Saturday, April 15, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: Hernandez Jury Drops Ball

Jury acquits Aaron Hernandez of murder charges He is serving a life sentence without a chance of parole, the trial lasted a month, and the jury deliberated for six days.

There will be no lynching.

Why Aaron Hernandez was found not guilty of murder One troubled star witness, Alexander Bradley, a convicted felon and Hernandez’s marijuana supplier.

Man allegedly shot by Aaron Hernandez will be asked to testify
Prosecutors can examine Aaron Hernandez’s cellphone
Aaron Hernandez trial reaches key milestone with 16 people chosen to serve on jury
Journalist won’t have to testify about Aaron Hernandez’s tattoos
Aaron Hernandez had ‘deadly accuracy’ in 2012 shooting, prosecutors say
At Aaron Hernandez trial, officer recounts finding victims
Jurors in Aaron Hernandez double murder trial visit nightclub, scene of shooting
Defense says new evidence has surfaced in Aaron Hernandez trial
Relatives of victims cry as graphic photos displayed at Hernandez trial
‘He died in my hands,’ friend testifies at Aaron Hernandez trial
Witness is grilled about description of shooter in Hernandez trial
Tempers flare at Aaron Hernandez trial
Jury sees revolver Aaron Hernandez allegedly used in murders
Aaron Hernandez trial on hold due to storm
Tattoo artist testifies in Aaron Hernandez trial
Judge allows tattoo artist to testify in Hernandez murder trial
Jury hears from tattoo artist in Aaron Hernandez double murder trial
Family members of victims hear wrenching testimony at Hernandez trial
Witness says Hernandez asked ‘What’s up now?’ before opening fire
Hernandez lawyer hits at credibility of star prosecution witness
‘I never expected Mr. Hernandez to shoot’ witness says in double murder trial
Lives taken, lives unseen
‘I’m not perjuring myself,’ star witness in Aaron Hernandez double murder trial declares
‘U left me with one eye and a lot of head trauma,’ Bradley texted to Aaron Hernandez
Chicago Bears receiver calls Aaron Hernandez ‘my guy’
Prosecutors explore Fla. shooting in Aaron Hernandez trial
Shooting evidence detailed in Hernandez case
Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez takes stand in Aaron Hernandez trial
Cousin backs up Bradley’s testimony in Aaron Hernandez trial
Defense calls witnesses in Aaron Hernandez trial after prosecution rests
Jurors in Hernandez trial end first day of deliberations with no verdict
What’s up with the jury at the Aaron Hernandez trial?

Now you know.

Bill Belichick was sought as defense witness in Aaron Hernandez trial

I heard they might call him but never did?


Scrutiny over forensics expands to ballistics

Does Aaron Hernandez’s body ink mean he did it?