Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Christmas in Missouri

"No charges for St. Louis officer who killed 18-year-old" by Jim Suhr Associated Press  May 20, 2015

ST. LOUIS — An attorney for Myers’s family, former prosecutor Jerryl Christmas, dismissed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce’s findings, insisting that VonDerrit Myers Jr. was unarmed and never fired at the officer, who was patrolling a neighborhood as a security officer.

Christmas alleges the officer planted the gun near Myers’s body, and he likened the case to last month’s South Carolina shooting death of a black man, Walter Scott, by a white police officer who said he fired after Scott fought him for his stun gun. That officer, Michael Slager, was charged with murder after video recorded on a bystander’s cellphone showed Scott running from Slager when he was shot.

I don't know what that was, but when it is flogged by the propaganda pre$$.

‘‘I know from working in the prosecutor’s office that the easiest thing for an officer to do is throw a gun on you, and I believe that’s the case here,’’ Christmas said. ‘‘The issue here is this: Whoever has control of the crime scene controls the narrative.’’

It's that way with insurgents killed by sniper heroes, too.


Another controller of narratives.

Yeah, ‘‘Black Lives Matter,’’ but they are not honored by the hundreds and thousands like others, and quite frankly ALL LIVES MATTER!

Now for the grinches:

Missouri lawmakers set aside dozens of Ferguson-inspired bills

Meaning no change. That is going to make some people angry.

Also seeMo. legislator to quit over intern texts

Apparently, "House Speaker John Diehl exchanged sexually charged text messages with a college student serving as a Capitol intern."

Just more mischief in Missouri is all.