Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday's Synchronicity

Everything more or less matched up today so taking it from the top:

"Her grisly death in the driveway of her home and her ex-husband’s indictment last month on a charge of first-degree murder suggest she may have kept hidden a darker, more complicated part of her life....."

SeeWoman killed when husband hits her with car in Quincy

He said it was an accident.

Same story next door.

Turning the paper over I find:

Accident or not, fender-bender penalties on rise

In$urers overcharging? Surely you je$t!

I didn't set foot on a 2-acre patch of mystery land in Vermont, sorry.


"EU endorses unified strategy to negotiate Brexit" by James Kanter New York Times   April 29, 2017

(Blog editor groans)

BRUSSELS — European leaders who are more optimistic about their joint future than they have been in several years.

That's not what I was told last month no matter how much spinning does the pre$$:

"Determined to show that unity is the only way ahead in a globalized world, EU leaders were able to walk away from a summit without acrimony, which was already sort of a victory. With Britain leaving, the mantle of recalcitrant member seems to have been taken over by Poland. Still, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, unmissable in a bright yellow jacket, was more subdued than at the last EU summit two weeks ago, when she refused to adopt conclusions that need unanimity. Poland also balked at signing the new treaty until the eve of the ceremony. At the end of the session, all 27 leaders signed the Rome Declaration saying that ‘‘European unity is a bold, farsighted endeavor.’’ With Britain poised to start divorce proceedings, the 27 remaining European Union nations marked the 60th anniversary of their founding treaty as a turning point...."

It's $elf-delu$ional globalist slop passing itself off as "news."

European leaders are emboldened by mostly positive economic news in recent months and by the defeats of ferocious opponents of the bloc in elections in Austria and the Netherlands. The Europeans are also broadly optimistic that Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate in the French presidential elections.

They should be optimistic since they've gone to outright rigging of elections no matter what now. Brexit, Trump, and Colombia did it.


"French presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron hunted Saturday for votes in rural France where his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, is making inroads among country folk who feel left behind. Back in Paris, Le Pen announced that if she wins the presidency next Sunday, she would name Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, her new campaign ally, as prime minister, aiming to secure the nearly 1.7 million votes that the anti-European Union conservative got when he was eliminated from the race in the first round of balloting. Since many Dupont-Aignan voters had already been expected to switch to Le Pen for her second-round duel against the centrist Macron, his decision to ally himself with her was unlikely to prove a massive electoral boost for her campaign. Symbolically, however, the new alliance punctured another hole in hopes — expressed by mainstream politicians on both the left and right — that France will unite against Le Pen’s extremism in round two, as it did when her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, made the presidential runoff in 2002, losing overwhelmingly to Jacques Chirac. Venturing into rural France to combat Le Pen’s arguments that he represents the big-city elite, Macron promised to modernize phone and Internet connections and vigorously defended the EU as an essential market for French farmers...."

Maybe the leaders shouldn't be that optimistic.

The leaders also called on Britain to meets its outstanding financial obligations so that other member states can avoid paying higher costs after the British withdrawal. The outstanding bill could amount to as much as 60 billion euros, about $65 billion. But British citizens and politicians are balking at paying such a large sum.

Globe has hit a wall on that issue lately, and it sure looks like EU extortion to me. If I were British I'd say $crew 'em!

The leaders reached agreement on the guidelines unusually swiftly, in mere minutes, at the start of a working lunch. Much is at stake for the countries remaining in the bloc. They must overcome their habitual squabbling and balance their desire to keep trade and military ties with Britain while ensuring that it does not enjoy the same benefits as a member of the bloc.

They are also wary of Britain turning itself into a low-tax haven with weakened regulations that would undercut European neighbors....

Stop it!! You are ruining the optimism!!!


"China’s appetite pushes fish stocks to brink" by Andrew Jacobs New York Times  April 29, 2017

(Blog editor groans)

JOAL, Senegal — China, with its enormous population, growing wealth to buy seafood, and the world’s largest fleet of deep-sea fishing vessels, is having an outsize effect.

Having depleted the seas close to home, Chinese fishermen are sailing farther to exploit the waters of other countries, their journeys often subsidized by a government more concerned with domestic unemployment and food security than the health of the world’s oceans and the countries that depend on them.

I wish I had one. 

As for the health of the world's oceans, when was the last time the NYT did a story on FukushimaThe children are returning?

Increasingly, they are heading to the waters of West Africa, where corruption and weak enforcement by local governments have drawn China’s growing armada of distant-water fishing vessels.

West Africa, experts say, now provides the vast majority of the fish caught by China’s distant-water fleet. And by some estimates, as many as two-thirds of those boats engage in fishing that contravenes international or national laws. Most of the Chinese ships are so large that they scoop up as many fish in one week as Senegalese boats catch in a year, costing West African economies $2 billion per year, according to a new study published by the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

I'm ready to wage war against them. You?

Many of the Chinese boat owners rely on government money to build vessels and fuel their journeys to Senegal, a monthlong trip from crowded ports in China.

Government subsidies to the fishing industry reached nearly $22 billion between 2011 and 2015, nearly triple the amount spent during the previous four years, according to Zhang Hongzhou, a research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

That figure, he said, does not include the tens of millions in subsidies and tax breaks that coastal Chinese cities and provinces provide to support local fishing companies.

We use them for profitable multinationals over here in Ma$$achu$etts and AmeriKa. That way they don't have to pay taxes and can actually get a "refund" check.

According to one study by Greenpeace, subsidies for some Chinese fishing companies amount to a significant portion of their income. For one large state-owned company, CNFC Overseas Fisheries, the $12 million diesel subsidy it received last year made the difference between profit and loss, according to a corporate filing.

I wonder how many firms are being propped up the government and military-industrial complex here in AmeriKa.

“Chinese fleets are all over the world now, and without these subsidies, the industry just wouldn’t be sustainable,” said Li Shuo, a global policy adviser at Greenpeace East Asia. “For Senegal and other countries of West Africa, the impact has been devastating.”

That's when my printed Globe stopped catching anything.

In Senegal, an impoverished nation of 14 million, fishing stocks are plummeting. Local fishermen working out of hand-hewn canoes compete with megatrawlers whose mile-long nets sweep up virtually every living thing. Most of the fish they catch is sent abroad, with a lot ending up as fishmeal fodder for chicken and pigs in the United States and Europe. 

It ends up as fodder where?

The sea’s diminishing returns mean plummeting incomes for fishermen and higher food prices for Senegalese citizens, most of whom depend on fish as their primary source of protein.

“We are facing an unprecedented crisis,” said Alassane Samba, a former director of Senegal’s oceanic research institute. “If things keep going the way they are, people will have to eat jellyfish to survive.” 

Are they any good? 

I mean, the elite pre$$ is always pushing new types of food on us.

When it comes to global fishing operations, China is the indisputable king of the sea. It is the world’s biggest seafood exporter, and its population accounts for more than one-third of all fish consumption, a figure growing by 6 percent a year. 

I was told they are stealing the fish from West Africa for import.

The nation’s fishing industry employs more than 14 million people, up from 5 million in 1979, with 30 million others relying on fish for their livelihoods.

“The truth is, traditional fishing grounds in Chinese waters exist in name only,” said Zhang of Nanyang University. “For China’s leaders, ensuring a steady supply of aquatic products is not just about good economics but social stability and political legitimacy.” 


Like I'm hauling up any semblance of that in the NYT!

But as they press toward other countries, Chinese fishermen have become entangled in a growing number of maritime disputes.

Indonesia has impounded scores of Chinese boats caught poaching in its waters, and in March last year, Argentine authorities sank a Chinese vessel that tried to ram a coast guard boat. Violent clashes between Chinese fishermen and South Korean authorities have left a half-dozen people dead. 

And now “the sea is empty.”


Below that, literally anded figuratively:

"Duterte opens Asian summit with oblique swipe at US, EU" by Jim Gomez Associated Press  April 29, 2017

MANILA — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte opened an annual summit of Southeast Asian leaders on Saturday with an oblique swipe at Western governments, asking them not to meddle in the affairs of regional countries.

Duterte has often lashed out at Western criticism of his brutal antidrug crackdown. Although couched in diplomatic tone, the president’s remarks at the opening ceremony of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Manila reflect his combative character.

He better be careful or he'll become another Aguinaldo.

Ties between the association and the West could become stronger and more productive ‘‘if we learn to respect each other’s independence and treat each other as sovereign equals,’’ Duterte said.

That's a swipe?

Duterte also cited the need for the 10-nation bloc to address security issues, including terrorism and piracy, but made no mention of touchy South China Sea territorial rifts, which China did not want highlighted in the talks.

The long-simmering disputes, along with alarm over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and its intensifying standoff with the United States, have taken attention away from the more benign topics of regional economic integration.

The summit is the first major international event Duterte has hosted since taking office 10 months ago.

Duterte, whose drug war has left thousands dead and drawn rebukes from the United States, the United Nations, the European Union, and rights groups, stressed the need to make ASEAN drug-free.

‘‘The illegal drug trade apparatus is massive. But it is not impregnable,’’ Duterte said. ‘‘With political will and cooperation, it can be dismantled.’’

Duterte, 72, faces a mass murder complaint before the International Criminal Court and an impeachment bid at home as bodies continue to pile up in his drug crackdown.  

See what happens when you really wage a drug war against western distribution and intelligence networks?

Duterte will find solace from criticism in ASEAN, which has a bedrock policy forbidding member states from meddling in each other’s domestic affairs.



EGYPT Francis holds Mass at Cairo stadium

From my world lead to a brief, wow.

RUSSIA Thousands attend grievance rallies
TURKEY Court upholds rule barring Wikipedia
CHINA US woman freed after spying trial

Who is Phan Phan-Gillis?

SYRIA Troops repel ISIS attack in Aleppo


South Korea joins US Navy drills after North’s missile test fails

Giving Trump a-schoolin'!


As noted earlier.


New execution troubles could resonate in upcoming case


With Trump in power, white-power groups try to build alliances

Wow, a print repeater! That's the second time I've seen that article in print!

Three die in crash of air ambulance

Hospital releases George H.W. Bush

Live, damn you, live! The last thing I want is wall-to-wall coverage of his state funeral with the ma$$ media waxing flowery about that war criminal and his family.

"Governor Eric Greitens has agreed to pay a penalty to the state Ethics Commission for failing to report that his campaign got a donor list from a charity he had founded to help military veterans. The settlement ends an investigation that began shortly before the 2016 election, after a report that Gretiens’s campaign had access to The Mission Continues donor list and had raised about $2 million from people on it (AP)."

That's like getting a date off an AIDS walk list.


For Muslim women, a home to call their own

Yeah, the Zionist war paper loves Muslims. 

When you open the section you see this at the top of page B2. I mean, “I’m not surprised, but when you see what you think is an injustice going on, it’s important to keep fighting.”

Play outside! Public art on Greenway to engage in some fun


You’ll soon be able to sip a beer on the Greenway

How about smoking a joint?

Could the state pull the plug on Greenway funding?
A key state lawmaker wants more green for the Greenway. Or else.

Is that a threat?

Greenway abutters, it’s time to help pay more bills

So GE can get more tax loot?

Walsh wants state to continue supporting Greenway

Otherwise it will come out of his budget! 

Are we having fun now?


Rockefeller leaves more than $25M to Maine institutions

Maybe he could pay for the Greenway.

Ortiz to deliver commencement address at R.I. school

Globe missed those for some reason.


Incentives offered for bus rapid transit

That's my stop, readers, sorry.

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Time to quit blogging today.