Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Canadian Suiciders

ISIS™ sent 'em!

"Canada holds emergency debate on aboriginal suicide crisis" Associated Press  April 13, 2016

TORONTO — Canada’s Parliament agreed Tuesday to hold an emergency debate on a suicide crisis in a remote aboriginal village after 11 people, nine of them minors, attempted suicide over the weekend and more than a dozen youths were overheard making a suicide pact.

Lawmaker Charlie Angus, who represents the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat, said in Parliament the crisis has shocked the world and people are asking how Canada can leave so many people behind.

The crisis spotlights the often bleak conditions for Canada’s indigenous peoples. Chiefs have often complained about a lack of money for tribal education and the poor conditions of reserves. Indigenous people are angered by the disparities between their standard of living and that of the rest of the country. Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation said in a telephone interview, “There needs to be access to cleaning drinking water, adequate housing and health care, the basic necessities of life.’’

It's more than ‘‘heartbreaking.’’ It's a criminally-negligent government you are looking at.

Time to recall the troops serving in foreign wars.


Look who is offering to assist them:

"Canada’s new assisted suicide bill won’t cover visitors" by Rob Gillies Associated Press  April 14, 2016

TORONTO — Canada on Thursday introduced an assisted suicide law that will apply only to citizens and residents, meaning Americans won’t be able to travel to Canada to die.

How ironic.

Canadian government officials said a person would have to be eligible for health services in Canada to take advantage of the law, which applies to ‘‘adults who are suffering intolerably and for whom death is reasonably foreseeable.’’ It says the person must be mentally competent, 18 or older, have a serious and incurable disease, illness, or disability, and be in an advanced state of irreversible decline of capability.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said the law would ensure that dying patients who are suffering unbearable pain have the choice of a peaceful death.

‘‘This will have a positive, significant impact on the lives of Canadians,’’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. ‘‘It is important to respect the choices made by Canadians.’’

You first.

Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, Albania, Colombia, Japan, and the US states of Washington, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, and Montana. California lawmakers passed legislation, expected to take effect in June....

This blog will be dead by then.