Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tearful Tuesday: Quest For Peace

The tears are all you are left with after the anger and rage have faded and washed away. 

Thus it is that I stand before you in abject sadness.  I tried. I went there today with the best intentions. Gonna give the Globe a fresh start! Gonna give the Globe a fair shake. Going to get excited. Going to mark my note paper with succinct accuracy! Looking forward to it!

Then I found this:

"Netanyahu, Obama reaffirm quest for peace; Leaders put aside earlier clashes about Iran policy" by Julie Pace Associated Press   November 09, 2015

[Blog editor, aaaaaaah, ugh, aaaaaaah, that such..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (sound of wailing crying, you know the sound you make when bellowing and trying to get air?).... for two of the most odious war criminals and outright mass-murders to be described as.... sob.... "reaffirming their quest for peace"..... aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I can't read this god-awful garbage anymore. I need to go blow nose and wipe eyes now.]

WASHINGTON — Minimizing sharp differences, President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel on Monday reaffirmed their commitment to seeking elusive Middle East peace, though prospects for an agreement between Israelis and Palestinians appear ever further out of reach.

These two creatures have done more to sabotage peace over the last seven years this sort of slop is truly beyond offensive and disgusting.

The meeting of the US and Israeli leaders at the White House marked their first face-to-face talk in more than a year. They have long had a frosty relationship, and tensions peaked this year amid Obama’s pursuit of an Iran nuclear deal that Netanyahu vigorously opposed. In comments to reporters before their private talks, Obama called it a ‘‘narrow issue.’’ Netanyahu didn’t mention the matter at all. 

Oh, so Netanyahu coming here and that whole flap over the slap in the face -- it's all okay. Just part of the show-fooleys of the Amerikan and Jewish pre$$.

‘‘We don’t have a disagreement on the need to making sure Iran does not get a nuclear weapon, and we don’t have a disagreement about us blunting destabilizing activities in Iran that may be taking place,’’ Obama said. ‘‘So we’re going to be looking to make sure we find common ground there.’’

He might as well have dropped his pants and grabbed his ankles. What an embarrassment. 

Of course, he doesn't want any scandals in the media as he serves out his term and needs good pre$$ to make money after. What a $cum of a president he turned out to be.  

Btw, the Iran deal? Not done out of altruistic humanity or antiwar feeling (from this guy, author of the Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and Yemen bloodbaths?); it was done so U.S. corporations and banks wouldn't be shut out.

In public, the leaders emphasized areas of shared interest, including negotiations on a new security arrangement and the goal of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

What, there are disagreements? Really?

Obama said he was focused on ‘‘how we can get back on a path toward peace, and how we can make sure that legitimate Palestinian aspirations are met through a political process, even as we make sure that Israel is able to secure itself.’’

‘‘We have not given up our hope for peace,’’ Netanyahu said. He reaffirmed his support for a two-state solution, but gave no ground on the Israelis’ longstanding conditions for achieving that outcome.

Oh, Israel has preconditions when I'm told they will have no preconditions. The slop will make you cry. Netanyahu hoping for peace. Pfffft!

The prime minister’s statement followed his apparent backtracking during Israeli elections earlier this year. At the time, US officials said there would be policy ramifications for a Netanyahu shift on statehood, including potentially easing opposition to Palestinians turning to the UN Security Council to create a state.

On Monday, however, White House officials said Obama focused on getting Netanyahu to outline ways to keep confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians to a minimum in the absence of a long-term solution.

‘‘This is certainly an opportunity for Prime Minister Netanyahu to put forward some ideas to move this process toward a two-state solution,’’ White House spokesman Josh Earnest said of the meeting.

Yup, waiting on you, Bibbi.

Netanyahu was said to be offering a series of confidence-building measures toward the Palestinians, including easing restrictions on communications, water usage, and work permits in Israel and on Palestinian development in the West Bank.

Oh, yes, the benevolent Bibbi Nutinyahoo. 

What literally brings a tear to the eye is the plight of the Palestinians (I link what I read). 

I've long neglected them for other Globe garbage, but there is a reason. 

Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World's Media
Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed
Operation Mockingbird

Why Am I No Longer Reading the Newspaper?

I thought those reasons were important to present to you, not as an excuse for the neglect, but as an explanation. Just can't.... sniffle, sniffle.... read that crap anymore.

However, Israel has given preliminary approval for a new settlement in the West Bank, territory Palestinians are demanding as part of a future state, documents revealed Monday. Most nations, including the United States, view the Israeli settlements as illegal. 

Think about that for a second (sob). He comes here on a "quest for peace," I am told, with Obummer in tow, and what does he do? The equivalent of laying a swirling steamer in his face!!! And Obummer takes a deep breath and proclaims roses!

The other noticeable, yet far more subtle, bias is the Palestinian positions being described as demands.

A new round of violence broke out in the region about two months ago. Israel has accused Palestinian political and religious leaders of inciting the violence, while Palestinians say it’s due to a lack of hope for gaining independence after years of failed peace efforts.

That is not what it is about at all. It's about Israeli forces taking over Al-Aqsa mosque. Thanks for the distorted piece of dog-doo.

Obama and Netanyahu also discussed renewing a 10-year security agreement that could result in increased US military aid to Israel.

And now you know -- sadly -- who really controls this government, Iran deal notwithstanding.

While Monday’s talks did not result in a final agreement, it was significant that the leaders planned to discuss the matter given that Netanyahu had refused to do so in the immediate aftermath of the nuclear agreement.

I'll bet it wa$.

See: Obama and Netanyahu Plot Next Moves 

I'm looking forward to reading that, along with some other things -- if I can see through the water.

‘‘The security of Israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities,’’ Obama said.

(Blog editor dejectedly said why not say it is your top priority? Not that we would have heard you with your head so far up his ass)

Netanyahu said he appreciated what Obama has done. ‘‘Israel has shouldered a tremendous defense burden over the years, and we’ve done it with the generous assistance of the United States of America,’’ he said. 

Yeah, and they even threw atrocious abominations like the 9/11 terror attack upon us so the state of USrael could wage war on the planet -- something Netanyahu said was a "good thing."

Monday’s meeting was clouded by controversy following Netanyahu’s appointment of a spokesman, Ran Baratz, who has suggested Obama is anti-Semitic and Secretary of State John Kerry can’t be taken seriously. Baratz is not on the trip; Netanyahu has said he will decide his fate later.

He didn't fire him before coming over here? 

A double-crap in the kisser, and Kerry puckered up for it.


And right next to that in the printed paper was this pos:

"Russia announces arms deal with Iran" by Ivan Nechepurenko New York Times   November 10, 2015

Does anything else need be said?

MOSCOW — The announcement may have been aimed more at warding off an Iranian lawsuit than a major step toward delivery of the weapon system. 

But don't let that stop the NYT thrashing of the war drums. (Blog editor nose is starting to run)

Sergei V. Chemezov, Russia’s chief arms trade executive, made the announcement at an air show in Dubai, Russian news agencies reported.

The initial contract to deliver the weapons was signed in 2007, before the current international arms embargo against Iran was established. But the contract was canceled in 2010 by Dmitry Medvedev, then the president of Russia, under pressure from the United States and Israel, although the Kremlin portrayed it as an act of goodwill.

I really can't..... aaaah.... aaaaaah... take this pot-hollering-kettle crapola anymore.


In response, Iran filed a lawsuit claiming breach of contract that could cost Moscow as much as five times the $800 million value of the original deal.

President Vladimir Putin reversed Medvedev’s decision in April, as a nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers began to appear likely. But the system still has not been delivered.

In an apparent attempt to avoid the stiff fines, Russia has repeatedly claimed that delivery was imminent but failed to follow through, leading some analysts to conclude that it was just a stalling tactic.

The hitch, military analysts say, is that Russia wants to keep the unfulfilled contract as a bargaining chip in its relations with the West, perhaps with an eye to ending economic sanctions imposed over its actions in Ukraine.

Yeah, the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, anyone who might cause the EUSraeli empire trouble has some sort of ulterior motive. 

Good thing the U.S. government's mass-murdering slaughters are for altruistic means and purposes of liberation (from life).

Iran wants a more advanced version to defend Iran’s nuclear sites.

And that right there.... waaaaah.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.... does it. It implies that Iran has nuclear sites when..... ah-hump, ah-hump.... the U.N. inspection regime they have been under declaring no weapons plants and the fact that.... sob.... they are dismantling centrifuges and living up to their end of the bargain. Ah-hump.

The missile system deal has worried Israel and other countries in the region, as well as the United States, which see it as destabilizing....

Well, screw the frikkin' ISIS-supporting USrael.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! 



I'm in pain, readers. There is no peace to be found in this war-promoting slop! 

I wanted to give it go, but this is.... aaah.... garbage!!

Can't even retreat to the sanctuary of sports anymore.