Monday, April 17, 2017

Patriots Day Pat Down

I came out of my cave for the holiday:

First call:

In drunken-driving cases, Melanie’s Law is rarely used because “for some reason, probably because drinking is so ingrained and normal in our culture, society takes its harms less seriously. Excessive drinking causes three to four times more deaths every day than do opioids. It’s time to do something about that,” and “Defendants in many cases are good people who made poor choices. These are not hardened criminals but people who made a mistake. Many of us have done things like drinking and driving and gotten away with it. So for jurors it can be a case of ‘There but for the grace of God go I.’ ”

One case they mentioned. 

Might take time to file a report (only good software is for bank ATMs, I gue$$), and below the lead is another Trump walk-back. He's even taking your grandpa off dialysis.

Lawmakers across US move to include young people in voting

Virginia Tech marks 10 years after shooting that killed 32

Operation Bluebird?

Man showed slaying live on Facebook

Also another shootout at an Ohio bar. 

Mass transit advocates hope for boost from Ga. highway collapse

Arkansas inmates ask appeals court to review part of ruling

Homeland chief denies US building deportation force

The single DUI classification would seem to be a good one based on my A1 lead.

Erdogan wins Turkey vote giving him broad new powers

It's a Turkish dictatorship according to the New York Times.

2nd gas attack launched on Iraq troops in Mosul

Not such a big deal when US.- and allied-backed terrorists do it.

As seas turn calm, Italy rescues more than 6,000 migrants

Secret UK tomb found to contain remains of 5 archbishops

Fugitive Mexican ex-governor arrested in Guatemala 

He was pale and visibly tired.

Pope decries ‘vile’ attack on Syrians in Easter address 

I've stopped listening to his sermons.

Pence, in Asia, calls North Korea missile launch ‘a provocation’

I was told before the weekend there wasn't going to be a war, and "China and Russia have dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels from their navies to track the USS Carl Vinson nuclear-powered aircraft carrier."

McMaster is literally and figuratively right next door:

National security chief McMaster in Kabul for talks The commander of US forces in Afghanistan, General John W. Nicholson Jr., has said that he will need thousands of additional troops to better support the international coalition’s mission.

You know what that means. More troops to Afghanistan. Obama did it, now so will Trump. That's the direction he is heading across all fronts.

Mass evacuation in Syria postponed after blast kills 126

Turns out blast hit an area where there were "thousands of progovernment evacuees."

US aid worker is cleared of child abuse charges in Egypt

Except "some children at the charity did show signs of sexual trauma."

Looks like the Egyptians stumbled upon another child trafficking ring and it is now being covered up. 

Supreme Court, with Gorsuch, set to hear church-state case

Trump wants to know ‘who paid for’ rallies seeking tax returns In Berkeley, Calif., police arrested at least 20 people at unrelated gatherings of about 200 pro- and anti-Trump people in a park after fist fighting erupted. Officers confiscated knives and makeshift weapons.

There is no Middlebury road anymore.

Taxes may be inevitable, but outrageous fees aren’t

Our misguided ‘wars of choice’

Are we living in a computer simulation?

The joy of missing out 

The rest of the mail is yours.

Sun breaks over Carson Beach as two churches join in Easter worship

Aaron Hernandez seemed serene

Because the jury fumbled the ball.

Hard pill to swallow: Winthrop landmark closes

So is this:

Body of missing 23-year-old pulled from the Charles

I hate being right.

Marathoners receive blessings, prepare to run

Listen my children and you shall hear — about Menotomy

‘Little Free Library’ pops up downtown

Around the region

‘Forrest Gump’ is running across America — and stopping at the Boston Marathon

Authorities won’t release details about suspect in Marcotte case Angelo Colon-Ortiz was working in the Princeton area at the time of the killing, Early said at the press conference, but did not give specifics about where or what kind of work he was doing.

Looks like he was an illegal that would cause embarrassment?

One man dies in Lynn double shooting

Child, 4, killed in Milford hit-and-run

Dr. Miguel Leibovich, longtime Cambridge psychiatrist, dies at 83

In downtown Boston, high-rise developers face a changing office market

Virtual reality lets MDs in training step inside a heart

It still can't be like actually doing it.

Remote guides linked by app will aid a visually impaired marathoner

Slack, an upstart in messaging, must now face giant rivals

By this time I've begun to slack off when it comes to reading this crap.

Five items you may have missed in Business on Sunday

There is milk, seafood, and hamburgers in there for a lunch.

New ‘Furious’ starts fast

That's what most Americans think of when you say Fast and Furious to them, not the gun-running to Mexican drug gangs.