Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Checking at My Watch

I hadn't realized it had gotten so late:

"The two Penn State grads also discovered a rich and largely forgotten heritage of American watch manufacturing: the Waltham Watch Co., a once-pioneering, now-defunct company that for 100 years supplied the nation with pocket watches...."

I put it down as soon as I saw the price. 

Who needs a watch when you have a phone?

What time did that say?

"One way to think of virtual reality is that it’s similar to going to the movies or playing a console video game — it’s an immersive experience that asks you to tune other things out.... "

I'm tuning out something, all right.

Welcome to the matrix, folks.

Time for me to disappear through a hole in the hedge.... 


I appear to have run out of time and thus there will be no blog posts today.