Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tearful Tuesday: Saching the TPP

I know, I know, I should be happy except this is the guy who brought neo-con shock economics to post-Soviet Russia. Apparently he has a conscience now in an effort to preserve and expand the system that generates such wealth inequality and corporate power:

"TPP is too flawed for a simple ‘yes’ vote" by Jeffrey D. Sachs   November 08, 2015

GLOBALIZATION is a positive and powerful force for good, if it is embedded in the right kind of ethical and legal framework. Yet the current draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is not worthy of a simple thumbs-up by the Congress. Without jettisoning the purported goals of TPP, the 12 signatories should slow down, take the pieces of this complex trade agreement in turn, and work harder for a set of international standards that will truly support global sustainable development.

The TPP should be judged on whether it guarantees global economic well-being, not whether it gives advantages to the United States to the detriment of other countries. The ultimate goal of economic policy should be to raise the well-being of all parts of society, including the poor and middle class. Agreements that help the rich at the expense of the poor, capital at the expense of labor, or particular sectors at the expense of consumers, should be viewed with skepticism.

The Obama administration surely negotiated the TPP in good faith, and the accord would likely add to global and US economic growth. This is not a pernicious accord, the fruits of a secret cabal, as some have feared. Nor is globalization an evil to be fought tooth and nail.

Did they negotiate in good faith, and yes, there is unbelievable evil out there.

Congress should vote “no’’ on the current TPP, while simultaneously endorsing its trade provisions as well as continuing the work with our counterparts on the other chapters. The current drafts on investor rights, the environment, labor, and intellectual property make extravagant concessions to powerful corporate interests while leaving important social and environmental commitments vague and generally unenforceable. Globalization is indeed so important for our common good that it’s of overriding significance to get it right.... 

It's already failed. They have had over 30 years and look where we are. 

Oh, a few globalists at the top have made out great, but the rest of the world is in misery.


He is still singing its praises, and I'm not surprised it being the Globe and all.

So what is next, union leader Larry Summers posing as a global health advocate?

UPDATE: Congress should give TPP a thumbs up

All the more reason to give it a thumbs down.