Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shocking Videos From Ohio

"Woman charged with livestreaming rape of teen friend" Associated Press  April 14, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A 17-year-old was raped by a man with whom she had been drinking and her 18-year-old female friend livestreamed the attack on the social media app Periscope, a prosecutor said Wednesday in announcing a rape and kidnapping indictment.

Authorities learned of the assault when an out-of-state friend of the accused woman saw the images, Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien said.

Marina Lonina and the victim were socializing with Raymond Gates, 29 on Feb. 27, O’Brien said. Lonina had also streamed pictures of the girl nude the night before at Lonina’s house, he said.

Right off I don't like the age difference.

Lonina ‘‘categorically denies these charges,’’ said her attorney Josh Bedtelyon.

O’Brien said the motive for the livestreaming was unclear, but he said alcohol was a factor....

Time to ban booze like they would guns. For the sake of young girls (who just wanted attention?).


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