considering the fact that the security had been so heightened both on the heels of the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the anticipation of disorder for the U.N. Conference on Climate Change, how on earth did such a major terror attack slip through the hands of the DGSE? After all, France is nothing if not a police state. It is also giving the United States a run for its money in the contest for how much information it is able to nab up on its citizens. No doubt, we will be sold the line of “pre-civilized savages outsmarted first-world high end military surveillance states.”

7.) Drills – One hallmark of the false flag operation is the running of drills shortly before or during the actual attack. Many times, these drills will involve the actual sequence of events that takes place during the real life attack . These drills have been present on large scale false flags such as 9/11 as well as smaller scale attacks like the Aurora shooting.

For instance, as Webster Tarpley documents in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA, at least 46 drills were underway in the months leading up to 9/11 and on the morning of the attack. These 46 drills were all directly related to the events which took place on 9/11 in some way or other. Likewise, the 7/7 bombings in London were running drills of exactly the same scenario that was occurring at exactly the same times and locations.

Although one reason may take precedence over the other depending on the nature and purpose of the operation drills are used by false flag operators for at least two reasons. One such purpose is the creation of intentional confusion if the drill is taking place during the actual attack. The other, more effective aspect, however, is using the drill as a cloak to plan the attack or even “go live” when it comes time to launch the event. Even more so, it gives the individuals who are involved in the planning of the event an element of cover, especially with the military/intelligence agency’s tight chain of command structure and need-to-know basis. If a loyal military officer or intelligence agent stumbles upon the planning of the attack, that individual can always be told that what he has witnessed is nothing more than the planning of a training exercise. This deniability continues all the way through to the actual “going live” of the drill. After the completion of the false flag attack, Coincidence Theory is used to explain away the tragic results.

All of this must be considered, when one reads reports suggesting that the UK conducted counter-terrorism drills earlier this year that included scenarios that involved terror attacks in Paris similar to those that took place on the Charlie Hebdo massacre. As the reports surrounding the UK drills were released, a number 10 spokesman confirmed “it had been agreed that future exercises, which take place on a regular basis, should seek to learn from events in France.” David Cameron himself stated that there was  a need for police “to call on military help if there was a major emergency.”

8.) Charlie Hebdo – The recent Paris attacks were similar to the Charlie Hebdo massacre that occurred earlier this year. The Charlie Hebdo attacks, however, were largely revealed as a false flag operation. Evidence for which can be seen in my article “15 Signs the Charlie Hebdo Attack Was a False Flag.” Thus, there exists a clear precedent for such attacks in France, albeit on a much larger scale.

9.) Who controls ISIS? For many, claims that the attackers belong to ISIS is a deal breaker. For these individuals, ISIS is a shadowy terrorist organization that supports itself and has created a caliphate in eastern Syria and western Iraq that can scarcely be defeated (except when the Russians bomb it). However, the facts do not support such a shallow understanding of the ISIS terrorist organization. ISIS was entirely created, funded and directed by the United States, Britain, France and other NATO countries. Its actions have been coordinated by the Anglo-American Intelligence apparatus for geopolitical purposes all across the world both at home and abroad. For this reason, the declaration that ISIS committed a terrorist attack in Paris is by no means a get-out-of-jail-free card for the western Intelligence apparatus. Instead, it is the trademark of their handiwork. Please see these articles for more information on the nature of ISIS: here, here, here and here.

While the information presented above may not be enough evidence to conclude that the Paris attacks were false flag attacks, it is reason enough to question the official story thus far. If these attacks are indeed placed in the lap of ISIS, however, all fingers should immediately point to NATO and the Atlanticist Intelligence apparatus. It is they who control ISIS and they who bear the responsibility for its actions.



The crawl on the sports channel ESPN said the soccer game and all the basketball arenas around the country are on alert. DHS knows nothing, no credible threats, blah, blah, but the police state is active even though a senior US security official said there was no immediate indication that there had been suspicious chatter or other warning signs ahead of the attack(s) in Paris-- meaning all the spying on citizens and data collection is worthless or there are even more nefarious motives at work regarding authority. 

My advice to all Americans is to avoid all sporting events, large cities, or other major gathering centers like shopping malls. That is the only way to stay safe. Don't shop this holiday season. Your Good Life may very well depend on it.

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Will NATO mobilize in wake of the Paris Attack?


Paris Attacks: The History of Convenient Violence of the Thing Called “ISIS™”

Hype Following Friday's Likely Paris False Flag

I finally see a little blood, if that is what it is.

"Attack in Paris – State Sponsored Terror, But Which State?

By Tony Cartalucci
Reports indicate an unprecedented terrorist attack has unfolded in Paris, France, with over 150 dead, many more injured and reports still trickling in regarding the full-scale of the violence. The BBC in its report, “Paris attacks: Bataclan and other assaults leave many dead,” stated:
France has declared a national state of emergency and tightened borders after at least 120 people were killed in a night of gun and bomb attacks in Paris. 
Eighty people were reported killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall and took dozens hostage. 
The siege ended when security forces stormed the building. 
People were shot dead at bars and restaurants at five other sites in Paris. Eight attackers are reported to have been killed.
The BBC has also released a graphic indicating at least 5 separate locations where the attacks unfolded, while other media organizations have reported that both bombs and small arms were employed, including military rifles.

On a scale significantly larger than the previous Paris terror attack carried out against several targets across the capital in January of this year ending in the death of 12, the Western media is already assigning blame to the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL) or those “inspired” by ISIS.

It was in the wake of the January attacks that France expanded its already towering surveillance state. The Guardian in an article titled, “France passes new surveillance law in wake of Charlie Hebdo attack,” reported:
The new law will allow authorities to spy on the digital and mobile phone communications of anyone linked to a “terrorist” inquiry without prior authorisation from a judge. It forces internet service providers and phone companies to give up data upon request. 
Intelligence services will have the right to place cameras and recording devices in private homes and install so-called keylogger devices that record every key stroke on a targeted computer in real time. The authorities will be able to keep recordings for a month and metadata for five years. 
One of the most contentious elements of the bill is that it allows intelligence services to vacuum up metadata, which would then be subject to analysis for potentially suspicious behaviour. The metadata would be anonymous, but intelligence agents could follow up with a request to an independent panel for deeper surveillance that could yield the identity of users.
Despite having allegedly lacked these capabilities before the “Charlie Hebo attack,” it would be revealed shortly after that indeed, French security agencies were extensively familiar with the attackers years beforehand – letting the suspects “drop from their radars” just 6 months before the attack occurred, precisely the amount of time generally required for planning and executing such an attack.

Slate Magazine would report in their article, “The Details of Paris Suspect Cherif Kouachi’s 2008 Terrorism Conviction,” that:
Kouachi was arrested in January 2005, accused of planning to join jihadists in Iraq. He was said to have fallen under the sway of Farid Benyettou, a young “self-taught preacher” who advocated violence, but had not actually yet traveled to Iraq or committed any acts of terror. Lawyers at the time said he had not received weapons training and “had begun having second thoughts,” going so far as to express “relief” that he’d been apprehended.
CNN would report in an article titled, “France tells U.S. Paris suspect trained with al Qaeda in Yemen,” that:
Western intelligence officials are scrambling to learn more about possible travel of the two Paris terror attack suspects, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, with new information suggesting one of the brothers recently spent time in Yemen associating with al Qaeda in that country, U.S. officials briefed on the matter told CNN. Additional information from a French source close to the French security services puts one of the brothers in Syria.
The Wall Street Journal would reveal in an article titled, “Overburdened French Dropped Surveillance of Brothers,” that:
The U.S. provided France with intelligence showing that the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre received training in Yemen in 2011, prompting French authorities to begin monitoring the two brothers, according to U.S. officials. But that surveillance of Said and Chérif Kouachi came to an end last spring, U.S. officials said, after several years of monitoring turned up nothing suspicious.
It is abundantly clear that the “Charlie Hebo attack” suspects were dangerous terrorists, tracked by the government because of this fact, but inexplicably allowed to continue on with their activities until they inevitably carried out a deadly act of terrorism on French soil – an act of terrorism quickly exploited to ramrod through unpopular security bills and further perpetuate France’s unpopular role in America’s various extraterritorial military adventures abroad, including the West’s proxy war in Syria.Those involved in this most recent attack will also likely be revealed to have been tracked by French security agencies long before the attacks – this is because the attacks will, by necessity, need to be linked to the Syrian conflict to justify the recent appearance of France’s largest warship, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, off the coast of Syria, and the much larger Western military intervention needed in order to save a proxy war that has been all but lost by the West.

State Sponsorship – But Which State? Gladio Extra

As the refugee crisis expanded in Europe, it was warned that it would be purposefully manipulated to create maximum hysteria to justify more direct military intervention in the West’s losing proxy war in Syria.

In a previous report titled, “Can Pan-European Hysteria Save NATO’s Syrian War?,” it was warned that:
What is taking form is a controlled strategy of tension, where far-right groups are being arrayed against the migrants and their European supporters, to create hysteria and eventually violence that will be leveraged by those who orchestrated it.

Permissive immigration policies and self-imposed quotas ensured a virtual tidal wave of migrants coming into Europe, while long-cultivated racist and xenophobic political groups – holdovers from NATO’s notorious “Gladio” Cold War stay-behind networks – attempted to create backlash and hysteria in the streets regarding a migrant “invasion.”

All that was left to complete the equation was an incredible act of galvanizing violence that would create the long-absent public support the West needed to justify further meddling in Syria – public support that the narratives of “helping freedom fighters,” recycled lies regarding “weapons of mass destruction,” and tales of “barrel bombs” failed to generate.

Among the targets in this most recent attack was a football stadium hosting a French-German match attended by French President François Hollande himself – which is particularly important to note since foreknowledge of Hollande’s location would have required significant planning and preparations. The choice of attacking a football stadium is also significant, considering that undoubtedly the primary demographic attending the football match would have been those most vocally opposed to the expanding refugee crisis. In other words, it was an attack designed specifically to provoke French public opinion into supporting action.

The scale of the attack is that of a military operation. It would have required a large group of well trained militants, well armed and funded, with experience in planning and executing coordinated military operations, moving large amounts of weapons clandestinely, experts in the use of weapons and explosives, as well as possessing intelligence capabilities used to somehow circumvent France’s increasingly colossal surveillance capabilities.

Like the terrorists and their supply lines pouring out of NATO-territory into Syria itself, clearly with immense state sponsorship behind them, those involved in the most recent attacks in Paris are also clearly the recipients of state-sponsored funding and training.

While France will undoubtedly try to use this attack to justify further intervention in Syria to topple the government in Damascus, it was most likely France’s own allies in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and even Paris itself who were directly or indirectly involved in the training, arming, and funding of those who spilled blood on Parisian streets this week.

Conveniently, the French flagship, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was just sent to Syria’s coast last week. It is now poised to take part in any expanded military campaign predicated on the attacks that just unfolded in Paris.

The first and most important question in examining any great crime is “cui bono?” or to whose benefit? Attacking Paris, and in particular a football match full of nationalists already increasingly violent and hysterical seems to only benefit a government seeking further justification to wage wider war abroad – a war it is currently losing and a war it currently lacks wide public support to continue fighting. It now, all so conveniently, has the support it was looking for.


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Now comes word that hostages are being released throughout the Middle East.

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Zio-con nirvana

Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist? 

This is turning into an all day event.


Race Is on to Find Paris Terror Accomplices, ID Attackers »

That is what I logged into, and other than two minutes I saw on Fox where the security shill was saying we have been great at collecting all data, but the terrorists aren't communicating that way (odd considering they bust so many who were making outrageous online statements and the terror networks have their own news channels and websites). 

Then I saw that ALL THE GUNMEN, even the one who was arrested admitting he was CIA, 'er, ISIS, are ALL DEAD! So once again it is the same script.

Of course, above the terror event, whatever it is, I see the truly important part of Sunday:

Bold NFL Predictions: Perfection Isn't Easy

Of course, Fox told me security is going to be trebled and I'm sure the NFL will receive some Pentagon dollars for some solemn ceremonies today. The leaching of this propaganda into other areas of media -- even though the college football games went off without mention or hitch -- is exposing it as agenda-driven drivel.

Update: Paris Under Terror – The Day After 

Thought I would check the blogs first, and that one is only on the roll for the money and what they think is important.

Micheal Collins Piper: Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism 

Goes all the way back to 1954 and the Lavon Affair.

Paris Massacre – Who Is Behind It?

One can easily predict from the above statements that the west will come up with an idea to fight hard the so called Islamic terrorism by waging an all out war in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East under the NATO umbrella. And this time, the West will again wage this bypassing the UNSC approval. So, the Paris massacre gave the West a moral justification and assertion of a global consent to fight hard in Iraq and Syria. The next NATO campaign will be something similar to ‘the Shock and Awe’ campaign that we had witnessed during the American military invasion of Afghanistan....

The forthcoming war on terror by the NATO force will change the present geopolitical shapes of the Middle East. The war will have an intent to show more military power than the Russians to reestablish the firm military control on specific important locations so that the regional powers of the Middle East accept the Western military supremacy. The coming NATO ‘War on Terror’ ( Middle East ) will also try to contain Iran by all means so that the West can establish their own puppet who will sell all national assets to the west without the peoples consent. On the other hand, the journey of the BRICS and other alternative economic and political blocs will be hampered timelessly. The soft powers and the ‘wannabe powers'( Turkey and India) from the different part of the world will pay their allegiance to the Western bloc for their coming might exhibition in Middle East. So, the attack on Paris will help the West to fulfill its geopolitical ambitions in Middle East much better than before. But sadly, there will be more blood on the desert of Middle East and the streets of the Europe, but only the global elites will remain safe.

NATO's Turn To Attack

Anyone who is suggesting/claiming or implying this is not a NATO stay behind/Gladio type attack, with the NATO global tyranny/war machine as the biggest benefactor, getting their 'dream come true', is blowing smoke up your skirt- Period. Now is not the time to believe in 'blowback', unintended consequences and all other misleading nonsense.



#ParisAttacks UPDATES: EMT Talking About a “Drill” and CIA Chief Met with French Intel Oct. 28th

Paris terror

Excellent Video From RedsilverJ: Paris Attacks - Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax For Syrian Invasion Exposed!

Hard Proof of Staging ad Hoaxing in France Concert Terror Hoax Though some people might believe it is real, it isn’t.  

I had my doubts the night it happened based on the photos released.

"Paris Terror Attack: The Road So Far

November 14, 2015

Another terrorist attack in France, and another opportunity for moral signaling on social media and self-righteous bloviating for the journalists at CNN. But before everyone gets ahead of themselves and dives head first into the pre-fabricated media narratives and the trendy, therapeutic social media hashtags and profile picture filters, now is a good time to stop for a few moments and take a serious look at some of the news items surrounding the the Paris terrorist attacks that probably won’t get prime time on Anderson Cooper 360.

By now many of us will have already heard that the passport of one of the alleged attackers has been magically recovered[1], but what other chestnuts are waiting to be discovered behind the shifting, incoherent mainstream narrative?

The appearance of a certain Dr. Patrick Pelloux on the scene certainly should peak our curiosity. Pelloux is now an old hat when it comes to terrorist attacks in France, having previously been a “survivor” of the Charlie Hebdo shootings earlier this year. This time around Dr. Pelloux, already dubbed a hero by the media, was on the scene of the attacks to supposedly acting in his medical capacity as a first responder.

Now his appearance may not be all that interesting in and of itself, but the comments he gave to the French media certainly are. Though a self-described leftist, Pelloux gave some vague statements that seemed to indicate his desire to see the French national security state expanded, with presumably more powers being granted to the police and the intelligence services to surveil and detain suspects. The fact that these ever more expansive state powers never seem to stop the threats they’re supposed to seems lost on Mr. Pelloux.

But even more interesting are comments Pelloux made on France Info radio, admitting that a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) was already on going during the attacks. This is the same scenario on display during the 7/7 bombings of public transportation in London in 2005, which transpired on the same day as a terrorism drill.

Sady we cannot expect the crack journalists at CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The Guardian, or France 24 to follow up on the claim made by Mr. Pelloux. The continuous presence of drills along side terrorist attacks and mass shootings is as interesting to the mainstream media as the tuna sandwich you ate for lunch yesterday.

But moving on from that, the details surrounding the alleged suspects is something that can also shed some light on the nature of this event. If you guessed that those fingered for the attack (all now conveniently dead) were known to French and other European domestic intelligence agencies then you would be right. According to news reports, one of the identified suspects was a 30-year-old French national that was “known to police” for his links to radical Islamic circles. What exactly did police know and what steps did they take, or fail to take, based on their knowledge of the suspects’ radical activities? Answers are not likely to be forthcoming. But it’s important to note, that in all too many previous attacks or attempted attacks involving radical Muslims, from Garland, Texas to the Charlie Hebdo shootings, the suspects were well known to domestic intelligence agencies and police, a telltale sign of a false flag operation according to writer Jay Dyer.
Finally, it should be noted that approximately two weeks before last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, CIA director John Brennan met with France’s security chief Bernard Bajolet, alongside former ranking spooks from Britain and Israel, for a forum discussing cyber and “homeland” security. It may very well be a coincidence in timing, but it would certainly be interesting to know what conversation went on between the two men in private.

Now the significance of any one of the items mentioned here is certainly up for debate, and certainly as new details come out over the few days and weeks we may be able to get a better idea of what transpired last Friday. But a critical debate is exactly what we won’t get, at least not from the mainstream media and political establishment, which will be more interested in peddling cynical narratives that serve their particular agendas relating to domestic surveillance and their foreign policy shenanigans toward Syria.


Another confirmation in my ind is the slow and atrocious response by the computer this morning with its spinning rainbow wheels and constant inability to connect to the web. I think we all know why they are screwing with it.

Three teams carried out attacks ‘act of war’ against Paris by Adam Nossiter, Aurelien Breeden and Katrin Bennhold The New York Times  November 13, 2015

So the script was disrupted a few days ago, huh?

In the aftermath of horror, resolve" by Adam Nossiter, Aurelien Breeden and Katrin Bennhold NEW YORK TIMES   November 15, 2015

Glad to see they fixed the date.

news analysis Paris siege may harden US policy on Islamic State" by Peter Baker and Eric Schmitt New York Times  November 15, 2015

Attacks overtake agenda as world leaders meet" by Michael D. Shear New York Times  November 14, 2015

Why didn't the "terrorists" attack them (as the climate change president embarks on a 10-day trip)?

Paris attacks provoke fresh migrant fears in Europe" by Alison Smale New York Times  November 14, 2015

For Parisians, a Friday night out becomes a nightmare by Andrew Higgins and Milan Schreuer New York Times  November 15, 2015

Bostonians in Paris grapple with aftermath of attacks" by Nicole Dungca and Aimee Oritz Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent  November 14, 2015

Hub residents show solidarity with France" by Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff  November 14, 2015

Carlos Arredondo, an antiwar protester who rushed to marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman’s aid during the attack here, drove up to the consulate in a truck displaying the French flag and a sign reading, “Je suis Paris,” or “I am Paris.”

Do you know who Carlos is?

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"Since the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, when Carlos Arredondo rushed from the VIP stands to clear barricades and make a tourniquet from a sweater sleeve that saved Jeff Bauman’s life, the 53-year-old has become the face of Boston Strong, seen by some as an almost mythic embodiment of courage in the face of terror. Already a public figure for more than a decade as the man who set himself ablaze after learning that his son was killed in Iraq and as a ubiquitous antiwar protester, he is now what some of his friends call Boston’s “comforter in chief.” It has become a full-time role, one that has brought celebrity and adoration, accolades, and perks both financial and emotional. Nearly every day since the attacks, Arredondo has been booked with public appearances."

No credible threats target US after Paris attacks, officials say" by Frank Eltman and Michael Balsamo Associated Press  November 15, 2015

How would they know? Every time an attack happens they have no clue

Heavily armed New York city police officers  patroled Times Square on Saturday.
Heavily armed New York city police officers patroled Times Square on Saturday (Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

Democrats denounce Islamic State during debate

Why Paris? The answer can be found in Syria and Iraq

Why Paris? Why not Russia!?

Words matter in ‘ISIS’ war, so use ‘Daesh’

F*** off!

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Gee, all those seem to come through with no problem at all!