Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday No Longer So Special

I still paid for it (it's my disease, joke is on me) but I was not joking when I said I was calling it quits especially when it is no longer even that.

Their was one brief spark of interest this morning when I saw the right-corner lead:

GE’s property tax bill could reach tens of millions 

Yes, the public tax loot giveaways will still be making the city money, and so much for the concern regarding the rising sea levels and all.

Never mind the tooth-and-nail fight over taxes despite the fact that "GE’s effective federal tax rate between 2008 and 2013, when its profit was about $34 billion, was negative 9 percent, and this company, so adept at avoiding taxes, has also benefited from immense government subsidies — a whopping $550 million from state and local coffers since 1992, and almost a billion in federal tax credits since 2000," according to certain people.

Or their record on the environment and what they left behind in Connecticut -- and the free rent they will be getting for the new headquarters as GE is cutting jobs while tossing back crumbs as they transition to some sort of sleight of hand that will serve only corporations while passing off other assets to a bank in Bo$ton. All while they are slashing school budgets in the city.

Globe tried to sweeten things up with what is going on in Congress and the statehouse, but that tastes bitter to me as more and more myths fall by the wayside.

Flipping below the fold was the final straw in benching today's reading (is that how they honor hometown heroes?).

You would think I would be singing their praises on page A2, but I didn't scan the shore to see how much radioactive seawater is still be sprayed and leaked into the Pacific (maybe that is what is causing the bleaching?).

No wonder I'm already feeling sick by page A3 and another sex scandal at an elite private school isn't helping settle my stomach, nor is the dead body found at the recycling plant in Hopkinton, so I hopped on the bus to page A4 where I couldn't find a car and had to squawk for a taxi to page A5.

Where I found that Catholics may soon be squawking about more than vandalism -- or at least a different type of it -- before wandering off and coming across the most heinous monster on page A6 (Clinton must have been changing; that's why the Globe edited it out while the print edition kept quiet about Obama's admission of war crimes).

Thus I struck out for page A7, where a Kansas court decided an adoption case regarding mothers in Tennessee, before heading north then south again for another summit (this is what your government looks like on drugs).

I slickly migrated away from that but the road collapsed in India and the wreckage of the ancient ruins left me sick.

I mean, who knows what they are putting into you these days.

I suppose it is no surprise that the Globe forgot this story that appeared in print (as did this), and the bitter irony of it all (given the economic situation in the state and everything).

Something about a prank phone call over at Google wrapped up the bu$ine$$ section, and the authorities are giving great scrutiny regarding the location of the call.

I see the image makeover must have took, but you would never have known it looking at the website.

Opinion | Michael Hansen Consumers deserve to know what’s in their food

Not in print I don't because that would promote fear and misinformation -- and possibly hurt the corporate profits of large food conglomerates.

Maybe the death of this relationship is a good thing after all.

So long.