Monday, November 9, 2015

Government Pontas in Romania

I wasn't sure it was a coup attempt at first, but this convinced me:

"The US ambassador to Romania praised the protests that erupted after the fire. ‘‘These past days have been both dynamic and very moving,’’ Ambassador Hans G. Klemm said."

That is a strange way to feel about a tragedy.

"Romanian leaders to resign in aftermath of nightclub fire that killed 32" Associated Press  November 05, 2015

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania’s government collapsed Wednesday after thousands of people took to the streets to protest a deadly fire at a heavy metal concert, the final straw after a five-month corruption investigation that has shaken the nation. 

Looks like the excuse that was needed to launch a destabilization campaign.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he and his government would resign ‘‘to take note of the legitimate grievances which exist in society,’’ adding: ‘‘I hope handing in my and my government’s mandate will satisfy the demands of protesters.’’ But thousands of people turned out for new protests Wednesday evening demanding early elections and more accountability in government.

Even before the Oct. 30 fire, the deadliest in Romania’s history, Ponta faced widespread calls to resign as he was tried on charges including tax evasion, money laundering, conflict of interest, and making false statements. The charges relate to activities in 2007 and 2008, when he was a lawmaker and a lawyer. Ponta denies any wrongdoing.

The fire at the Colectiv nightclub sent panicked people stampeding for the single exit. The death toll stands at 32, with about 130 more hospitalized, dozens of them in serious or critical condition.

The club’s three owners have been detained on manslaughter charges for allegedly failing to comply with fire regulations. Many Romanians also suspect authorities took bribes to overlook the violations.

After three days of mourning, some 20,000 people took to the streets Tuesday night in a spontaneous protest, shouting ‘‘Assassins!’’ and waving Romanian flags.

‘‘It is not normal in a European Union country for our children to die like this,’’ said Mariana Draghici, a security guard who took part in the protest. ‘‘Something has to change in Romania.’’

Ponta, who had resisted earlier calls from President Klaus Iohannis to resign, stepped down hours later but warned the collapse of his government could bring about instability.



"Despite the resignation of Ponta, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Bucharest, the capital, and other Romanian cities Wednesday night, continuing the protests and calling for significant changes in government."

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Something sure was lit.

"Seven more people succumbed to burn-related injuries on Saturday, just over a week after a fire broke out in a Bucharest nightclub, authorities said, bringing the death toll in the tragedy to 39. Many in Romania have blamed lax government safety standards for the deadly blaze. Prime Minister Victor Ponta and his Cabinet resigned Wednesday after mass protests. Interim Prime Minister Sorin Campeanu said that 109 other people still remain hospitalized, 48 of them in serious or critical condition, from the Oct. 30 blaze that erupted at the Colectiv basement nightclub during a heavy metal concert."

Think they will execute him like that other guy? 


"A prosecutor said three journalists have been detained on suspicion of extorting money from public figures in exchange for not writing negative articles about them. Prosecutor Cecilia Iana said the director of the weekly Atac de Buzau, his wife, who was in charge of publicity, and an editor were detained Saturday on suspicion of blackmail."

Time to walk away from the blog now, as fast as I can

I'm simply too angry to blog anymore, and and it is not because of the UFO missile (no TWA 800 in the area, huh?) or the homeless in the Hawaiian paradise. It's simply an accumulation of endless war lies, agenda-pu$hing garbage, elitist insult, and inane slop shoveled forth on a daily basis. I'm raging by 7 a.m. and angry all day, and that's not good. 

Therefore I'm punting this all back to you and going dark (aliens again? Not neglected infrastructure?).... 

Happy Holidays, readers!

UPDATE: Romanian lawmakers back new leader