Thursday, April 14, 2016

Parent-Teacher Conference

"Brockton mother charged with threatening, assaulting daughter’s teacher" by J.D. Capelouto Globe Correspondent  April 07, 2016

A Brockton mother stormed into a classroom at her daughter’s high school Wednesday afternoon, assaulting and threatening the teacher over an assignment that had not been completed, police and school officials alleged.

Carla Darosa was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and trespassing at her Brockton District Court arraignment Thursday morning. She was ordered held on $3,000 cash bail and instructed to stay away from Brockton High School.

The teacher told police the confrontation was over what credit should be given to the student, who had failed to finish an assignment.

She said the student was upset “about not getting credit for the work she did do,” according to a Brockton police report.

The schools superintendent said in a statement that Darosa had ignored security protocols.

“The unfortunate incident began when the parent entered the school in an agitated state during class time and demanded to see her child’s teacher,” said Superintendent Kathleen Smith.

Smith said Darosa slipped into the building after being denied access at the security desk.

According to the police report, Darosa found the teacher’s classroom and asked to speak with her. The teacher responded, “I can’t. I’m teaching a class,” the report said.

“The defendant tried to gain access into the room by opening the door,” the report stated. “At that point the victim tried to shut it.”

Darosa then starting pushing on the door, hitting the victim, and shouting obscene threats, according to the report.

“I’ll [expletive] you up!” Darosa shouted, according to the report.

The teacher eventually shut the door and called for help. Darosa was arrested at the school.

Smith said the teacher had responded appropriately by closing the door and calling for help.

Darosa did not immediately respond to phone messages left on Thursday at numbers listed in her name.

Smith said the school will review its security protocols.

“We welcome parents to our buildings and offer many opportunities for them to interact with teachers and staff at open houses, parent/teacher conferences and other events,” Smith said in the statement. “But no one is allowed to walk into the building without signing in, showing identification, gaining permission to be where they are asking to be, and then waiting for an escort to that area.”

Kind of like a prison visitation when you think about it.