Saturday, April 15, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: Holiday Weekend

"Boston is ready for Patriots Day (and weekend)" by Evan Allen and John R. Ellement Globe Staff  April 14, 2017

Officials said there will be a heavy police presence, both uniformed and undercover, along the Boston Marathon route.

Dozens of police officers have received behavioral recognition training that helps them recognize certain body language that suggests a person may do something violent, said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.

To increase security, police will park large trucks and machines on side streets along the route to guard against the threat of terrorists using vehicles to plow into crowds, as has happened recently in London; Nice, France; and Stockholm. Evans stressed that the measure, new to the race this year, was a precaution. “We are really locking down this route,” he said.

City officials also outlined parking restrictions for Monday and what people are allowed to bring to the race. They asked for spectators’ patience as security measures are conducted....


Do you think the drill will go live this year, or will it just be some mullet head?


On Boylston, stark reminder of blasts that shook city

One good fund-raiser gives birth to another

Opening of new park in Boston highlights dawn of new era for Emerald Necklace

Running to redemption: From affair’s public fallout to advocacy 

Now it is women's empowerment (is that why the link directs you to some health article?)!


A Salacious CIA Chief
Sorry Broad
Petraeus Case
Petraeus Won't be President

Lowell man arrested for allegedly accosting jogger in Carlisle

Suspect in Vanessa Marcotte killing held on $10m bail

Should have ran in the morning.

26.2-miles on a broken fibula? This guy is going to give it a go

Solemn wreath-laying ceremonies mark beginning of Marathon weekend

They mark the end here.

Monday updates:

‘Marathon’ documents families’ struggles to reclaim their lives

For Mark Wahlberg, ‘Patriots Day’ is personal

The movies have solidified the myths.