Saturday, April 29, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: French Leftovers

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"France’s dark Nazi history colors presidential campaign" by Sylvie Corbet and Angela Charlton Associated Press  April 28, 2017

PARIS —Seeking the moral high ground, centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron sought to bring the horrors of the Holocaust home to voters with a visit Friday to Oradour-sur-Glane, site of the largest massacre in Nazi-occupied France. The town is today a phantom village, with burned-out cars and abandoned buildings left as testimony to its history.

Seriously? Don't the French people have other problems now, especially the ones that weren't even alive back then? This is the top campaign issue?

On June 10, 1944, four days after the Allied D-Day landings in Normandy, an SS armored division herded villagers into barns and a church, blocked the doors, and set Oradour-sur-Glane ablaze. A total of 642 men, women, and children died.

Only six people survived.

Macron wants to send a message to voters that Marine Le Pen isn’t a candidate like any other, but the heir of a party stained by anti-Semitism, racism, and an outdated worldview.

By pandering to the Zionist lobby?

Seven decades after the end of World War II, emotions around France’s history of collaborating with the Nazis remain raw in the country. France has never undergone a national atonement; instead, many people still view the actions of the collaborationist Vichy regime as a historical anomaly instead of atrocities committed by the French state....

Speaking of outdated worldview, why is this issue being flogged?


I've reached the conclusion that the Globe's French toast must be eaten at once; otherwise, it tastes like sh**.

UPDATE: Le Pen's Pro-Palestinian PM Choice 

Now the timing of the article makes more sense.