Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Globe Flashback: Last Call For 2016

"A Globe review of 8,364 so-called place of last drink reports collected by Massachusetts courts after convictions for operating under the influence offer only a small window into the drunken driving problem in Massachusetts: Among those frequently named were sports venues and bars near them that serve huge numbers of fans. Since 2012, Gillette Stadium was named by drunk drivers 35 times, while Fenway Park and TD Garden were named 25 and 24 times respectively, but...."

I abstained from the rest. It's like a loaded gun; you have to prohibit them.

First Night preparations draw hundreds to downtown Boston

Holiday Weekend

Forever timeless: 2016’s notable deaths

Some of the most notable celebrity sightings of 2016

3 people, including 2 teens, dead in Easton crash

What bar were they at? 

Should have taken public transportation

And this state is all bunged up over legal pot.