Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Flashback: On the Make For Marijuana

"How hard is it to get pot now that it’s legal?" by Dugan Arnett Globe Staff  December 16, 2016

Call me old-fashioned, but I trusted Nancy Reagan when she urged me to Just Say No. I listened when McGruff the Crime Dog insisted that “users are losers.” And when my younger sister arrived home one night back in high school smelling of the devil’s lettuce, I did what any self-respecting graduate of the DARE program would do: I told my mom.

OMG! What a little snitch!

So when my boss approached me to ask if I’d be willing to go out on Thursday – the day marijuana officially became legal in Massachusetts – and attempt to buy some, it’s safe to say I was caught off guard.

OMG! What a great job, huh?

Apparently she thought if I could get it, anyone could.

Immediately, a million questions rushed through my head: Where exactly does one buy drugs? How much do drugs cost? And: Did I need a gun?

OMG! A gun?

Aside from the moral implications, this would be no easy task. Though it is now legal to buy and possess limited quantities of marijuana, it is still illegal to sell it. Which meant that anything I acquired would be part of a black-market transaction.

But when Dugan H. Arnett puts his mind to something, he sometimes does it. This, I hoped, would be one of those times.

I looked my boss square in the eye and told her — and I quote — “Yes.”

Since my own experience with drugs was limited to “The Wire” and one bad NyQuil trip, I figured it would be a good idea to check in with some friends for advice on how to go about buying — to use a little-known code-word — “pot.”

My first call was to an out-of-town friend and fellow journalist, a guy I knew to be something of a black-market connoisseur, proficient in procuring marijuana in whatever locale he happened to find himself.

He was rolling a joint when I called.

Now I know why the paper reads like it does!!

Thursday morning, I hit the streets....

That's when I got sick of smoke being blown in my face.


He got his bag of weed, whoopee. 

Hope nobody snarks on you.

Hey, who is that over there?