Thursday, April 27, 2017

California DMV

"California drivers paying for underfunded state patrol pension" by Romy Varghese Bloomberg News  December 22, 2016

Californians in April will start paying more to register their cars — not to help maintain roads, but to keep pension checks rolling for the motorcycle cops who policed them.

They should be thankful they didn't work at Eversource.

The retirement fund for the California Highway Patrol is worse off than any other managed by California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest US pension, as payments by the state and employees fail to keep up with benefits locked in during the dot-com bubble.


That was 16 years ago! 

So who stole all the money and where did it go?

‘‘It’s a pension tax — call it what it is,’’ said state Senator John Moorlach, a Republican who introduced a bill that would implement measures to cut pension costs. ‘‘It’s like a tumor that’s growing inside the budget.’’

The situation facing the Highway Patrol underscores the consequences to taxpayers whose state and local governments have about $2 trillion less than they need to cover promised retirement benefits....

The fiscal mismanagement at all levels of government is reaching the point of treason.


I'm not saying the police shouldn't;t get what they were promised by government; however, this i$$ue shows you the hierarchy under which we live. There are the "irregular" people to be stomped on and bludgeoned while paying for it all, then there are the layers of bureaucrats hanging on and scrapping by as enablers of the $y$tem, then there is the layer of security and oppression represented by the case in point here, then there are the corporate levels leading up to the most powerful lobbies and their ranks. You can get coverage for protesting Big Oil, Trump can say the pharmaceuticals are getting away with murder, but no one questions the war machine and their is even greater silence regarding the apex of the pyramid of power.

AmeriKa looks more like Nazi Germany by the day, but with a Zionist bent.