Monday, April 18, 2016

Marathon Monday

Going to be more like a sprint....

On eve of Marathon, a festive atmosphere in Copley Square

Forget the fear for a day, it's been a festive weekend.

Kasich counts on 2nd-place finishes to launch him into contention

No comment.

Why Vt. maple producers are afraid of this company

I've gone sour on the sweeteners, sorry.

Polio vaccine ‘switch’ is not without risks

You take one every time you let them put a needle in you. 

Do you you really know what is in there? 

Who told you what it was?

Harvard critic faces scrutiny on donations

Harvard still has a race problem.

Immigrants, the poor, and minorities gain sharply under health act

Yup, Obummercare is such a success, according to the New York Times -- meaning the opposite is the truth. 

Already sick off the page A2 lead.

Pennsylvania launches 24th US medical marijuana program

They must be smoking something.

Chicago union says clock has started toward teachers’ strike

College student removed from flight after speaking Arabic

The Zionist war propaganda and Islamophobia campaign has worked to the hilt on the American mind -- but have a festive Marathon.

Medicare’s ‘Innovation Center’ rebalancing quality and cost

Yeah, this lying, corrupt, war-making government that serves money is looking after you. 

Now I'm on the side of the road puking.

Alabama officer shot; suspect dead after chase


Earthquake in Ecuador kills at least 272

I noticed the one in Pakistan didn't get as much attention.

Myanmar’s new president pledges to free political prisoners

Can a puppet do that?

Thousands join Brussels ‘march against hate’ 

I love it when agenda-pushing war papers cover controlled-opposition peace protests.

Iran vows to defend Muslim nations against terrorism, Israel 

Someone has to.

Brazil’s president loses critical impeachment vote

A soft coup in Brazil; who would have thunk it? 

Between the rigged elections and everything else down there, South America has turned right and north.

US joins earthquake relief efforts in Japan

How fortunate that US troops can now be moved into place.

What up at Fukushima these days anyway?

Israel will never give Golan Heights to Syria, Netanyahu vows

Where does one begin?

I suppose it is acceptable for a few chosen countries to invade and annex land. For others throughout history, that has been problem. They bad guys. 

I also noted that Kerry has to clear the Syrian peace deal being negotiated by world powers through Israel and Netanyahu. What more do you need to know regarding who is calling the shots on this planet?

I'll tell you one thing: While there is no doubt the AmeriKan government is the world's greatest war criminal and mass-murder by extent, the Israeli government that is its master is the more odious regime of the two.

60 migrants rescued at sea by Spain

Obama's war refugees (sprinkled with terrorists) keep on coming, huh?

GOP official decries talk of allowing a new presidential candidate

It's the screw Trump campaign, and who gives a shit?

How do you know Trump is all part of the big Zionist show and production filled with deceit and deception? Ron Paul never got this much pre$$.

As for the other insurgent (haven't seen that word used much to describe either one lately) outsider:

Bernie Sanders courts black voters at Harlem church

He doesn't have a prayer.

Targeting a law that protects the gun industry

‘Confirmation’ — A cautionary tale for a new generation

Didn't watch it. Didn't need to. I lived through it.

Keeping a lid on drug prices

Nice try.

Children left out of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I'm leaving a lot of things out today.

At 80, she is determined to break a record at the Marathon

More than halfway home now.

Harpoon president leaves Harvard club role amid criticism

Harvard still has a gender problem.

Trove of Curley photos come home to JP

Sydelle Pittas, 71; served as an inspiration to female lawyers

Runners, friends eat up atmosphere at Marathon pasta dinner

Those crisis drills gone live with Craft International goons piggybacking a bomb on top is just as believable

What's with the festiveness on such a somber occasion?

State seeks to help those with hearing woes from Marathon bombings


T pension fund continuing fight to keep records secret

Three developments for three Boston train stations 

Almost the end of the line!

Baker speech was a lost chance to find common ground

I didn't know T cars had toilets.

Crude prices slide as producers fail to agree on oil-output limits

I needed to lube you up for this:

"Trust in the news media is being eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias, fueled in part by Americans’ skepticism about what they read on social media. Just 6 percent of respondents in a poll had a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress. Democrats were more likely to trust the media than Republicans or independents. But trust goes beyond the traditional principles of accuracy, balance, and fairness. Faced with ever-increasing sources of information, Americans also are more likely to rely on news that is up-to-date, concise, and cites expert sources or documents, according to a study by the Media Insight Project, a partnership of the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the American Press Institute. They want to be able to navigate the news app or website easily, without having to wade through ads. ‘‘The skill set that journalists have to master is bigger,’’ said Tom Rosenstiel of the American Press Institute, because expectations have increased. But the poll shows accuracy is clearly the most important component. Nearly 90 percent said it’s extremely or very important the media get the facts correct. African-Americans, Hispanics, and people following stories about crime and public safety are particularly likely to say it’s very important to see their communities and people who look like them represented in reporting. About 6 in 10 Americans watch, read, or hear news several times a day. A majority get news from social media, most frequently by far from Facebook. Yet only 12 percent of those who use Facebook say they have a lot of trust in the information on the site. Twitter attracts smaller numbers for news than Facebook, and about 18 percent have a good deal of trust in what they see. The poll of 2,014 adults was done Feb. 18 to March 21. The margin of sampling error for all respondents is plus or minus 2.9 points."

I almost missed that, and can you see why I'm calling it quits?

Rather than drop any names, I would suggest you start at the beginning and run a real marathon.


The new normal on Marathon Monday

Ugh! The "new normal."

Mood is jubilant as spectators line the Marathon route

Marathon films shoot scenes on Marathon Monday

To ‘captures the spirit of the race.’

History comes on horseback in Lexington

I'm tired of "play war" presented out of context.

Brazil president faces fading chances to maintain power

Death toll from Ecuador quake rises to 413

US military airlifts food, supplies as rescue work continues in Japan

I'm done monkeying around with that.

Obama to send more special forces to Iraq; military advisers to move closer to front lines 

It's not Globe satire, folks.

There are hepatitis C drugs, but patients often can’t get them

That was when I cramped up.


New York Times to invest in international digital audience to expand and increase revenue outside the United States

As if the world wants to read their lies.