Monday, April 17, 2017

Memory Hole Monday: Be Prepared!

"Refugee youths find safe haven in Boy Scouts of America" Associated Press  January 01, 2017

EVERGREEN, Colo. — They gradually assimilated into their new surroundings, learning to speak enough English to get by and signing up for a quintessential American experience: Boy Scouts.

But Troop 1532 is composed almost entirely of refugees who hail from far-flung places like Burma, Rwanda, and Nepal.

At campouts, traditional American food like hot dogs and trail burgers is replaced by fish head stew, fire-roasted corn, and Chatpate, a popular Nepalese street snack. S’mores are still a staple.

Although the troop deals with challenges and problems unique to the refugee population, its leaders say it also helps kids adjust to American culture while providing an additional refuge....


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